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Lawrence school district para-educators seeking to unionize for better wages, recognition

As the article indicates, most paras are for students with disabilities. There are more SWDs in schools now than there were 30 years ago. It's 2017 and children with disabilities are required supports under several different laws (ADA, IDEA, Rehab Act). Things have changed for the better for these students (though still a long way to go). Maybe you need to know more of what you speak before, um, speaking....

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Facebook ad promoting 2016 Lawrence protest among those paid for by Russian trolls

Bob doesn't read the articles. He just shoots his mouth off with any pathetic "liberal" demonizing he can come up with...regardless of the truth. Sad, sad old man.

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Kobach transcript: Changes to U.S. election law discussed

KKKris KKKobach

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Massachusetts Street triple murder suspect appears in court alongside 2 other defendants

"Black culture" means shooting people? Wow.

Pretty sure lots of other colors of people shoot each other as well and I don't think anyone considers it their "culture". There are at least 5 dead white people in Topeka this week by my count. All killed by white people.

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BuzzFeed sues Kris Kobach over denial of records requests

Love it! Give him hell, Buzzfeed!

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Common Core standards will soon be a thing of the past in Kansas

Bob writing about "critical thinking" -- oh the irony! LOL!

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Lawrence police officer hurt in altercation; suspect later discovered to have butcher knife in waistband

I'm sure he's just lying about being attacked. Just like the LPD told me when I was.

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Local Boy Scout leaders react to news that girls will soon be allowed to join

Considering your a dickless troll, I guess you'd know all about it (as you think you do everything).

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