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Westar Energy's proposal would increase rates for homes and small businesses, but decrease rates for big businesses

I would imagine there are many more residential customers than big business and nickel and diming residential customers, while giving relief to BIG BUSINESS will make more money for WESTAR in the long run and make WESTAR look like they are helping someone in the process. That someone would be themselves.

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Study: Kansas' smoking ban hasn't affected business in restaurants, bars

I too would like to know why STATE RUN casinos are exempt.. What about the health of the workers at the casino? Their lives are not worth as much as restaurant/bar workers? What about tabacco shops? They still allow smoking there. We need more stringent regulation NOW!!

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Fritzel breaks silence on proposed Rock Chalk Park deal, says he won't profit from the KU sports complex

Hey all you posters that think Thomas Fritzel is going to make out like a bandit, why don't you step up to the plate and do the same thing he is proposing? If the man is willing, why not let him do it? If he makes a dollar who cares? Lawrence will be the big winner, if you are afraid he is going to get stacks of money for his proposal.... jump on the opportunity and match his generous offer.

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Opinion: Bring back wishbone

I'd like to see the Wing T

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Town Talk: Chocolate store coming to downtown; Olive Garden project still on the ropes; Poehler building to seek financial incentives from city

But why give them 600K in tax breaks? If they want to come, let them. But please do not pay them to come, pay them with your $$ when you go to eat there not with our tax dollars.

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Fair deal?

The city needs to make MD development clean up that corner that they have been sitting on for these past four years! It is "blighted" because of their own inaction. Taxpayers should not have to "chip in" to help these out of town developers!

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Town Talk: Compton project at Ninth and N.H. recommended for incentives; Olive Garden project less clear; longtime insurer closes Lawrence office

I agree and if one does the math it would be 365 people a day (with a 15 dollar per person average) (according to OG) that would suddenly decide to eat out !

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