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Letter: Room to reflect

I am weary of the relentless encroachment of religion and cries for enhanced 'religious freedom' in America life. I certainly don't remember anything like it when I was growing up or growing older. My own conclusion that God does not exist is not some variant of religious faith. I'm not trying to insult anyone's beliefs, nor to argue that they are invalid. I don't share them, and I'm tired of hearing about them. Constitutionally protected freedom of religion includes every individual's protected legal right to freedom from others' religions as well.

I don't think it is unreasonable to expect that there be no special place for religion provided within public squares, such as in tax-supported public schools or in city council meetings. There are, after all, millions of people in this country with different religious beliefs and, like me, millions of those with no religion at all. Why should we have to create private spiritual rooms in public schools? If people can't find time to praise their God or meditate elsewhere, or silently where they stand, then they should probably make other arrangements for their day.

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Letter: Quitting Kansas

I do feel like a bit of a coward to run, Mike, but I'm leaving a dozen braver liberal members of my family here to fight on. I've lived all over the country, and I know there are other beautiful places to live. Kansas is my home state, but I'm retired now and I don't want to spend the next dozen years of my life waiting for traditional, moderate, Kansas Republicans to finally take their party back and save Kansas from these vandals. I'm sure to come back for the occasional wedding, funeral, and holidays, but I'm tired of being angry and feeling helpless to change a state government thats determined to destroy our state for an ideology that is not Kansas. I've some family business to finish up this summer, but, come fall, it'll be time to find home someplace else.

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Editorial: Taxing food

What's happened with balancing the budget by making $50+M agency cuts? That's going to be pretty bloody, as all agencies have been cut so deeply they're struggling to retain essential staff they cannot afford to replace if lost. The worst governor and majority state legislators in Kansas history.

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Letter: Quitting Kansas

Me too. Life's too short to stay and watch my beautiful home state be destroyed around me. I'd like to meet you all in person before I leave in the fall. Maybe at Ladybird for pie if it ever reopens? Politics with pie can't be beat.

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What do you think the penalty should be for illegal use of fireworks?

Illegal fireworks should get a round of cheers, and neighbors singing God Bless America in the middle of the street. I hate that Lawrence has become Johnson County wannabe. What a drag.

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Kansas attorney general plans to appeal ruling blocking anti-abortion law

More tax money wasted by political posturing. Schmidt sure is a disappointment for someone just elected top state AG, isn't he?

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Kansas residents now have higher taxes but less gun regulation

What bothers me most is the destruction of civil service protections.

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What's the highest mileage reached on a vehicle that you've driven?

435,800+ for a 1969 white Volkswagen bug (put in seven rebuilt engines to get there). No air conditioning, and had been dinged every place but the roof, but it was a great car. I finally sold it for $1,500 through the mechanic, who could swear to its maintenance history, when I moved from San Francisco to Dallas in the mid-90s.

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Analysis: Kansas abortion ruling could have sweeping effects

They don't have to do anything more than force older justices to retire earlier. Then Brownback can just appoint more 'traditionalist conservatism' evangelical ideologues like Caleb Stegall to the court regardless of who is actually vetted and recommended.

Brownback and company don't care about the law in Kansas. They only care about the appearance of legality while they sacrifice Kansas to their own supply-side God and the Kochs' Americans for Prosperity.

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