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Tonganoxie couple taking retirement as an opportunity to move somewhere warmer: Kenya

My oldest child was taught by both John and Cindy. (My hubby was also taught by John...way back when.) They are great people and great teachers. I certainly wish them well on this selfless journey and grand adventure.

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Friends seek ghost bike memorial for hit-and-run victim

Seamus, I saw a cyclist zip across an intersection against traffic. I saw him coming, so even though I had the green light, I stayed put. However, the minivan coming up on my right had no such view and proceeded through the intersection doing about 30 mph. The bike slammed into the rear driver's side panel of the van and went flying. His bike was a crumpled heap, he did quite a bit of damage to the van, but luckily, he seemed relatively unhurt. (He was not wearing a helmet so was extra lucky in the unhurt department.) If the cyclist had hit that intersection half a second sooner, I have little doubt that he would have been gravely injured or dead. I guess I just wanted to point out that bikes can damage cars as well. What if that van would have seen him coming and swerved into a pole or something? Lots to consider. My young daughter was with me at the time and watched the whole encounter. Her reaction was to say (about the cyclist): "What an idiot!"
I always applaud the cyclists that are following the rules, but unfortunately, they are in the minority in Lawrence.

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Friends seek ghost bike memorial for hit-and-run victim

I spent some time in Davis, CA...a community that strongly supports biking. While I would love to see more people bike here, I hated driving along the bike lanes. I lived in constant fear that I would make a right hand turn in my car and not see a cyclist coming up fast behind me in the bike lane. The cyclists there have no fear and would constantly pass cars with blinkers turned on. If bikes were in the road (rather than in bike lanes), they would be much more visible and I think the liklihood of being hit by a car would decrease. If this memorial goes up, I would like it also to serve as a reminder to cyclists that they need to be more cautious, also. I've seen far more riders, without helmets, zipping in and out of traffic, riding on sidewalks, and having no lights on after dark, than those obeying the rules of the road. Motorists need to be more aware, but cyclists also need to be extra careful. A few weeks ago I saw a man with two young children (all on bikes) crossing against traffic at a busy intersection...just looking for and riding through the "holes" in traffic. The man should be flogged for teaching such bad behaviour to children. I hope they made it home safely.

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Do you think it would be fun to be a farmer?

Fun? No! Not for me. But I know some people who seem to enjoy it...most days.

Bea, he could feed those five and 140 more! God bless the American farmer! (I like to eat!)

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Parents band together to find solution to school transportation problem

Kuddos to Erika and her neighbors for thinking through what the Lawrence school district obviously didn't!

Lawrence school district gets a failing grade!

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School district cuts bus routes that served more than 1,000 students

It seems as if the Lawrence school board needs to rethink this issue. It's certainly not going to be cost effective for the current busses to transport about a dozen (or less) kids on their routes. If they allowed pay to ride, the busses would fill up and it would be a win for everyone. This policy does not take into account small children of working parents and also does not address inclement weather. Pay to ride was an option in the past. I've talked to some really irate Lawrence parents who would love to have the opportunity to pay to ride.

I live in the Tongie school district. Pay to ride is the policy now for those inside of the 2.5 miles. The school board obviously cared enough about their children who were faced with crossing a major highway to not make a gross error in judgement. It's not a perfect situation, as some parents cannot afford the cost, but at least the option is there. Tonganoxie is at least trying.

I don't know how the Lawrence school dist. justifies this.

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How old do you think a couple should be before they get married?

I got married a week after my 22nd birthday. Waaaayyyy too young! I've been married for 19 years now. I still maintain this marriage will never last! I only give it another 50 years or so...that's all I'm willing to put up with!

Prospector, did Whiteowl and Moonbeam ever tie the knot?

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Are you going to the Sidewalk Sale on Thursday?

MD, I had a good chuckle as well. I had no idea that I hadn't posted since April. If I ever need a PI, I'll know who to call! Keep trying, though...wasn't me. I'll take that Oscar, anyway. As long as it's made of dark chocolate!

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Are you going to the Sidewalk Sale on Thursday?

*Note to self to stay away from RI's house this week.*

I'd actually love to get some sidewalk on sale. We have none out in my neck of the woods, and I'd love to do some cycling/walking on something other than a road with cars wizzing by at 1000 miles per hour. But even on sale, I don't think I'll be able to afford it.

BTW, who is puddleglum? MD accused me of being this alter ego and before I decide yes or no, I have to know if they were witty or glum like the name.

Prospector, you should convince FS to at least put their T-shirts on sale!

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Round Corner Drug, Cheese Shoppe closes

I love how so many pick on chain drugstores when you obviously shop there. I, for one, have used Round Corner (although it's been years), Target, and Walgreens. I stopped using Round Corner simply because it was not convenient. It was not on my "path," and parking was always a problem. I love the fact that Walgreens is open 24 hours (really been helpful numerous times), and I have always gotten great service. If I had a question, it got answered by a pharmacist who was always polite and knowledgable.
I'm sad, for nostalgic reasons, that Round Corner is closing. But, personally, I won't miss them. (I may miss the cheese...)

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