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Occupy protesters disavow Oakland violence

I hate what the protesters are doing to my city !! Mayor Quan is doing a terrible job managing Oakland and she does not support the Oakland Police Dept. !! Herman Cain I hope you will become the next president of the United States of America !!

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Are you satisfied with the taste of Lawrence's tap water?

The water here is better tasting than Los Angeles water but not as good as the Bay Area's water. The Bay Area has the best tasting water in the world !!

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Protesters maintain presence in park

If they want social change go to the White House and protest !! and stop turning our city into a grudge dumpster for socialist idiots

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Injustice continues after prison

As a society we have to open doors for felon's to gain employment and voting rights. Once you do your time--it's done. It should not continue to hinder you in trying to restore yourself. As much as I do not like Rev. Wright; Obama's ex-preacher he did have a good point in regard to felons not being able to start over. But, yet immigrants can come here with priors and get a fresh start....hummmm how unfair that is to our fellow Americans born and breed here.

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Three city wrestlers advance to 6A championship finals

bd I agree 100%

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Lions’ Wright-Conklin takes state wrestling title

Good job to all the wrestlers, I love this sport !! congratulations Reece - I've been keeping the guys in boot camp--Ammon Austin & others up to date and Ammon says "Good job Wilson !! " STATE is an exciting event...and thanks Archazard for the info on the local state placings.

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Which sporting event would you like to attend most?

I would really like to see Mayweather and Pacquiao in VEGAS BABY, I put my money not on MONEY but Pacquiao. Got love for you anyway Mayweather

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Downtown bullies

I agree.

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Downtown bullies

I'm from the SF Bay Area-the homeless capitol for the me this is just another plug into our lives for controlling people via the law. Voted for by the people, for the people and eventually against the people. Enjoy your so called free speech online-offline--it really does'nt matter; eventually that will be under control as well.

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Annual series commemorates Lawrence's role in the Civil War

God bless John Brown and Abe Lincoln, for their passion to have all people FREE. True Jayhawkers !!

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