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Former U.S. Rep. Dennis Moore has Alzheimer's

Thank you. Well said!

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What is the Matter with Kansas – no Liberal Kansans?

The talk pundits incorrectly use terms interchangably...To clarify, If one believes the law should be applied liberally, then one is probably Democrat. A Democrat can be anti-choice, anti-same gender marriage, pro- environment as long as the law is applied across the Nation. If one believes laws should be applied to small units of governance, then one is Republican. A Republican can have liberal ways of thinking but believes the law should be applied conservatively. This explains why many Republicans are pro-choice and why some communities allow legalized prostitution.

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GOP stands alienating Hispanic voters

Gandalf's headline suggestion better fits this discombobulated article. Any thinking person knows undocumented immigrants can not vote so how does this offend a senator and US citizens who are Hispanic? This article is yellow journalism.

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Town Talk: From Denver, site of today's oral arguments in the SLT case; a primer on the fight over whether the road should be built through the Baker Wetlands

BIA = Bureau of Indian Affairs.
The comment infers the problems of the SLT are because of a certain group of humans. One should not apply this type of logic (which mimics Sherman, Sheridan and Custer), to Indigenous People because there are many reasons for the delay of the SLT. This comment would be worthwhile for teachers to use as a real-example of how scapegoating creeps in societies.

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K-10 panel to request safety barriers

No sense in placing cables on that median. It sure is wide enought for inattentive drivers to to careen in, then veer back out into their lane. Since most crashes are not occuring during rush hours, set up more visible law enforcement at those other times. Also, there appears to be a problem with vampires, maybe those crosses on the side of the highway will help.

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Gov. Brownback cancels meeting with Rep. Paul Davis to discuss Lawrence SRS office

Thank you for posting this. Others need to be aware that Paul Davis is not associated with that awful company that shares his name.

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Are you in favor of relocating the Lawrence Community Shelter from downtown to property east of the city?

Since the shelter will only be a shelter and not include the drop-in facility, there will be less pedestrian traffic. That said, the perfect location is the former Borders, hands down.

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Kansas to keep working on rules for abortion clinics

Oh lord, what next, toe-nail extraction clinics are going to be regulated.....

There's no such thing as abortion clinic, only women's health-care facilities. One does not identify the foot doctor or foot clinic or any other speciality physician, by one single procedure.

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Advisers begin K-10 cable barrier study

I think cables placed around Eudora will help protect the city from tornados.

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Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt joins effort to save Utah highway crosses

Silly agnostics and atheists, crosses keep vampires away. A good christian never displays a cross.

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