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St. John's Fiesta celebrates Mexican food, culture

So is McDonalds responsible for cleaning up the bags I see in my parking lot? Or is KFC to clean the park when I see the garbage left behind at a picnic table? Just curious.

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Topeka man sentenced to 17 years in prison for robbing Lawrence convenience store

Are you referring to Mr. Simons? Dolph Simons is with the LJW. I think Mr. Simmons makes mattresses.

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Lawrence Mayor Aron Cromwell says property tax mill levy increase will be difficult to avoid

Why would we even consider giving a tax break to MD development and Olive Garden when we have to go the citizens of Lawrence for more money? It does not make sense, give to the developers take from the people..... Where does it stop???? Call or write your Commisioners, take action!!! This is the craziest thing I have heard of in a long long time.

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Teller's owner hopes to add Iron Chef-style competition to Lawrence Fourth of July celebration in Watson Park

Actually the event is free to the public . If you care to go into the tellers tent the fee is involved. The rest of the festival is open to the public. If you care to purchase food or beverage, it is ala carte from the restaurants.

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Public Incentives Review Committee to assess Olive Garden retail tax break option

It doesn't really matter, the savings are passed on to the Olive Garden. In one pocket and out the other. Why should MD managment get a corporate bail out? Lots of people have gone upside down in their real estate investments, sorry that a Walgreens did not go there like they had speculated. Don't you wish you could change your bet after it had been placed and you saw the results? That is what MD wants us to do for them.

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New soccer stadium gets assist from Kansas taxpayers

So who owns the Green Bay Packers?

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Royals call up third baseman Moustakas

The Moose is loose!

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New soccer stadium gets assist from Kansas taxpayers


Here are two..... posted on craigslist, a beer venor and a cook!

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DeAndre Daniels talks about recruiting rumors

Did anyone wake Calhoun and tell him about the recruit he got??

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Town Talk: Parks and Rec office to move to South Park; talk of West Lawrence recreation center may heat up; Olive Garden proposal to get City Hall review

Oh, I get it now....MD management made a bad business deal and now is looking to the city to bail them out. I think bailouts are a great deal. I hope the city can help everyone that has ever been upside down in a house, a car, boats, motorcycles the list is endless! Lawrence can bail everybody out!

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