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Letter: School questions

Those countries that are beating us have year-round school years with much longer school days (including evening tutorial programs). Let's change to that model before we assume that transferring the educational 'industry' to private companies is the only way to improve student scores.

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Governor opens dialogue aimed at avoiding future school finance lawsuits

Don't talk to Brownback. What a waste of time (unless you enjoy listening to him talk about whether your pension will be funded). Take him to court, and keep taking him to court until Kansas public schools are correctly funded. And then take him to court for malfeasance in office for not funding schools adequately in the first place. Neither Brownback nor the Koch alphabet groups who control his legislative agenda are interested in strengthening public schools. They intend to underfund public schools until they're broken, and then pay private schools lots and lots of state money to fix the failure they've created. To hell with that.

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Lawrence Humane Society executive director stepping down

She did a wonderful job for our community, and is leaving the agency in a much healthier and more structurally sound condition. Excellent job, Ms. Villalon. Thank you.

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Advocates for children, needy question DCF's reserve of $48 million

But Theresa Freed, a spokeswoman for DCF, defended the agency's use of TANF funds. "When opportunities come up and we see it is an appropriate use of money, we do a lot of programs," she said. "We certainly don't want to just dump a bunch of money into programs when it isn't necessary."

Golly, Ms. Freed, so if God really loved the poor children, they shouldn't need all that TANF money now, should they?

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Thanks, Bob. I love seeing these maps and charts about our wider neighborhood.

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Editorial: Getting by

Yes, you're right. I apologize. I should have written my comment - if written at all - as a statement of my beliefs apart from a reference to you and to your statement.

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Editorial: Getting by

What a crock, sir. Do you expect children to receive school meals during weekends, holidays, and the summer break? Do you expect the elderly and disabled to just cease being elderly or disabled? Should they all just pull themselves up by their bootstraps and get sustaining jobs? And if incapable of getting and holding those mythical jobs, are they all to be just that much hungrier to impress upon them just how little value they have to us? The hypocritical and sanctimonious cant that food support is intended to be temporary aid just through a 'rough patch' is ridiculous. Taking food support away from the elderly, disabled, and children just to make an ideological point about "greedy takers" who have made the irresponsible bad choice to have grown old or to be handicapped or to be a child, forcryingoutloud, is both sick and sickening.

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Editorial: Getting by

How cruel our government is to take food from the most needy among us. What on earth is gained by such ideological posturing? If they want to end dependency among able-bodied adults (who are the minority of those harmed by this new restriction), then HIRE them at a wage that allows them to support themselves and their families. Jobs or dependency. Take your pick.

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Engineers propose roundabout for Wakarusa Drive; new details on plan to bring Google-like fiber project to downtown, East Lawrence

Roundabouts are like playing dodgem cars in the Country Club Plaza before they finally put in stop lights and stop signs.

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Engineers propose roundabout for Wakarusa Drive; new details on plan to bring Google-like fiber project to downtown, East Lawrence

Ron, I know that's what's always said to justify these damnable roundabouts, but I think making a left turn in a single lane roundabout exposes me to being T-boned from traffic to my right and straight ahead as I pass before them, and making that same turn in a two-lane roundabout makes me vulnerable to the experience and judgment of whoever is in the lane next to me (if you're in the inside lane, you have to move out of it to do anything other than make a continuous circle). All roundabouts do, to the extent they work at all, is slow observant traffic down to a crawl because its clear we have to make darn sure that other traffic sees us. Not good enough, in my opinion, to justify the expense of building these things and making me worry about being struck from even more directions than are likely at an intersection regulated by a stop light or sign.

Your argument seems to be that I will likely survive being struck. Mine is that I am more likely to be struck. I vote for continuing to take my chances with traffic lights and stop signs (and every driver's lifetime experience navigating them) and keep me and my venerable Volvo in one piece and on the road.

Stop lights and stop signs don't stop inattentive or drunk drivers. Roundabouts don't stop them either.

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