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Letter: ACA issues

Hey. Lay off Scott Burkhart. I've agreed with him before (mostly about KU, I recall), and will likely agree with him again. He's says what he means. Nothing wrong with that. Besides, I'm a much bigger jerk by any measurement, and you all don't dump on me every time I post (and thank you for that BTW).

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'Daily Show' films in Lawrence; segment focuses on 'Brownback's Conservative Experiment'

Kris Kobach Pushed Kansas to the Right. Now Kansas Is Pushing Back.

"Mr. Kobach said many [speaking about 22,000 disenfranchised Kansas voters] began the registration process while getting a driver’s license but could not be bothered to follow through with a birth certificate, which can be emailed from a phone. “They go to the D.M.V. and the lady says, ‘Do you want to register to vote?’ They don’t want to seem rude so they say yes,” he said. “They don’t really have the intention of voting.”

Yeah. 22,000 people didn't want to seem rude at a DMV office.

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'Daily Show' films in Lawrence; segment focuses on 'Brownback's Conservative Experiment'

I liked it. It wasn't another hatchet job on stupid, stupid Kansas. I also liked that Wint Winter made the point we are traditionally a moderate state (usually, but not always, leaning towards the Republican party's candidates).

We've lost our way with Brownback, Roberts, and Kobach, and have gone way too far beyond any moderate stance on taxation, school funding, voting rights, women's rights, and a responsible safety net for those Kansans who can't wait until Brownback's Good Ship Lollipop comes into port. Time for a change.

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Senate candidates in Kansas meet for final debate

Watch the debate on either NBC or online at

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Senate candidates in Kansas meet for final debate

The N.R.A. goes after Orman in Kansas:

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Letter: Facility needed

I asked a young policeman last month about whether we needed a new police facility. He told me that the current buildings are in poor condition (leaky ceilings, collapsing ceilings, mold, etc.), that police park in common parking lots and have been photographed leaving their own cars to enter the building (connecting officers to their private cars and endangering them and their families), that they have no separation of stairs and interview rooms (victims, witnesses, and perpetrators must share same stairs and hallway for the interview rooms), and that having insufficient interview rooms available at one location means they ask witnesses to drive across town to be interviewed (and witnesses often say to hell with it and don't show up at the second site).

A lot of what I don't like about the Lawrence City Commissioners is their determination to provide opportunities for graft in each and every decision they make. Rock Chalk Park is an example, as is paying way too much for the proposed site of the new police station, and adding an unasked for kiddy park instead of segregating police cars in a secure lot. But waiting until responsible commissioners are elected here is as unlikely as waiting for Hell to freeze over. Our police deserve better. We deserve better. I'm voting for the new facility, even though we're being taken, because we need a new facility and our Commissioners will never suggest a different proposal without graft.

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Study: States that spend more on education get better results

Not one penny of public tax monies are to be paid to private corporations to educate Kansas children. We are NOT returning Kansas to separate and unequal schools even though this bat quano crazy Republican administration clearly wants it. We're not a Koch brothers' ideological theme park yet, thank heavens.

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Vote on snake's status could change Kansas policy

Hell's bells. I thought by the headline that this was about Kris Kobach.

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