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Opinion: Bernie Nation can’t get behind Hillary

What baloney. I've been a bleeding heart liberal since the 1960s, and I support Hillary Clinton as President. Clinton and Sanders agree on 93% of public policy issues according to the Washington Post. 93% agreement, Mr. Heckler. Is that 7% difference enough for your ideological purity to throw the 2016 election to Trump or to the GOP's Hail Mary convention candidate out of pique?

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Opinion: The world according to Trump

I'm voting for Hillary Clinton because she's the most qualified candidate, and because she's a battle-hardened politician who knows how to gather and apply real political power to achieve the real political goals I support. She'll need more Democrats in the Senate and House to be effective against GOP obstruction, and I'm hoping Democrats come out in force and vote the full ballot in November.

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Kansas House rejects bill to repeal income tax cuts

Enter the phrase - - 2015-2016 house senate roster - - in the screen's 'search the site' field in the upper right corner. Then pick the search's first result. It resolves to the address Greg posted, but I'm guessing the site won't let you jump over the search step to go directly to the results (?).

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Session resumes with call for total repeal of Brownback tax cuts

This is all political showboating in an election year. There is no real expectation that the business income taxes will be reinstated.

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Letter to the editor: Revolution?

Hubert Humphrey courting third-party candidate George Wallace in 1968.

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ACLU: Two-thirds of new Kansas voter registrations on hold

At what point may we hope the Department of Justice weigh in on these assaults upon Kansas voters and bring criminal charges against Secretary of State Kobach?

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Editorial: Out of options

When Kansas is bankrupted, and the Kochs can sell off its assets and privatize its public services.

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Brownback administration proposes massive cuts to cover Kansas' projected revenue shortage

I think emptying western Kansas to make unregulated room for corporate farms, dairies, and stockyards (and draining the Ogallala Aquifer) has always been the goal. The Kochs want to destroy Kansas government and its public services, and Governor Brownback, and his fellow creatures in the Kansas legislature, are delivering the Kansas Armageddon on schedule.

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