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Your Turn: Ninth St. concerns deserve attention

So let's build it in your neighborhood then, Ms. Piller. Thank you for stepping up to ensure that at least your Lawrence neighborhood doesn't miss out on a great opportunity for rezoning and higher property taxes. Thank you (all) for taking a palpable hit for the collective good.

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Kansas bill would protect public comments from civil lawsuits

So if I state publically that I believe the Lawrence City Commissioners are either crooks or incompetents - or that Dave Trabert and Angela de Rocha are oily-skinned liars who should be run out of the state on rails - I can be sued in civil court for those statements if someone 1) verifies in writing and under oath that their claim (suit?) is based on fact (what facts? that I spoke? that my speech injured them? or is this saying MY statements are based on facts?), 2) that it is being filed in good faith, and 3) that it is not intended to suppress anyone’s constitutional right of free speech.

How is this in any way different than existing libel and slander laws? And, if not different, is it being proposed only to contest public criticism of our government or public figures?

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ACLU asks Lawrence schools to suspend mentoring program

Girls and women deserve half of whatever tax dollar pie is being divided, including a school mentoring program concocted with Lawrence Education Achievement Partners. Just what part of educating and mentoring should be restricted to boys? What on Earth were Mr.s Doll and Jones thinking?

I agree with ACLU's Bonney: "It's outrageous, frankly. ... One of the problems with the glass ceiling is that women do not have these social connections with business people, educators." And I agree with Mr. Lassman's suggestion that girls and girls' issues of gender inequality (glass ceilings and pay inequity) be incorporated into any mentoring program conducted for boys AND girls.

If the intent is to foster leadership characteristics in students, half of those students had better be female. And they shouldn't have to go to the ACLU for help to fight their way into receiving it. Sheesh.

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Kansas courts now in center of partisan politics

Nothing stopped Brownback from elevating his chief counsel, Caleb Stegall, to the Kansas Supreme Court. Now that he can pack the Supreme Court, he controls all three branches of Kansas government. There is nothing to stop him from doing whatever he wants. And what he wants is to separate our state government from its provision of all public services that can be passed to for-profit corporations who will answer to stockholders and not Kansas citizens.

Moving county and municipal election dates, advocating straight party tickets, continuing to deny Kansas citizens' voter registrations, calling for political elections of judges, and calling upon State legislators to figure out how to restructure services to plummeting revenues is just Kabuki theater to provide the veneer of legitimacy to a political coup that has already taken place.

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Kansas legislative panels to tackle gap in current budget

The destruction of Kansas is going to be one hell of a death spiral ride. I can't think of one thing we can do to stop it.

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Kansas House committee working on plan to expand Medicaid

Governor Brownback's position was that to accept Federal $$ for expanded Medicaid in Kansas would be contributing to the national debt. We could have helped our poor neighbors with insured medical care for three years with no cost to State revenues (helped them, and helped pay hospitals, etc. for their care), but it would have been WRONG. I hope the poor appreciate how important it is that they suffer for the greater good.

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Kansas governor proposes to backpedal on school funding

It all makes sense if what you want to do is stop paying for public schools. He's working his plan, step by careful step, and it really doesn't matter what he says about it. After all, it's not his fault there's no money left for schools or teachers or whatever else we don't need to embrace our freedom from government.

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Brownback shifts blame for state budget woes on Legislature

Brownback's denial is just political theater. It's like blaming the Union Army's horses for the looting of Georgia during Sherman's March to the Sea. Yeah, the horses were there, but they weren't the ones calling the shots.

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Saturday Column: Polished Obama message doesn’t tell whole story

@Talbert: Do you believe a newspaper owned by Dolph C. Simons, Jr. is biased against conservative Republicans?

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Lawrence commission OKs Rock Chalk Park audit, due by end of February

Farmer's a developer toady. IMHO.

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