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Governor: No state-federal health care partnership

The man is a Bafoon-lets get the details straight. First lets not wait until the heathcare plan waiver is signed by the Federal Government-bring in OUTof state FOR profit Insurance Conglomerates-put hundreds of KANSANS out of work - all in the name of cutting the Medicaid budget. Hmmmm pretty interesting sounds like the same plan that failed miserably in Kentucky and one of the same companies that has pulled out of their contract in Kentucky is now going to be making decisions about KANSANS healthcare. I pay for my own insurance but there are many folks who dont have that luxery-not to mention our disabled, and mentally challenged folk who depend on the state Medicaid sytem to get the care they need to have some quality of life. Do you really believe that not partnering with the Federal Governemnt on issues where Federal dollars come in to support the state Medicaid system is a good idea? I just hope you dont have someone in your family who deperately needs help from Medicaid, and the new MCO decides that the treatment is not medically nessesary. These companies are here for one thing and one thing only-to line their pockets with our medicaid dollars-remember these companies are FOR profit and will weild the right of first refusal at their whim. The companies that have run most of the oversight of Medicaid up until now have been NOT FOR PROFIT organiztions, and have the best interest of the people of Kansas at heart. Im ashamed that we have a Governor who put's his personal political interest and bank account before the citizens he is sworn to serve.

November 8, 2012 at 9:38 p.m. ( | suggest removal )