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Tyson puts chicken plant on hold, citing commission's withdrawal of bond support

So I'm sure you'd be the first to apply....since you don't mind working in blood and sh** and losing your fingers or other body parts. Yeah, those damn spoiled blue collar folks! What do they know!

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Tyson puts chicken plant on hold, citing commission's withdrawal of bond support

Bye bye workers with permanent disabilities because Tyson ignores OSHA rules.

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White nationalist posters found on Kansas State campus

Bob Summers is a troll with no job and no life, so asking him to do anything productive is a waste of time. He's also too stupid to know that "ANTIFA" simply means anti-fascists. There is no "ANTIFA" other than people who do not support fascism. Bob "Little Stubby One" Summers is evidently anti-ANTIFA, meaning he supports fascism. Maybe he and his little friend can find a time machine and go back and hang with his mentors, Mussolini and Hitler.

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Kansas scrutinizes doctor over 13-year-old girl's abortion

You don't know what transpired. The bottom line is IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

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Kansas scrutinizes doctor over 13-year-old girl's abortion

This is obscene. It could be right out of "Handmaid's Tale". This information, fetal tissue, etc. is NO ONE'S BUSINESS and should be a private health care-protected act. SICK, SICK, SICK what these trap laws are doing to women and young girls.

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Trump bars transgender individuals from U.S. armed forces

So you're a chicken s--t that has nothing to back-up his bigotry. So surprised.

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State employee pay raises spark confusion, resentment

...."regular" employees do not get consideration, but you can bet these six figure administrators are getting theirs.

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KU may make the switch from Coca-Cola to Pepsi as university's beverage of choice

Not sure why this article says "may" when vending machines and convenience stores all over campus are not restocking Coke products. Appears to be a done deal. The vending services on campus SUCK, so even though I'm a Coke drinker, I'll be happy to see if Pepsi takes better care of their vending and customers. Coke owes me over $10 in vending purchases.

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Eudora man charged with first-degree murder after shooting victim dies; bond set at $1 million

Just another brilliant gun owner. Viva la ammosexuals!

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Campus carry about to begin: What you need to know about guns at KU

What's it like to be such a miserable person, Bob? Insulting people get you through the day? Make you feel better? Therapy is more expensive than acting out on a web page, but consider it at least, please, for those of us that get stuck with reading your hateful, immature lunacy.

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