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Letter: Expand KanCare

Great letter, Mr. Weisgrau. Thank you.

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Letter: Judging Reid

Harry Reid stood up against the Senate GOP to protect the Affordable Care Act.

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Opinion: No Iran deal is better than this bad deal

Very interesting. I agree with you, Andy.

It'd be nice if the USIP thought to date its online documents (although Elleman's article's PDF was created 11/3/2010). Here's a useful timeline that places it in context.

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Kansas governor signs nation's 1st ban on abortion procedure

She should have been ready to die becoming a mother the moment she decided to have sex. It's her body, but it is this repressive Christian Taliban State's pregnancy.

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Kansas governor signs nation's 1st ban on abortion procedure

Kansas Tries to Stamp Out Abortion

"During the past four years, the state of Kansas has become ground zero in the war to criminalize all abortions, and in the process to remove a woman’s ability to control what happens in her own body.

Under Gov. Sam Brownback, a staunch foe of a woman’s right to choose, Kansas’s increasingly hard-line conservative lawmakers have enacted more than two dozen restrictions curtailing women’s reproductive freedom."

"Here, as with other recent legislation limiting doctors’ ability to prescribe abortion-inducing medications in the first trimester, lawmakers have imposed their own moral judgments and restricted or criminalized decisions doctors make in caring for their patients.

The overall effect, as intended, has been to make an abortion harder to get than at any time since before the 1973 Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade. This is true especially for lower-income and other vulnerable women, who are often the first to be denied the choice they have under the Constitution."

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Editorial: Questionable leadership

I think a good portion of those who are counted as not supporting ACA are, like me, those who believe it should have been an expansion of Medicare/Medicaid, and not our government handing millions of people's health care over to private insurance companies. As for others, I believe that they should come up with a health care plan that is even better than ACA before they destroy an imperfect ACA and return millions of people to pre-ACA health care conditions.

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Editorial: Questionable leadership

I really like Senator Harry Reid, and approved of his work as Senate Majority Leader. Reid stopped the advance of legislation that included amendments to defund ACA. All those other things that the majority of the country wanted could have moved forward but for the perpetual truculence of the GOP to accept that ACA is here to stay.

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State Hospital may freeze admissions due to renovations; $26M in funding at stake

Any sign of KDADS reason and accountability for the vulnerable population they deliberately under-serve.

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Soden, Boley, Herbert win seats on Lawrence City Commission; two incumbents voted out

A big vote of thanks is due to the Lawrence Journal World's reporting of this election's issues and candidates. Great job.

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Letter: Where is the anger?

I'm betting we're all surprised to learn that Reverend Evans knows the Mind of God so well he can be sure we've forfeited Christ's saving grace. And now to be shunned by all of Christendom! What a hoot.

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