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13 Russian nationals, including Putin friend, charged with meddling in U.S. elections

Hillary lost that election on her own, her campaign treated Bernie's people like dirt, before and after she stole the nomination. She didn't need any help from the Russians and I doubt that anything the Russians could have done would have made her and her campaign look any worse than they actually were, for example in Iowa and Nevada... After that, there's no way in hell I'd vote for her.

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Board of Immigration Appeals grants new stay of removal for Syed Jamal

The great mystery here is that he has five siblings - brothers and sisters - who have managed to finish professional education here, who have become naturalized US citizens, and are employed as professionals in their chosen careers. What's special about Syed, that he couldn't or didn't manage to do what his siblings were able to do?

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Brother worries Lawrence scientist could be deported within days; Kansas congressman 'disturbed' by prioritization of noncriminal case

"He has five siblings living in North America, all college-educated, said brother Syed Hussein Jamal of Arizona. “We’re all U.S. citizens except for him. We’re all in professional careers. He just was in the unfortunate situation of not having his status adjusted.”

They're all US citizens, which means that they somehow figured out the legal path, and became naturalized. So there must be something wrong here, something which we're not being told about...

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Lawrence police say 1 arrested in largely peaceful flag protest

Uh, "Defend the Flag" isn't my group, and all you have to do is to click on the first link in my post, and you can see the troll post which kicked this whole thing off. There's an attribution line: "submitted 2 days ago by ktam1212" and you can click on ktam1212 and see what they've posted. It's alt-right trollery.

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Lawrence police say 1 arrested in largely peaceful flag protest

The "Drag the Flag" event came from this post on Reddit, an Internet blog on which Alt-Right trolls abound: with the Facebook event page graphic:

So it looks like someone far, far away decided to cause some trouble or even stir up a riot just for fun. If you look at the rest of the "CringeAnarchy" Reddit, there's similar nonsense - only this time it got taken seriously, people got hurt, and arrests were made.

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Bangladeshi-born Lawrence scientist, father of 3 now facing deportation after 30-plus years in U.S.

In other words, he should have been deported five years ago, following dismissal of his appeal. He overstayed two visas, and in the final case, ended up with a final order of removal. It appears he had no respect for or intent to follow the immigration laws, and potentially also to not abide by the criminal statutes - I've seen nothing about any conviction on the misdemeanor charge. I feel sorry for his wife and family, but he had plenty of time to abide by the law, get a green card, and get citizenship. It was his choice and he screwed it up.

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Lawrence motel partially collapses during firefighters' hourslong battle with flames, smoke

Interesting photos - the first two images after the map show no visible flame or even smoke, and then very gradually over a course of hours the entire building was engulfed in fire. Was there a sprinkler system? Was it operating? Were there fire walls between rooms, or other means to prevent the spread of fire? The fire appears to have been located near the front of the motel, near the office - third photo. How did it spread so far? Lots of questions here.

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Police: Lawrence man shoots through neighboring apartment while clearing gun

Sounds a bit odd, all he had to do to clear it was to point it in a safe direction, hold it with his finger on the trigger guard, drop the magazine, then rack the slide, which extracts the chambered round. Takes about two seconds. Generally, it's not safe to walk around with a pistol with a chambered round, anyway. I'd suggest the NRA Basic Pistol course for him. The rule of thumb is to assume that all firearms have chambered rounds until cleared, btw.

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Lawrence City Commission to continue discussion of downtown conference center

It might be a good idea to find out the occupancy rates for the Eldridge House hotel, a block away, and the Marriott Hotel and Conference Center, across the street. If they don't have pretty much full occupancy - and I think they don't, then putting in another 12-story hotel and conference center in the middle isn't likely to be very profitable. If the developers group wants to do this on their own, without city assistance or funding or tax incentives, then it's their property and their money. I think if the city got involved with this, it would be a costly mistake.

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At least 59 killed, 527 wounded as gunman opens fire at Las Vegas concert; worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history

The selective fire sear required to make an AR-15 into an M-16 is already regulated, and so is the select-fire switch. You'd have to have a gunsmith do the work, and the gunsmith would require the NFA form from you. Most mass-market news sources are not good references, you'd want to look at an NRA publication or a gun mag. I listened to the audio of the rifle shots, and the guy is firing a full-auto. He's got to have had a fair amount of practice, or experience. There's a lot that's really fishy about this - see The guy has no prior history - no political or religious affiliation, no job history, he just popped out of nowhere.

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