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What's your favorite country song?

On a slow train through Arkansas! Chomp, chomp... Standing knee deep in the Wakarusa River, and put your Cat Clothes on Thanks for leading me to the great Chuck Mead, Kyle.

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Warehouse Arts District bistro proposal hangs in limbo

Oh, please. Go back and read your own posts sometime, Mr. McCabe, (starting with the above) and recognize your own pissy, juvenile, Drama Queen behavior. A portion of the East Lawrence community disagrees with your fervent support for developer plans for our own neighborhood. Oh, my, what a cross you have to bear.

What would you be posting if developers decided to move outdoor festivals, bars, and late night venues half a block from your home? Still willing to take one for developers' profits? I'll bet.

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Warehouse Arts District bistro proposal hangs in limbo

It is in a residential neighborhood. Drive by it and see for yourself. The developers have always wanted a Crossroads district, and we'll always have to fight off the bars and outdoor, late night, entertainment proposals in our neighborhood. We knew the 'it's just an art walk' talk was baloney from the get go.

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Faculty group says KU business teacher with Koch ties not subject to academic freedom protection

Hooray for Kansas AAUP and the Students for a Sustainable Future! Hold Art Hall's cloven feet to the fire!

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If you could have any kind of custom vehicle, what would you want?

“A Volkswagen Microbus with a La-Z-Boy on top. That’d be my ideal place. I’d decorate with plants and lights; make it really homey.” — Blair Martindell, student, Lawrence

I don't recognize her picture, but Blair must be blood family.

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Letter: Faith in city

And kicking hundreds of elder fans, like my parents and the Allen family, out of their long-held seats?

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Letter: Education funds

Well, so much for my argument!! Good to know. @: )

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Letter: Education funds

I don't think people carried guns into libraries and grocery stores 60 years ago. Did anyone in your family do that? Did you know anyone at all who did that? No, me neither.

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Kobach opposes specialty meat shop in rural Douglas County; chef says his proposal is being mischaracterized

Ms. Kroeger doesn't have to justify herself to a reporter or to anyone else. I'd like to know everyone's reasoning better too, but let's agree that she - just like each of us - has the right to her own opinions and to keep her own opinions private.

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Rebuilt 31st Street now open from Ousdahl to Haskell

And the aerial photograph and map!!

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