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Gunman opens fire at high school near Houston, killing 10

"Dustin Severin, a 17-year-old student, told local NBC affiliate KPRC that he saw Pagourtzis in the hallway shortly before the bullets started flying — and that he was wearing his usual outfit. "He wears a trench coat every day, and it's like 90 degrees out here," Severin said.

Pagourtzis, Severin added, was the victim of bullying — and not just by other students. "He's been picked on by coaches before, for smelling bad and stuff like that," Severin said. "And he doesn't really talk to very many people either. He keeps to himself."

Public schools are a toxic environment for a lot of people - and the compulsory nature of public education - attendance required by law and enforced by police and courts - ensures that there's no way out from the what amounts to a social pressure cooker. Note that the shooter was bullied by students *and teachers* so that there was no one to turn to for relief. He was socially isolated. And I'll bet he was addicted to first-person shooter video games, an avenue which conditioned him to act out his aggressive fantasies by shooting his enemies - potentially everyone in the school. If you want to make a puppy into a vicious dog, you'll repeatedly back the puppy into a corner until you get a vicious response. Why do we think we can do this to human children without a similar response?

And, on top of which, he couldn't legally buy any of the guns he used - and then there are the pipe bombs and IEDs which he rigged up. Attempting to ban the means used won't solve the problem, it will just shift the means used from guns to pipe bombs and IEDs. We continue to ignore school bullying - and participation and facilitation by teaching staff - at our peril.

We focus on the means by which these attacks are carried out, not the events which cause them in the first place. Until we can solve the underlying problems - in this case and so many others, school bullying and social isolation - these things will continue.

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Proposition 1 brochures removed from County Treasurer's Office counter after citizen complains

If the brochures list the pros and the cons, and are put out by a neutral body, like the League of Women Voters, it's information; if they list only reasons "for", and are put out by the county, it's pretty clear that it is electioneering. Those brochures should never have been put out in the first place, and it is a good thing they were removed.

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Your Turn: We must end incessant school litigation

"The legislature shall make suitable provision for finance of the educational interests of the state" isn't limited to K-12, by the way. It also includes vocational school and university education; students have a right, under it, to not only free public education through high school, but also through public universities, community colleges, and vocational schools - and including the professional schools such as law, medicine, and engineering. Student loan debt for Kansas residents at all of these schools should be cancelled, with immediate effect, and no further charges should be made. Age discrimination is generally forbidden, and students past the 12th grade are entitled to the equal protection of the laws. This might increase the budget by quite a bit, but that's the language of the amendment, and it should be followed, or repealed.

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Outsourcing at Kansas Department of Revenue could mean dozens of layoffs

Except the contracts were "no bid" ... to a company which had already screwed up another project.

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More than 2,000 injection wells improperly permitted in Kansas

It's not just salt water, it contains other chemicals and dissolved ions - and are two articles you could look at for some guidance in how to determine if the brine comes from an injection well.

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A look at the finances of Kansas Athletics: Rising revenues, soaring costs, big bets

In a free, non-taxpayer subsidized market. KU's NFL farm team operation would be out of business, but since the taxpayers are eventually on the hook, that's not going to happen. And now, there's a proposal to effectively quadruple KU's debt in terms of bonded indebtedness and lease obligations, from $93 million to $443 million, and actual, responsible adults are somehow taking this seriously. Right now, "In 2006, KU had 17 cents in debt and long-term leases for every $1 in assets that it owned, according to its audited financial statements. In 2017, that number had grown to 52 cents in debt/leases for every $1 worth of assets." Quadruple the number, and KU is underwater, in a state with already precarious finances. What happens to KU as an educational institution when it defaults on all or part of its debt? Can the state just take on the debt, and raise income taxes to pay for it? What is KU doing in the first place, running a semi-pro farm team for the NFL? Isn't it up to the NFL to run its own farm team operations instead of getting what is in effect a huge taxpayer subsidy - the old familiar game of privatizing profits and socializing losses? Responsible people need to step up and put a halt to this, before KU gets into worse financial trouble than it already is in.

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After stepping down, former KU Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little still receiving more than $500,000 per year salary in 'special advisor' role

Maintaining a private jet at a cost of over $1 million per year, and giving the former chancellor slightly over half a million dollars for unspecified services would suggest that KU is not underfunded or is "strapped for cash". And having former students subjected to a lifetime of debt penury in exchange for often unmarketable degrees seems to be a betrayal of the mission of service to the people of Kansas for which KU was originally founded. I think an independent audit of KU's financial affairs is in order, along with significant reform in the way that it is run.

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At forum, Douglas County commissioner explains 'what if' option if sales tax referendum fails

I'll bet you a dime that "Ermlap" is an anagram for "Palmer". And why people might do this is up to them, perhaps it's to escape some of the sound and the fury around here just about now.

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A look at 7 scathing comments about college basketball and a report that could change Lawrence's most visible industry

And LeBron James is absolutely right, the various basketball and football teams should be running farm teams, just like they do in baseball. The players would be developing their skills and they'd be getting pay in addition to experience, and they wouldn't have to waste time or money working towards what is, in a lot of cases, a fraudulent degree in an unmarketable major. Colleges and universities are intended for education, not to field semi-professional sports teams for the entertainment of the public. If there is to be such a thing as a student-athlete, the student part has to actually be present, with academics taking precedence over sport, instead of the current pretense in which semi-professional athletes are segregated from the student body, take fake classes designed to produce grades which will ensure they retain their eligibility, and potentially end up with a career-ending injury, no marketable degree, no coursework which will transfer, and little if any actual education. It's time to stop the practice of defrauding up-and-coming athletes of money which would rightfully be theirs, and a opportunity for a real education in a marketable area (other than sports).

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13 Russian nationals, including Putin friend, charged with meddling in U.S. elections

Hillary lost that election on her own, her campaign treated Bernie's people like dirt, before and after she stole the nomination. She didn't need any help from the Russians and I doubt that anything the Russians could have done would have made her and her campaign look any worse than they actually were, for example in Iowa and Nevada... After that, there's no way in hell I'd vote for her.

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