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Two people charged in New Year's Day disturbance at house party

only two of the five have been charged thus far. the two who were charged were not offered bond due to their charges therefore they have already had their court dates. the other 3 got out on bond and presumably have a court date sometime in the future.

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Man charged with weapons crimes stemming from New Year's Day incident

now what about the college kiddos arrested?

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Lawrence snowfall under an inch, area highways slick on New Year's Eve

yeah mr. cummings clearly just wanted to finish this article early and get on to his new year's eve celebrations. there was definitely more than an inch of snow and i wouldn't say the roads are largely clear

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Leavenworth burglar who found woman dead in home gets 2 years

what if his breaking in caused the heart attack?

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First Bell: New middle school name rings true; principal unfazed by freshmen; traffic flow changes to be tested at South

"Wednesday’s orientation sessions at South Junior High"... funny that just earlier in the article they were talking about how it's now South Middle School not Junior High....

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Police catch suspect in armed robbery reported at KU Credit Union

according to what i've heard on here police have found a bag full of money

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Man airlifted after struck by car

"A man had reportedly been laying drunk on Crestline directly east of the Ranch when a car struck him and left the scene."

Does this mean people had seen him laying in the street before it happened? if so why didn't they get him out of the street / signal the car away from him?

my thoughts go out to those involved.

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Which do you prefer: Coke or Pepsi?

are christina and david twins?!

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At what age were you allowed to play ‘M’-rated video games?

that's free state not lawrence high

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Clarissa Atkins, Lawrence, covers her daughter Jaila, 1, with a plastic shopping bag and pushes her

isn't there usually a warning on these bags saying to keep away from children and pets to avoid suffocation?

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