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Overland Park adds e-cigarettes to smoking ban

So they dislike the appearance of smoking so much they've decided to ban a legal activity without even a pretense of scientific justification. Way to go, Overland Park! Don't they have a city attorney that can stave off such nonsense? What's next? Banning socks with sandals?

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Brownback: Friend not shoo-in for court vacancy

I've read all that, and I think you're missing the point that honest, intelligent people can disagree on public policy. I'm a bleeding heart McGovern Democrat from a long line of Democrats, Republicans, and every shade of political ideology you can imagine. Our family gatherings are loud and exhaustively argued, but the bottom line is that if you have a better idea of how something should be done, then put that idea out in the public arena and vote on it.

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Letter: Bad advice

Yes, it matters whether it is public or private. Of course it matters. As citizens, we have agreed to provide public services through distribution of our tax dollars. We have agreed to provide and fund our public schools. That is our common purpose and responsibility. We are not taxed to support private businesses (although the new recreational center certainly looks like that to me).

What's so special about a public school? It is supported by tax payers as a public service to our community and is provided to all students equally and for free to that student's family. It is secular, it is regulated, and it is held to professional standards. If you want public schools improved, then support whatever it takes to improve the public schools.

Does it matter if the school is public or private? Darn right it matters. Not one thin dime of public tax money should ever go to a private business in competition to a tax-funded public service.

So what should lower income people do to send their children to a better school? They could get a second or third job to pay for a private school's tuition, or they could do what our folks did and rent or buy in the best school district they could find wherever we lived around the country. They could make sure their children read, and did their homework, and got help if they didn't understand something in school. They could get involved. That's how our lower income parents made sure the five of us received excellent educations.

Kansas had one of the best public school systems in the country when we were kids. We could still have the best in the country if we hadn't fallen prey to the insatiable thirst of private corporations for public money.

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Brownback: Friend not shoo-in for court vacancy

Republican voters in Johnson and Sedgwick counties outnumber Shawnee and the western counties (although they certainly help the final count). I think it's a mistake to believe that Republican voters, or any Kansas voters, don't think about the issues and vote the straight party ticket because they lack imagination or common sense. We all want a healthy and prosperous Kansas; we disagree about how that's to be done.

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Letter: Bad advice

If you take public monies away from public schools, you reduce their ability to make the changes you and others think are necessary for them. I don't know why we can't simply identify what works so well in other "more competitive" countries and then apply those methods to our schools. We're not stupid yet, forcryingoutloud. If someone else has a demonstrably better idea for educating their children, then let's use that better idea to educate our children in public schools paid for with public monies. To continually drain money away from public schools into private hands is to intentionally starve and destroy public schools. Now why would that outcome be the best use of our money? Qui bono?

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Letter: Bad advice

" If there wasn't a need for vouchers & charter schools they wouldn't exist or be requested." I think they exist because politicians use "increase competitiveness" as a phony smokescreen to cover the diversion of public monies, intended for public services, into the hands of private companies. If we want to compete with international school systems, then we should implement the longer school days and longer school years they have (both of which require more money). It isn't that we need vouchers and charter schools to become more competitive. It's that the demand for private corporate profit drives our politicians' decisions to the detriment of public services.

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U.S. settles with state over securities pension fraud


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U.S. settles with state over securities pension fraud

Thanks, Angie. So what is it that you do at the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services?

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U.S. settles with state over securities pension fraud

Jeeze, Louise. "Kansas Secretary of Administration Jim Clark also said in a statement that the agency is pleased SEC did not seek any financial penalties or make any claims of intentional misconduct based on the actions of prior administrations."

What intentional misconduct from prior administrations? The SEC was identifying the Brownback administration's intentional misconduct (and this includes you, Mr. Clark). Yeah, I bet they're pleased that the SEC didn't broadcast their findings nor fine Brownback and Co.

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GOP Strategy in Kansas: It's all about Obama

I've tried to post a link to the Westview News article, but the web site refuses to allow a post that includes the word "n---r". So type the link as below, but substitute the full six letter word where I've placed six # signs in the hyphenated "/the-######-in-the-white-house/" string:

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