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Opinion: Trump diminishing GOP chances

LOL. I know, right? I've been trying to come up with the most astonished head of state. A face off with Angela Merkel? Kim Jong-un? Just about anybody in the Middle East or Central and Latin America.

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Kobach: Trump correct on immigration proposals

I'm late to the party, but I like this discussion. I don't think I'd support the wall or amending the 14th Amendment, but 2-4 look plausible to me. Something like 40% of illegals came here on a travel visa from everyplace in the wide world, and never left. I think building a wall between ourselves and Mexico, but not between us and Canada, or not micro-chipping every tourist who lands at LAX or La Guardia, is both wrong and politically wrong-footed.

America doesn't thrash out our biennial political passion plays in secret. The world watches to see how we choose to handle this shared problem. Will we choose well? Will we have pride in what we choose? Building an armed wall to the South, or denying citizenship to babies born here doesn't sit well with me. We're a great country. Let's do something great

Did you see where Christi wants to bring in the FedEX CEO to teach immigration staff how to identify and ship illegals out? Now that there's a man who's still pitching.

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Kobach: Trump correct on immigration proposals

Kobach sure wants to be a player on the national GOP level. I say we all get behind his ambitions. It's the only way we're likely to get him out of Kansas.

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Opinion: Trump diminishing GOP chances

True that, Mr. Wilborn. The beginning of every big election campaign season is dominated by the true believers (left and right). Then reason sets in, and we'll all either turn to other, electable, candidates, or sit back and watch as our ideologically pure candidate takes the party down in flames.

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Opinion: Trump diminishing GOP chances

I think Kasich would be a more credible GOP candidate, and that he might pull disaffected and moderate voters that would otherwise go to the DEMs. As to Clinton, what I like best is that she's going to appoint 2-3 lefty U.S. Supreme Court justices during her two term presidency.

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Opinion: Trump diminishing GOP chances

There's an online site that compares your answers to political, economic, foreign policy, etc. questions to Presidential candidate positions. It's a hoot!

I'm a long-time Clinton fan (87% match), and she's who I'll vote for next year. But, I was amazed to see that I scored a 95% match with Bernie Sanders! So much for that thin candy-coated veneer of 'moderate' Democrat, huh? I don't see any chance that Sanders can win the general election, and I would hate for us to repeat the stomping Democrats got by running to the left with McGovern and Dukakis (I worked for both campaigns - the kiss of death). But it does my old lefty heart good to pretend, every now and then, that we've got a shot in Hell.

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Letter: Above and beyond

A cheer for Gavin Daniel, and for the good people at Lawrence Hearing Aid Center!

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Clinton, Kobach spar in social media flap over voting rights

Absolutely the worst Kansas Secretary of State in our state's history (so throwing out thousands of Kansans' pending voter registration forms isn't PRECISELY like throwing away thousands of Kansans' pending voter registration forms??). I see that as of yesterday morning 594 of his fans approved of his self-defensive excuses and his disrespect towards former U.S. Secretary of State Clinton , and I'll wager that number has increased tenfold. There are many people in this country who genuinely believe that only their vote should count, and Kobach is their patron saint.

Kris Kobach has no respect for anyone. He certainly has no respect for the citizens of Kansas, nor for the responsibilities of his office.

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Officials don't want Guantanamo Bay detainees in Kansas

I wish we'd let them all go. We can't prosecute them after torturing them and keeping them in prison for so many years without due process. We've screwed the pooch, legally, and I think we should let them go home. We've made them our enemies, but even our enemies deserve due process with evidence and a judgment other than life in limbo. We can't hope to win in court after all we've done, so let them go home and close this shameful chapter in our country's history.

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New poll shows most Kansans are more moderate than GOP, but can Democrats win the trust issue?

Taxing the 1% is too left? Funding public schools without diverting tax $$ to vouchers is too left for you? Expanding Medicaid to provide poor Kansans with health insurance is too left? We're talking about Kansas Democrats, who live here and are not at the extreme left end of our party (like moderate Republicans here do not support the far right of their party).

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