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Kansas Senate panel tinkers but isn't ready to pass tax plan

I think they had their revenue hopes pinned to offloading KPERS, and they're still scrambling to do just that. Whatever they come up with, I'll bet it's a doozy.

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KU business teacher calls students' records request politically motivated, malicious

"I can categorically deny that she intends to attack or cause any professional damage to any individual," Brown said. "My client’s goal is to get at the truth of who is funding research at the university... She wants to show the extent of the influence of corporate dollars on the educational experience."

I believe her, and I'm one of those who contributed towards paying that $1800 fee. Isn't something like 86% of Art Hall's salary paid by a private source? I'd like to know the 'extent of the influence of corporate dollars" on what Hall teaches. You show me another KU teacher who is paid 86% from private money, and I'll contribute $$ to see their emails too.

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What kind of food item or cuisine is missing from downtown?

I'd like a Jade Garden branch on Mass., please. It's the best Chinese and Vietnamese place in town.

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New city report says 27th Street may need $200K in traffic calming

Great post, Kim! I'm with you. With 31st closed, I've been using 27th to avoid 23rd Street's slow traffic and mistimed lights just to get across town to 59 South and work in Ottawa. Reopening 31st or reopening Haskell or Louisiana to the South would certainly take my car out of the 27th Street traffic flow.

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Opinion: GOP takes anti-government turn

The G.I. bill, Social Security, and Medicare all seem good examples of government spending that has improved the lives of our nation's citizens individually and collectively. The interstate highway system is another.

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Attorney: Kansas need not have best school funding system

"...the state constitution doesn't require the best system or a perfect one." Kansas government is fighting to provide the lowest level of 'adequate' public school funding. That should have employers rushing to do business in our state, right?

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Regents oppose bill requiring prospectus for all degree programs

Start from the premise that no information asked of public schools by this administration is actually intended to help public schools. How else to 'demonstrate' that public schools are not run efficiently as private businesses then to require that public schools quantify their degree 'products'? Then identify private schools who say they'll produce more of that product more efficiently, and divert public money to those private schools in support of education 'efficiency.' It's what they're going to do anyway; this bill is just a bit of vaudeville along the way.

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Regents oppose bill requiring prospectus for all degree programs

The Kochs want public money to be paid to private schools. Period.

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Editorial: Closed doors

When Brownback won a second term, representative government ended in Kansas at the state level. There is nothing to stop him, and his Koch party's representatives, from taking us all down to the ground. A U.S. state devoted to increasing the wealth of the few at the literal expense and health of everyone else.

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