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Just Food challenges Douglas County residents to live on food-stamplike grocery budget

Irregardless if you like that people receive food assistance it is society's responsbility to help each other. This is what makes us Americans. Would you rather have starving children digging through your trashcans for bites to eat, sleeping under your porches to keep warm? Crime and chaos would hit the rooftops, not to mention our economy would dump because not enough people would be able to afford to purchase food or clothing. So the government is doing the right thing by giving assistance, believe it or not it is helping the economy. The system isn't perfect by all means but its better than the other outcome. I agree that SNAP is intended to be a "supplement" food assistance, but there are many who don't have the extra cash to add to what food assistance they are receiving and it isn't nearly enough to feed a family of 4, especially when they are mostly children and one adult because most households who receive this assistance are usually without one parent. The food they offer in schools is not nearly healthy to eat with empty nutrional value. So stop complaining because you never know you just may be one paycheck away from going hungry and will need help one day. We are all in this boat together and if we all don't start pulling together to help it stay afloat it will eventually sink into oblivion by our own doing.

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Kansas to reimpose work requirement for food assistance

I can see this is going to create pandamonia, theft, break-ins will go up for sure. Brownback sounds like he was related to Marie Antionette. You know why not feed them cake syndrome. You can't just drop people in the middle of knowwhere and expect them to find somewhere when somewhere only opens the door to a select few and it is a narrow opening. Government needs to inact a law to force companies to lower their hiring standards or, perhaps pay them to train people. Even McDonalds expect trained individuals and you are more apt to get hired if you have previous experience. Well what about the unskilled person? Not all of them have the ability to pay for education. Ohhh this is not a good thing. I hope folks in this town start donating to the food pantries more often.

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New website to inform Kansans about Obamacare

If you are a single adult you DO NOT qualify for Medicaid in the state of Kansas because Brownback opted out of the exchange. The only ones who qualify for Medicaid are children, pregnant women and diabled individuals. What Brownback is doing is putting it onto the Federal government directly, that way the state is out of it financially. I wonder how some folks will pay for this. It may be cheaper to just pay the $695 at the end of the year instead of paying $1,000 premium.

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Community prepares to mark 150th anniversary of Quantrill's raid

While it is good we celebrate the survivors of this tragedy to rebuilt their lives and Lawrence, it seems the headlines lend to close to celebrating Quantrill and his raid of killing Lawrencians. Still there is no mention of how that evil man died. So fair thee well Lawrencians for Quentrill may have gotten away from Lawrence he didn't fair well the rest of his miserble life. He died at 27 - two years after the killed, burned and sacked Lawrence. And he suffered before his death of being shot in the spine and paralized while he laid in a bed for a month and suffered then died, but to add some poetic justice to his demise Quantrill bones are actually buried in 3 places.

"Quantrill's friend took the skull to Mrs Quantrill who identified it based upon a chipped tooth. Under cover of darkness, the entire box was stolen. Upon return to Dover, the bones were interred in the family plot in the Dover 4th St Cemetery minus the skull and various bones the unscrupulous friend had removed and kept. Some bones ended up at the Kansas State Historical Society and the skull to the Dover museum until buried in a separate container in the family plot. The stolen parts were repatriated by the Missouri Division of the Sons of Confederate Veteran's and are buried among his comrades at the Old Confederate Veteran's Home Cemetery, Higginsville, Mo. "

I would rather focus on the the strength and courage of the survivors of that day as we should all remember they are the heros. Not an angry, spoiled, manchild having a tantrum and hurting innocent people. He deserved how he died.

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Kansas company recalls ground beef because of possible E. coli contamination

I never eat pre-packages salad mixes. Hasn't anybody smelled or tasted the chemical taste of this mix? Stands to reason it has been sprayed with a chemical substance which is most likely not good for you. So I go into Dillons to get fresh spinach but all they sell is pre-packaged spinach - told them they can keep it. No way I'm eating that poison. So if people just stop buying the pre-packages salad mixes and spinach and any other pre-packaged fruit and veggie they will stop selling them.

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Convicted sex offender arrested in Lawrence

Since these offenders fail to register as a sex difficult is it for law enforcement to register them into a computer before they are released from prison? Just a thought. In this day and age of the computer that reaches around the world there isn't a database available to enter these offenders in without relying on them to report to do so when most of them don't. There has to be a better tracking system developed.

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Dryer lint blamed for Sunday morning house fire in Eudora

Clean your lint trap at every load. Replace the hose from the dryer to the outside vent once a year but in between you should clean it out every other month. Also check the outside vent frequently and clean it out too. Couple times a year you should tip your dryer over and clean out the accumilated lint under the it too. Not difficult people. Most of you have a cell phone put it in your calender as a reminder. Only takes one spark.

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Economic well-being of children in Kansas getting worse, according to new study

If I havent' said it a hundred times I'll say it one-hundred and one more time. All the issues, policies, etc they develop is only a bandaid on the problems of poverty. The Director stated that one of the problems is "having children out of wedlock". Well then START with kids when they are in high school with sex education, parenting classes and budgeting 101 leading into the first year of college. These kids go out into the world not even knowing how to write a check much less budget a checkbook. They have no clue the responsibility involved in raising or caring for another small human being. They may know what a condom is or birth control pills but do they actually know and understand what is happening to their bodies whey they are sexual arroused and how to overcome those urges and think productively instead of primal? They are not taught that because educators and parents are too afraid, embarrassed or unknowledgable to explain it to these kids. Until we get down to the basics of these sort of issues the problem will persists. No amount of welfare, condoms, birth controls, wick programs is going to cure this ignorance but basic education.

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Lawrence man charged with stealing motorist's eyeglasses in road rage incident

This is just crazy...what is wrong with people? For one thing people need to be accentuated way when they get their driver's license that Driving is a Privilegde not a Right. Also if a person commite road rage once they should have only a conditional license, but if they commit it again then their license should be revoked for a year and if they do a road rage again their license should be revoked forever. I just believe in 3 strikes and you're OUT concept. However, I grew up on the East Coast and they drive fast and crazy, but since I've moved out here I have actually learned to slow it down and enjoy my driving, only sometimes I get the tail gater which only makes me slow down a bit so if an when they plow into me I'm not going as fast so I don't hit someone else, but at the same time encourage them to slow down too. Yes I"ve had a few finger gestures pointed at me, but I just laugh at the ignorance of it all. Obviously people who do this have very little brains to think of a more intelligent way of dealing with traffic frustration which isn't always the other person at fault. Remember driving is a priviledge NOT A RIGHT so respect it, use it respectually and leave in time to get you where you need to go so you don't become stressed out and want to blame the other person.

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Over 100 animals find homes during free adoption day

I love this Animal Shelter. I am so thrilled about hearing this...just wish I had known about it yesterday I would have been there. I hope they win the challenge. Just wish other shelters would take the same lead and not kill off every animal that comes into their shelter but work better towards adopting them out. I know there is a shelter in Maryland on D'Arcy Road that has been there forever and they are huge on killing strays. Sad, very sad. Anyway, I was so excited about this program I called my friend animal lover in MD and told her about it. She takes in or feeds outdoors every stray animal that comes into her yard. Even possums. LOL

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