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As city prepares to bid recreation center, officials still waiting to receive cost numbers from Fritzel on infrastructure

I can see Fritzel bringing in this project for $15 million, and taking a $10 million profit off the top. He's got a blank check, with a notation on the bottom: "Up to but no more than $25 million", and there's no accountability process with the City Commission to stop it.

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Simons' Saturday Column: Lawrence has lost growth, economic momentum

Lawrence has a small number of rich families who use the place as their own cash cow. They run their projects through the City Commission which they control, lock, stock, and barrel. It's obvious to any industry that considers Lawrence as a place to put their operations that they have to have a "buddy" from one of these families, or they won't be in business here long. Corporations see this, and stay away. Word *does* get around. The recent business about the way Rock Chalk Park was handled is a case in point, it's a bad deal that the taxpayers of Lawrence can't afford, but it provides cash benefits to a couple of the families which run the place, so it went through the City Commission on the fast track. As a result of the tax arrangements for this deal, the rest of Lawrence will be paying still yet higher property taxes, and residential real estate values will fall. And seeing the influence of big family money on local politics, most of the population has lost interest in taking part in elections. The only thing really keeping the place afloat is KU - and if the state runs into financial difficulties and has to make really big cuts there, Lawrence will be in big trouble with lots of debt and a shrinking tax base with which to pay it. I'm not sure what the answer is, but I'm pretty sure "more of the same" isn't it.

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Lawrence-based Wicked Broadband announces plan to install super-fast 1 gigabit Internet service to Lawrence neighborhood

Google Fiber - yes; anything to do with Lawrence Freenet or whatever, absolutely not.

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Letter: Academic focus

This is a good idea - and there's plenty to report on: just see

Examples include:

"Ilya Vakser, professor and director of the center for bioinformatics at KU, says modeling these interactions is vitally important. But until now, scientists thought years of work lay ahead before a useful set of templates could be completed. Now, Vakser and colleagues have discovered that an almost-whole set exists already, a breakthrough with far-reaching implications for structural biology.

Vakser: Proteins are the building blocks of life, they are at the heart of molecular mechanisms, of life systems, so there are the most important components of life. So if we know things about proteins, we can tell a lot about how living systems operate. We can gain a lot of fundamental knowledge about biology, but also can learn to how to cure diseases."

"“Using the iPad, not only can they interact with a screen, but we can teach them through a series of steps to control things on that screen,” the KU researcher said. “There are so many apps already available; we don’t have to go out and make our own apps. There are apps available to make a communication board. There are apps available that have different levels of difficulty. Parents of children with CVI are already learning that the iPad works well. There are blogs that say, ‘Look at this one’ or, ‘Look at that one! My child is responding to this app.’”

“With the proper intervention techniques, the amazing thing is that the child’s brain grows the brain cells needed in the cerebral cortex,” she said. “It grows the brain cells necessary to begin understanding what their eye is seeing. So they develop the ability to interpret images, sometimes just partially, sometimes fully.”

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Police finding more evidence of meth, much of it from Mexican cartels, in Lawrence

Make it legal and cheap - should cost no more than a dollar per dose of pure meth - and let people destroy their lives with it. It's their choice. Trying to prevent them from doing it isn't working, it just increases the price and thus the crime rate, and once addicted to the stuff, people will do it until it kills them. Trying to fight this will cost far more than it's possibly worth. The same goes for marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and the rest of the pharmacopeia. Make it legal, and for the drugs supplied by the cartels, undercut them on price and put them out of business. For drugs whose use is self-limiting, i.e. both highly addictive and quickly lethal, do not test for in order to receive welfare benefits...

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Simons' Saturday Column: Tax breaks for college athletic ‘charity’ spur scrutiny

KU's mission is education and research, not entertainment.

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Editorial: Water pressure

No, they object to the words "sustainable" and "sustainability" because the author of the legislation has concerns about UN treaties which might affect the sovereignty of the government of the State of Kansas. There's no object to the phrase "conservation oriented" - and this is what permaculture is about, the conservation of water, soil, and plant resources.

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Editorial: Water pressure

Some places to look for advice:

and here are some videos to look at:

and here as well:

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Candidates say it is time to move on from recreation center issue

"Moving on" from this kind of robbery of the taxpayers should be the last thing on the mind of any candidate interested in real change in Lawrence. The way this project was rushed through, with important details hidden from public oversight until the very last minute, is an indicator of a corrupt process. If developers can effectively buy the votes of three of five commissioners and thus raid the public treasury at will, that's something to be dealt with NOW - not in the future. However, it might be a good idea to put in place an ordinance that requires commissioners to recuse themselves on appropriating money for projects which will either enrich relatives, enrich major contributors, or enrich business partners or business ventures in which they have an ownership interest.

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City review committee fails to recommend approval of incentives for Rock Chalk Park development; City Commission to vote tonight

It's not absurd, it's self-dealing. Lawrence city government is just a mechanism for transferring taxpayer dollars to people like the Fritzels and Compton. If city commissioners were required to recuse themselves from voting on issues which would enrich major contributors or relatives, we wouldn't be having a lot of these problems. That, and going to a district voting system instead of an at-large system.

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