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Kansas officials certify 75-year-old woman as a voting-eligible citizen after birth certificate lost

Our own Salem witch trial. Why didn't they just throw her in the water and see if she floated? What a disgraceful circus.

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Letter to the editor: ‘We like him’

I'm with you on the 2000 election, Dickie. Excellent points, and echo those of my good friends who also voted for Nader and took heat from me, and from others.

Elections are won by overwhelming voter turnout for the candidate we each support. And we need election reform that wrests control from the parties and restores it to the electorate. How do we do that?

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ACLU sues to block new Kansas voting regulation championed by Kobach

Kobach is such a disgraceful Secretary of State. Are the courts really going to allow him to control Kansas elections by suppressing Kansas voters?

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Kansas Republicans show little appetite for anti-Trump push

Kris Kobach is the "Kansas Zealot [who] Helps Shape the GOPs Right-Wing Platform"

What is the matter with Kansas politicians?

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Federal 'religious freedom' bill likely to become a campaign issue in Kansas

It's an election cycle, and all this crazy dog whistle posturing is to appeal to single issue voters. They know it won't stand up in court, and they don't care.

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Federal 'religious freedom' bill likely to become a campaign issue in Kansas

I don't see what is so difficult for you to understand in this matter. If you choose to operate a public business in the public marketplace, you are subject to the same laws and regulations regarding nondiscriminatory public access as every other business in that marketplace. You may not discriminate among the public in providing your business's goods or services regardless of your personal beliefs, even when you claim those beliefs to be religious. If public accessibility is untenable to you, you may convert your business to a private enterprise and discriminate to your heart's content. Or close your business altogether. Your choice.

The most distressing fact, to me, is not that some people who believe the US Constitution protects their right to discriminate in public businesses based on religious faith. It's that three (and probably all) of Kansas's four US Representatives agree. What a low point in Kansas history. What a damn shame.

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Kansas told to repay $11.9 million to federal government; Brownback administration to appeal

Governor Brownback only answers to Charles and David Koch. They bought him, they own him, and they tell him what to do. Kansans can go hang.

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Online campaign and video urge Lawrence to again take up East Ninth Project

Shouldn't the City's $3.6+M be spent on the new Police Headquarters instead of a vanity project that harms neighborhood residents and businesses along East Ninth? Let's fund our actual needs first, and worry about being hip later.

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Kansas denies firing clerk not attending office Bible study

It's always lawless Kris Kobach.

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