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First Bell: Spirit squads seek Junior Firebirds, Little Lions to support football teams; Ball Hawks sought for women's hoops at KU

Correction to your article: The Free State Clinic is open to children in preschool through 6th grade. So children younger than kindergarten may participate.

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Town Talk: Theatre Lawrence seeking $100,000 in city funding; neighborhood group to oppose Lowe's; a pending 'bank robbery' in Downtown Lawrence

Amen jafs. The only way the city commission will know your opinion is if you contact them and express it. Everyone is free to contact the city commission or the planning commission. If you want to be involved in your neighborhood association, then seek it out. Not rocket science.

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Town Talk: Theatre Lawrence seeking $100,000 in city funding; neighborhood group to oppose Lowe's; a pending 'bank robbery' in Downtown Lawrence

go to and there is contact info for the officers. Send an email letting them know you want to be contacted when there is a meeting. They only meet once a year unless an issue comes up that a large number of people are interested in that has potential impact to the neighborhood. Lowe's might be one of those issues, but so far, since the feeling about the Lowe's appears to be mixed in the WLNA residential area, the WLNA is not taking any position on the project.

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Lawrence full-day kindergarten expanding as school cuts loom

Why is Lawrence School Board considering expansion of kindergarten to full day when A- they are not proposing full day kindergarten for ALL schools, expanding the already inequitable kindergarten programs, B-Kindergarten isn't even required by Kansas for children to enter first grade, C-they just voted to close a school due to limited funds, and D-more cuts are expected? I sincerely do not understand the logic. School Board needs to focus on keeping the essential programs funded, not add additional services at this time. I'm with GMom05- what can we do? I've emailed, called, and written letters and I'm sure others have also.

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First Bell: Teacher negotiations begin Wednesday; reconfiguration to open rooms in elementary schools; board passes on school ‘choice’

“All kids should be exposed to everything." What's that supposed to mean?!

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Name change

Ms. Loveland, I hope you take the time to read the comments to your letter. I do understand there are two funds for education expenses, and I think it is reckless to spend any money on signage when the funds can be used for more important things, such as maintenance. I disagree with you about the relevance of the current school names. The names are fine the way they are. I think it is very irresponsible to spend money and resources to change the names of the schools. At least one current junior high principal has publicly said that he has surveyed his school staff and parents and they do not want to change the name. The names of the schools have no bearing as to whether my children receive a good education. Listen to the voters for once this time, please!

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Free State sophomore wrestler Spencer Wilson eager for dual

Is the headline supposed to say "duel" as opposed to "dual"?

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Dozens of Lawrence property owners have already received tickets for not shoveling sidewalks

Does anyone know the ballpark cost for someone to clear your driveway?

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KU's Lawrence campus among weather-related cancellations for Wednesday, Jan. 19

I wish there was a like button. So many funny comments! I remembered the Dunkin' Donuts story from the last storm. I doubt I will brave going to Munchers. I picked up a day old Angel Food cake from Dillons today. That just might have to do.

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Lawrence school board seeks new names for middle schools

I completely agree that they should leave the school names alone. My thought when I read this was that they obviously do not have enough to do or worry about already. Already we have to provide kleenex, hand sanitizer, paper towels to the school as part of school supplies. And very often the school runs out of paper and can't make copies. And now there is a COMMITTEE to decide on NEW Names for the schools?! Give me a break. It will be soooo expensive for new signage, stationery, plus all the school apparel won't be able to be recycled to new kids coming into the schools. Plus the uniforms for sports teams, websites, equipment, and all kinds of other things that bear the school name. I'm with Bradford on this one. And to Loveland, the new school can be named Northwest. not West Squared. If people want to invest energy to change Central, be careful about doing so because in 5 years someone will determine that the building is not up to code or too small, so it likely will be abandoned for another purpose, and the kids will be moved to other schools. All the school board members will be getting a letter from me.

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