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HR director wants to ‘give back,’ review city’s longterm plans

The likes of Amyx and Chestnut have had their time on the commission. We need someone like Scott with new ideas!

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Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback pushes faith mentors for state prison inmates

Here's the real kicker. Sam put Margie Phelps in charge of the division. Margie Phelps - as in Fred Phelps daughter and attorney for the Westboro Baptist Church.

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Statehouse Live: Kansas taxpayers will no longer foot state water bill

What's next, making us pay to use the bathrooms? Then again, if we're not drinking water, we probably won't be using the bathrooms as much!

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Town Talk: Hugh Carter, Bob Schumm and the living wage question; League of Women Voters, Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods release candidate questionnaires

I haven't seen Schumm's mailer, but I was at a forum a couple of weeks ago where Carter also mentioned that he wanted to reconsider the living wage. The video is posted online (starts at 22:20):

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Lawrence City Commission candidates sharpen their messages at forum

What's the biggest difference between Schumm and Machell? Schumm owns a local business in Lawrence. Machell works for a pharmaceutical company in Overland Park. You tell me which person would be best for Lawrence?!

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Statehouse Live: Republicans concerned about political fallout from school finance plan, memo indicates

Republicans can say they won't vote to raise our property taxes, but when they fail to adequately fund education, our local school boards will be forced too. FAIL!

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School advocates see cause for worry

Republicans and Democrats alike should be concerned about Brownback's plan (however vague) for education in Kansas. He's said that he wants to reform the school finance formula which would shift the burden of funding schools to local school boards and the only way school boards have to raise money is through property taxes. The last thing I want to be doing right now is paying higher property taxes on my house after its value has decreased so significantly.

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Pompeo campaign apologizes for linking to ethnic slur on Twitter

I can see how calling someone a "turban topper" could totally happen by accident. Read the blog post here:

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