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Public invited to give input on rental licensing and inspection program

Hope this comes about. I lived with some real slumlords in Lawrence. I assume the only folks who don't want this are the landlords that know the 30 yrs of maintenance that they will have to do to make their units ready. Typically rentals in lawrence haven't been painted in decades, have HVAC systems as old as the house itself and held together by years of duct tape, but you lose your deposit for not mowing the lawn the day before you leave or didn't want to pay the inflated carpet cleaning prices the guy suggested by your lease says you have to call. Bring the change, take these folks to task and make lawrence a nicer place overall. Hey, if you actually fix your places a bit landlords you may be able to justify your rent costs.

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Lawrence pizza restaurant to donate all sales and tips to Oklahoma City tornado relief effort

I do appreciate the effort but i would prefer that my donations go to a less bigoted "charity" like the Red Cross. Good on them anyhow.

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59 minors, several local businesses, cited for alcohol violations in state regulator's patrols in May

onatop. I'm happy to see us as a population beginning to evolve out of the state of ignorance you obviously live in. Those BS charges are why the drug policy in our country is a joke. A person getting caught with drugs is punished more than rape. Rape. You could go out and Rape someone and spend less time in jail then the guy with some pot. These law reflect true ignorance and you sir perpetuate that.

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59 minors, several local businesses, cited for alcohol violations in state regulator's patrols in May

you mean their Dr prescribed adderal and xyanax? Mom, her medicine cabinet, and the family Doc provide more of the drugs that kids take daily than they get off the street. Raid them only to find the script.

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59 minors, several local businesses, cited for alcohol violations in state regulator's patrols in May

Punishing the owners of the bars is not the way to go. You throw a fine at some kid, his parent pays it and you come back in three months to try to cycle that through again. Cash cow. 11 false ID's and its the owners fault? Where do you think all the Minor in Possession charges came least 48 of those were the one's smart enough not to give the "officer" their fakes. Pretty sure things would calm down a bit if possession of false Identification was treated with a more punitive response. Start treating little Timmy and Susie from Johnson County the way you would treat Ahmed or Jose for being caught with falsified documents then we'd see a difference. The ABC is a joke. Want to stop drunks from driving? Eliminate the ABC budget, pay for extended public transportation, or pay a handful of cop overtime nights a week and up your DUI patrols.

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It’s official: Brownback signs bill saying life begins at fertilization

I propose that the money to defend these trash pieces of legislation should be taken from the pocketbooks of those who crafted and voted them into place. At this rate the "defense funds" will mirror the entire state budget in no time. However we will be churning out many underprivileged, undereducated kids that with just a little twist in labor laws will make great cooperate feedlot/farm employees. Think of it, since they are technically underage and on government assistance they can be paid less than minimum wage boom, profit! Helping those little whippersnappers pull themselves up by the bootstraps of American dreams is probably the greatest legacy he will leave. Brownbackastan is the best-astan!

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‘At fertilization’ declaration gives some pause

Its just sad to watch all these little people running around the capital truly thinking they are "doing the lords work" while the rest of us just sit here and pay witness. If these guys had names like Al'Shareif and were forcing this oppressive load of bull onto their populace we'd smugly call them Taliban and would then spend trillions to remove their influence and reverse any of those "oppressive" behaviors. Since they have names like sammy I guess its all ok, I mean "he does go to church."
By the way, when do we get our state mandated head coverings? My girlfriend keeps walking around and you can see her face... really irks me.

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Drug testing bill goes to governor

So are they to test for every check? Four tests a month? These people obviously are unable to perform math if this is supposed to save money. So now instead of paying postage to send checks out, now we have to pay more office people to run it, pay for lab costs, pay for lab techs, then pay for the huge new treatment center? I'm sure the ten people you will be able to kick off unemployment will cover these monthly costs. Not to mention all the legislature scrambling to cover their xyanex and painkiller addictions. Sorry Mr Brownsack taking your wife's pills is drug abuse. We'll see how many of them are still able the check in on the floor when half the body is in their mandatory treatment programs. However this crap will only effect poor and unemployed and make a strained system only cost ten times as much. Too bad the real abuse will just slip out of our hands as per usual. This is ignorance based legislation, where are we Texas? The sad part about these fools and us, is the new statement all around the world in regards to stupid legislative moves is; " holy s@8t, that is stupid, where are we kansas?" Perhaps we should skip the drug BS and just build a bigger treatment center for what I'm assuming will cost much less than implementation of this program, to help folks rather than punishing them under the guise of "help" nah that just makes sense, not our thing here in Kansas anymore.

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Another push made to repeal limits on allowing corporate farming

A family farm will have more impact on the local economy rather than the money leaving the state as would happen in a corporate setting. The real issue is the removal of the step where the larger farms have to get local approval before they set up shop. The way Brownsack wants it a 10,000 head hog farm can just move in next door without having to gain the approval of anybody in the area. Then your home and land are worth zilch...cause who wants to live next to a huge hog farm? The answer is nobody, except the farm, which now can purchase all the land around it for a steal. Million dollar rural home? Nope, your house would make a better spot for a containment pond.

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Bill would limit nuisance lawsuits against ag interests

Start are on your own with these folks. Unless of course you could convince them that they will be teaching evolution and environmental science classes at the farm.

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