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Source provides details on boy's death on waterslide; questions about Velcro straps, safety inspections grow

That makes ZERO sense. Who cares who was "in power"? You do understand that when someone becomes say, Governor or President, that all the all our of laws don't automatically change to suit them, right?

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Source provides details on boy's death on waterslide; questions about Velcro straps, safety inspections grow

I think Paul is right on the mark. The GOP is constantly whining about the need to deregulate every thing -- because corporations are SO trustworthy. Well here you go....a dead kid....little to no regulation. Congrats.

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Atheists sue Kansas City officials over Baptist convention

I hope they win. They should!

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Trolley-inspired bus shelter on Jayhawk Boulevard not happening as hoped; KU turkey burger wants your vote; chancellor in NYT

The neighborhoods around the campus have always dealt with KUers parking there. This is nothing new.

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City, county leaders voice support for traffic signal at K-10, Kasold intersection

I'm in agreement that it was built as a "trafficway" to shuttle traffic AROUND the town. If you are going to put in a bunch of stops, then you've defeated the intial purpose for building the road. I'm sure it will be a change for those in the area. And no one likes change but a wet baby.

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Here’s what KU’s new Central District student union and science building will look like

Evidently you don't understand how budgets and funding work. You can't just use funding wherever you want to...

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Simons family selling Journal-World to Ogden Newspapers, Inc.

Pretty silly comparison. The Koch's have billions and use it to fund policiticans and write laws to further their own interests.

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Most state university leaders will not get raises this year

They already make too much. It's the regular working staff that rarely, if ever, see raises.

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$3.5 million gift to KU will be split between law school, KU Athletics

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