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New development slated for Bob Billings and SLT may land a grocery store

If it made economic sense, someone would do it, right?

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City set to approve final details of Ninth and N.H. hotel project; construction to begin next week

Another damn chain outfit. In Lawrence!!! And a Dick's being contemplated! What next -- a Menards?

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Editorial: Resort support

At the rate the lake is reported to be silting-in, a resort may end up overlooking slough.

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Embattled KCC director out following critical statements

Anyone who has had to deal with the DMV would be shocked -- SHOCKED! -- that there could possibly be governmental inefficiency. We cannot have change -- it's upsetting and inconvenient for the employees and their "leadership," and we seem to get along now, I guess.

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City commissioners to consider final approvals for Menards project

Office building needs are hardly as dependent upon location as is the case for retailers. Despite the analysis of renowned economist Schumm, Menards in Topeka must attract (suck?) a heck of a lot of business from Douglas Co -- they wouldn't pay for weekly advertising circulars (sometimes twice a week) in the LJW if it didn't pay off. That could only grow -- to the benefit of Lawrence in general -- if they had a store in Lawrence to attract more out-lying customers from Douglas Co than now make the trip to Topeka -- all providing tax $ to Lawrence. And the 31st location seems perfect, being by US 59 and the SLT. They know what they're doing.

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Letter: Energy folly

Gosh -- politically incorrect thinking -- must be an outsider! However, Mr. Meyer does a service not being afraid to tell it like it is. Too many of us are silent about the goofy exaggerations of "green" initiatives -- about the energy saved, the jobs created, reduction in pollution -- and ignoring the downsides (e.g. direct and indirect costs, unintended consequences, general inconveniences). Nothing wrong with looking at green options, but a little truthfulness would actually help the cause.

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Editorial: Depot windfall

It just borrows 40+ % of every dollar that it spends -- everything is fine.

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Menards plan gets first-round OK from county

And don't forget -- the wetlands ARE JUST DOWN THE ROAD!!!!! Oh, the humanity!!!

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Opinion: NSA leader challenging rule of law

Apparently, Ignatius never heard the axiom that "the ends don't justify the means." No matter how supposedly beneficial these government activities might be (ignore, for now, the potential for abuse -- e.g. recent IRS, spying on the press), the constitutional legality of these domestic spying issues is certainly questionable.

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Editorial: Depot windfall

Agree. Why should a financially broke federal government provide a grant for something like this?

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