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Letter: School collapse

Thanks for the link, Jim.

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Opinion: Videos could shift abortion views

Late term abortions, which are 1% of all abortions performed, are performed because the fetus is dead, because the fetus is so malformed it is expected to die in pain soon after delivery, or because to continue a deeply troubled pregnancy will literally endanger the woman's life and body's functioning. It's not used for birth control. It's not because the pregnancy is suddenly inconvenient.

Late term abortions are very, very, rare and are always to end pregnancies the adult woman had wanted to carry to term and be delivered of her wanted, healthy, child. An abortion after five months of hopes and plans is a tragedy for that woman and her family. To grandstand on that tragedy with this deeply hypocritical ban is shameful pandering to a base that is hostile to women's sexuality in the transparent guise of protecting the unborn.

So Krauthammer (what a great name) objects to the use of aborted fetuses for medical research? Isn't that the same objection we've heard for years about what use may be denied for Parkinson's research? Do you know how hospitals and OB/GYN physicians handle miscarried and aborted fetuses? Medical waste. Leave Planned Parenthood's government funding - which does NOT fund abortions - alone. No other organization provides needed reproductive health services to poor men and women in this country. Or is that the whole point of destroying Planned Parenthood?

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Jerod Haase happily returns

What a pleasure to see Haase again. Such a great player, and it's terrific he's doing so well as UAB couch. I love to see great KU coaches training the next generation of great coaches.

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Brownback names new administration secretary; expands role of budget director

We're a Koch Industries theme park! Bring the kiddies!

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Report: More Kansas children in poverty from 2008 to 2013

Perhaps families living paycheck to paycheck haven't recovered from the Great Recession? I know that I never regained full-time employment after being laid off from the Idaho State Archives in 2011, but archivists are among the first gone and last rehired during any economic turn down. Most of the jobs lost during the recession have not returned, and have been replaced - to the extent possible - by lower paying or multiple part-time jobs. When a family's breadwinner(s) lose their job, it is very difficult to recover without finding another job quickly.

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Altered KPERS rules a concern for retiree teachers in Kansas

The one certain goal of Governor Brownback's administration is to replace public services with less regulated, for-profit, private vendors. Starve public schools of funding and trained staff until they are broken. Dispense with licensed teachers. Break public employee unions. Starve KPERS until it is broken. Pay corporate schools with public tax monies to "fix" the problems you've created.

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State board expected to vote on unlicensed teacher proposal

The fact that Missouri is looking better than Kansas in anything other than roadkill count is reason enough to recall Brownback.

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Kobach urges Congress to ratify health care compact that he says would avoid Obamacare

I think it's the urban and suburban Republicans in Johnson and Sedgwick counties who carry the vote in Kansas state-wide and Federal elections. Rural voters, regardless of party, don't have the numbers to win without the biggest counties. Cille King would know the facts and figures better than I do.

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