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Leaks are on Roberts' mind

Dear Jamesaust, said the following:

"I see new poll results are out for the 100 Senators. As typical lately, Brownback and Roberts are in the bottom quarter. Brownback at 50% approval and Roberts at 48%. The remainder are a collection of who's who of troubled incumbants, including many "endangered" this November."


Wouldn't that be in the bottome half?

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Leaks are on Roberts' mind

if you really want to catch roberts on this matter, do an internet search. in the first week of the iraq conflict, the good senator revealed to the media that the United States had human intelligence on the ground prior to and during the invasion.

This was great news. Our country had proper intelligence gathering in this now war-torn country. the only problem? that was classified information. yes, mr. roberts, people still remember that slipup. smooth. it's unknown how many agents in iraq were compromised because of this LEAK.

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Leaks are on Roberts' mind


shut up about the whole plame deal. there are a multitude of things to criticize about this administration, just not the "outing" of a media whore like plame.

i hope that is sarcasm about he homeland security pork. If not, then your desire for "kansas' share" show that you are a corrupt as those politicians that go after it. Kansas doesn't get more of it because it's not needed. kansas will get its proper "share" when there is a risk of a republican loss of senate and house seats in the state.

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City gateway taking shape

Lawrence is becoming Topeka, KS. There's a reason why Topeka is a joke, and these folks evidently don't understand the punchline.

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Dole Institute names fellows for fall semester

What a circle jerk.

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Roberts decries Bush Administration secrecy, sounds doubts about Iraq war


I am sure they both were good people. I think Pat is a good man at heart, just not his own man when it comes to intelligence oversight. What his father did is unfortunate but in no way should reflect on the good work done by the Senator or his family.

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Roberts decries Bush Administration secrecy, sounds doubts about Iraq war


Why didn't you say you had great respect for his father? Is it because he took a $10,000 bribe while he held office? Also, Pat is an ok guy for a politician. But he got elected on his family name, claims he's from Dodge City when he was born and bred in Hutchinson, and now can be lauded for opposing the WH -- but he only did that when it was politically safe. Where was he four years ago? He didn't question once. He was a loyal foot soldier. Why do you think the Republicans changed the rules so he could serve another term as chairman of the Intel Committee. Maybe it's because they new he wouldn't impede their ill-sought war. Maybe it's because he doesn't have the individuality to stand up in the face of opposition unless he knows it will be popular. And doing what is popular is not necessarily always the right thing to do. It's the easy thing to do and that's what Pat does.

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Roberts decries Bush Administration secrecy, sounds doubts about Iraq war

Seriously, ask Pat his beliefs on anything controversial and he'll either wait until he votes to tell you or will simply never say. He is so in love with himself for being Intel Chairman that he let rose colored glasses of fame skew what was right.

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Roberts decries Bush Administration secrecy, sounds doubts about Iraq war

That is hysterical coming from Pat. Where was his vigilance prior to the war? He did nothing to ensure the intelligence was good before sending our men and women to die in Iraq. But he'll question the Bush Administration now that it's politically expedient. What a tool. And this is coming from a Republican. This guy calls himself an honorable marine, when in fact he's sour on the inside just like his dad.

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