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Moore, Hensley tangle over taxes, transportation plan, other issues

As an independent, I went to this to check out both of these guys. I sat next to the LJW reporter and I guess he's not very good at estimating crowds as indeed there was at least the 200, nice big turnout and for the most part the crowd was pretty well behaved, except when Moore tried to get the camel's nose under the tent of the alleged Hensley's long term double dipping into KPERS (i.e. a $750K account on a teachers salary??? are you kidding) and some question as to whether his summer make-up time with his special ed teaching job truly makes up for the lost time. I thought the contrast between the two was stark, Hensley in his black suit, white shirt and tie with a depth of commentary on legislative issues that reflected his long tenure, apparently from almost the time of statehood; except when he couldn't remember how he voted on a recent partial birth abortion bill, and talking to us from behind a podium through a PA. Versus the high octane youthful exuberance of Moore, who spoke to us standing in front, speaking without a mic (a little too much RedBull maybe). The somber one versus the energetic and occasionally funny one. I thought Moore missed a prime opportunity when Hensley explained his reelections as a result of voters satisfied with his job, not so, until this year Hensley's district has been almost completely democratic and every office in that area has been held by a democrat, which might validate the need for terms limits. The thought about Moore being a potential Brownback sycophant mentioned above belies the fact that Hensley was the same for the democratic administrations he has served under esp. Kathy S.. Moore may support some of gov B's agenda but from what I saw I don't think he's going to follow anybody, seems to be kind of a political rebel. I got a mean mailer from Hensley today who took issue with Moore's out of state birth and part of his education, which seems to me a big slam at a number of Hispanic's in this state, not to mention other famous Kansas like Kathleen Sebelius. I have to say Hensley appeared to me last night to represent the old sharply partisan politician that has gridlocked the country and our state, maybe time for a change, and what I didn't like about Moore I attribute mostly to his being new to the nutty world of American politics.

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