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Kansas officials report fewer earthquakes, but can't yet say why

The Kansas Geological Survey ( is doing its best to report fracking waste water injection and earthquake activities, but as long as Koch Industries has oil and gas production sites in Kansas, I think we can count on continued hydraulic fracturing and "induced seismicity" without any undue restrictions.

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Lawrence Convention and Visitors Bureau plans to change name to Explore Lawrence

LOL. 'Disparage' and 'excoriate' too?

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Kansas officials report fewer earthquakes, but can't yet say why

Oklahoma recognizes role of drilling in earthquakes:

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Ninth Street Corridor project discusses Lawrence history, gentrification

More to the point, Dennis Domer is the local historian member of the 9th Street Art Walk commission, and Monday's program was about locals' own memories of East Lawrence. So Domer invited speakers among other local historians (Katie Armitage, blue jacket, is seated fourth from left in the picture and spoke about East Lawrence during Quantrill's Raid in 1863), and long term residents of East Lawrence (the woman in a red sweater seated third from the left was born here in 1927 and spoke about growing up at 9th and Rhode Island through the Depression and WWII). The woman seated next to me spoke about her Mexican-American grandparents moving from La Yarda to 904 Pennsylvania when her father bought them a house before he left for the Navy at the start of WWII, and about her own memories of growing up in East Lawrence as the third generation there.

A lot of people spoke about East Lawrence cultural, religious, family, and commercial history Monday night, and many of them were grey-haired. Maybe there will be a more acceptable younger crowd present when the design staff want to plumb the depths of 30-somethings' memories of East Lawrence?

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Student’s motion in Hall v. KU case trumpets ‘academic transparency’

Way to go, Kraus! Hold their feet to the fire. Public identification of private money funding 86% of a public university professor's salary is not protected by claims of 'academic freedom.'

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Kansas revenue projections for next year contributing to even bigger budget hole

Governor Brownback is the personal shopping assistant for the poor -

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Opinion: Unusual presidential race is shaping up

Say, isn't that the GOP's new campaign flag for Hard Right?

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Editorial: New rules

Misdirection is central to every bill passed by the new order Kansas state legislature and signed by Governor Brownback. While we rail against the obvious, we miss the actual, factual, point: they don't want to make social services better, they want to make it gone.

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Letter: Shining examples?

Yeah. It was all about candidate Paul Davis. Let's see what statistician Beth Clarkson's research into Kansas election results identifies about “a statistically significant” pattern where the percentage of Republican votes increase the larger the size of the precinct.

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