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Employers tell state's education leader about need for more workforce skills

I learned all that in public schools, as I assume you did as well, and I learned from my parents how to find a job at 14 (concession short-order cook at Kiddieland in '60s Wichita). Are you advocating for trades curriculum courses in public schools? And what Laura Engels describes below as her Independence, KS high school Civics class? Those ideas make sense to me.

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Letter: A poor example

Kansas is a cautionary tale of what happens to a moderate Republican farm state when its government is overtaken by two extraordinarily wealthy John Birchers.

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In Kansas Legislature, a bill is not always what it appears

Protest at the Capitol is on Facebook.

Friday, June 26 at 10:00am in CDT
Next Week · 32°C / 21°C Chance of a Thunderstorm

Kansas State Capitol
Bound by 8th and 10th Aves. and Jackson and Harrison Sts., Topeka, Kansas 66612

350 going - 187 maybe - 4.5k invited

We're kicking off the day of protest at the Capitol. What are we protesting? Only the Worst Legislative Session Ever. June 26 is Sine Die, the formality that ends the legislative session.

Join us and our friends as we let Sam Brownback and the Republican-controlled legislature know that they've failed us for the last time. This session was the longest, most expensive ever. And who ends up paying the bill? Not Sam's rich friends!

Taxing the poor and giving to the rich is no way to run a state government. We are Kansans! And we're going to take our state back.

**Details subject to change; check in June 25 for final schedule**

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KU, other state colleges propose tuition increases of 3.6 percent

There will be tax deductible corporate scholarships for some of the worthy poor for trade schools and, perhaps, for ideologically sound colleges. How did the Regents calculate 3.6% as the golden number?

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Regents order universities to retool tuition proposals

Starve the state's universities long enough, and there will be a lot more corporate-sponsored Art Halls on campuses masquerading as faculty. But, controlling the message is the whole point of corporate education.

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Brownback seen as losing influence going into 'lame duck' phase

"How can this be legal?" Well, it doesn't have to be legal now that we can no longer bring a civil lawsuit against any public official, does it? Every bill passed this session was intended to protect some KPI-directed action to destroy Kansas state, county, and local government. We're frogs in a heating pan.

Remember the Far Side cartoon where a wagon train is being attacked by Indians with flaming arrows? One settler asks another "Can they DO that?" Oh Hell yes they can. Look what's been done in the past six months.

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New life for old furniture from McCollum Hall

Good on you, KU!

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Editorial: Employee issue

I bet we'd read answers to these questions if Julie Wright was still the managing editor at the LJW. She impressed me with the coverage changes she made at LJW, especially the investigative political and election coverage, and holding at least one (were there others?) public meeting at the LJW offices for feedback. A young black woman there at the first meeting protested the black student 'mug' shots published (as though only young black men are arrested in Lawrence), and Wright explained why (LJW access to KU student photographs but not police booking photographs) and then promptly changed the paper's policy.

Based on nothing known as fact, I wonder if she just ruffled Simon's sensibilities too much? I hope that Hancock stays, and that the new managing editor isn't a throwback to the previous 'what politics?' news reporting.

I wish we knew someone there at the paper to ask.

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Brownback seen as losing influence going into 'lame duck' phase

I'm with you, Mr. Schmidt. I'm a fan of Mr. Hancock's, but the headline doesn't correspond to the article's contents. Perhaps an editor assigned it?

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