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First bill calls for repealing reporting requirements for asset forfeiture

Theodore Calvin - As noted below, Laura Kelly is a Democrat from Topeka. This particular outrage is one that neither the GOP nor the TP is responsible for, it's the thoroughly dysfunctional Kansas Democrats behind this.

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Super 8 owner who stabbed his wife gets probation; family's religion played role in judge's decision

That's pretty impressive, taking cultural considerations into account. And if he were sentenced to prison, not only would his family be ostracized, shunned, and cut off, but he'd receive no treatment either for his alcoholism or for his bipolar disorder. The trauma of a jail sentence would most likely make those problems worse. "Not only did Patel's family vouch for his character, Kerns said, but they were also willing to ensure that he continues to remain sober and sticks to his medication regimen." He's got a support structure in place, with strong incentive to make sure that he complies with the treatment plan for his mental disorder. Kansas needs to adopt this sort of policy statewide, instead of simply warehousing people with psychiatric problems, not treating them, and then letting them go after a set length of time. I've heard that approximately 40% of Kansas prisoners have untreated psychiatric illness, which is often the basis for the offense which gets them sent to jail or prison. This is an intelligent sentence.

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Journal-World staff changes announced with upcoming ownership change

If Ogden follows what McClatchy did with the Kansas City Star, these firings will not be the first, and the effect will be noticeable, as witness this latest controversy with the Star: If I were amongst those retained, I'd be looking for another job and quickly. The only loyalty the LJW has to its employees is a day's wage for a day's work, nothing else.

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What's the farthest you've ever biked?

Compared to 300 miles in 21 hours this is nothing, but back years ago I did a double century ride, 200 miles in two days. First day rode alone, did the first 100 miles in 5 hours 30 minutes, coming back the next day, got with a group of riders about 20 miles out and did that 100 miles in 4 hours 15 minutes - that was a fast group.

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Simons family selling Journal-World to Ogden Newspapers, Inc.

It'll be interesting to see if the Journal-World embarks on the same road as the Kansas City Star, with many of the best staff being fired or given an early retirement deal. The Star is rapidly dwindling, staff cuts continue, and the content is less and less appealing, leading to further decreases in readership.

"Since 2008, two years after McClatchy purchased The Star and about 20 other Knight Ridder papers, The Star has shed scores of newsroom employees — and hundreds in the overall operation — to the point where the news hole got so small that many people wondered how long The Star could continue publishing the print edition every day. ...

No longer do I hear significant speculation about the prospect of some daily print editions being dropped, and the hiring of Vockrodt and several other young journalists in recent weeks tends to indicate The Star has steadied after years of tumbling down the cliff. ...

To execute its mission — providing readers with the news they need and want — major metropolitan newspapers have an obligation to maintain strong reporting staffs. They need a lot of people watching and applying pressure in various places — including private enterprise and government agencies — and making those “attempts seeking comment for this story.”

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Letter to the editor: Mideast bigotry

Opposition to the Netanyahu Likud government is often characterized by supporters of that government as "anti-Israel" or "anti-semitic", both of which, in this context, are ad hominem smears. It's a cheap and fallacious argument and should not go unchallenged.

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Lawrence school district plans for potential shutdown amid funding uncertainty

As for doing the lunches, I'd suggest local churches volunteer their facilities to get the job done. I think there's more than enough capacity there; they'd be doing it for the public good, but one hopes that such a thing would be possible to get the job done in a pinch.

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Kansas Republicans hold to hard-right stance; ACLU and League of Women Voters 'communists,' Kobach says

The reason that Trump is getting so much support is that he appeals to those workers who have become structurally unemployable, due to the government-aided destruction of US manufacturing. People who had unionized skilled labor jobs, the income from which could go to supporting a middle-class lifestyle, lost them, forever, when the companies outsourced their manufacturing. This trend continues today, with the closure of Carrier HVAC manufacturing in the US and its transfer to Monterrey, Mexico. 1400 workers will lose their jobs – and so will lots of other people in their communities. They won’t be able to afford retraining, either. They're the victims of lousy, destructive corporatist policy, from both Democratic and Republican parties, over the course of the last 40 years, they're not "the great unwashed", they were the basis for the comparatively free and prosperous society we had from 1945 to the early 1970s. Donald Trump tells them that he’ll bring their jobs and security back. No other Republican candidate has said anything like that. Can you blame them for supporting Trump?

Same case, pretty much, for Sanders, except that the majority of his support comes from people who are about to become structurally unemployable, and who at the same time, have amassed unpayable and undischargeable debts from their mostly unmarketable college degrees. They naturally see that “capitalism” has failed them – as the current system has, although it’s more socialist in a lot of ways than they’d like to think – and when Bernie promises them relief from debt, free college, free medical care, and jobs in federal programs akin to the Civilian Conservation Corps or the Works Projects Administration, they look to him for help out of their horrific situation. Hillary promises the status quo, more of the same. Who do you think will get the enthusiastic support?

I'd like to see this race come down to a contest between Sanders and Trump, and exclude the corrupt, status quo-protecting corporatists that comprise the rest of the GOP and Democratic Establishment from the race. The bonus is that Sanders and Trump are driven by ideology, not the continual grasping for the long green which drives the rest of them.

As for Kobach and his silly comments, he's a bit of a horse's ass at times...

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Lawrence orders shutdown of Community Building gun range

William S Burroughs, a frequent shooter there, would not have been amused...

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Kansas Supreme Court strikes down block grant school funding law

A fair number of those GOP legislators are good people who should be retained in office. If you wish to take control of the GOP away from the Kochs, those legislators should be supported, not thrown from office.

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