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Early breast cancer detection program works — if women know about it

If people knew, they'd reject pink ribbons and wear peach ribbons for its original intent.

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Good buys: Magazine names Kansas woman America’s smartest shopper

I saw a lady shopping with a huge cataloged notebook of coupons, then I looked in her cart, and it was ALL frankenfood. Some coupons are just silly - like premade babyfood in jars. I did try to make detergent once but the store-bought was better so I use that, though. Excellent post, hedshrinker.

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KU researchers say new autism estimates shouldn't set off alarms

The vaccine hoax has been proven, time to move on to learning how bouncing sound waves on developing fetal brains through unnecessary sonograms, causes the disorder.

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What is the best tattoo you have seen on a person?

Amy Poehler's lower back tattoo is the best.

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City approves development agreement, tax abatement for $25M Rock Chalk Park recreation center

A little clarity is necessary - A person who is Democratic believes laws are applied liberally. A person who is Republican believes laws are applied according to the unit of government. The laws and ideas of themselves can be moderate, liberal or conservative. The fine Citizens of Lawrence, Ks are being victimized by a bait-and-switch scheme whereby a recreation center has now catapulted into a meglo sports complex of horric and heinous proportions. The bait-and-switch idea is not Republican nor Democrat nor conservative nor liberal.

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Unwed births leading cause of poverty, panel told

He said births to unmarried women nationwide have increased from around 30 percent in 1993 to 40 percent now. Correction: unmarried couples - it takes two to procreate. Correct the language, then expectations for males will keeping a condom in their paying child support without government intrusion which I know of few parents that do this. gramaddy is spot on, and I will add absentee deadbeat moms.

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Moran's tea party cred will protect Roberts; Romney's Kobach problem with Hispanic voters

People who are German, Jewish, Hispanic, etc should not be categorically defined as illegal immigrants.The term illegal immigrant and Hispanic or Latino shoud not be used interhchangably.
Kobach is going after illegal immigrants. Right, Wrong or Indifferent. Period.

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Opinion: For GOP, life is sacred, except when not

Practically everyone is pro-choice. For some, they'll choose only when conception occured from criminal acts. For others, they'll choose when birth control failed or was neglected.

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Legislators, county officials unhappy with Brownback's veto of environmental grants program

I wish the School Finance Task Force luck. They might suggest not spending money on flat-screen tvs to adorn schools' common areas. There will be outcry. I also think it is not wise to consolidate rural schools - makes for a long day being on the bus. In addition, parents have the opportunity to participate at school near their home, which is integral to successful students.

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Clearer picture emerges of proposed recreation center

That's a nice warehouse for Texans. However, what the fine upstanding educated and informed citizens of Lawrence, Kansas, USA, need and want is a recreational center like a YMCA.

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