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KU may make the switch from Coca-Cola to Pepsi as university's beverage of choice

Not sure why this article says "may" when vending machines and convenience stores all over campus are not restocking Coke products. Appears to be a done deal. The vending services on campus SUCK, so even though I'm a Coke drinker, I'll be happy to see if Pepsi takes better care of their vending and customers. Coke owes me over $10 in vending purchases.

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Eudora man charged with first-degree murder after shooting victim dies; bond set at $1 million

Just another brilliant gun owner. Viva la ammosexuals!

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Campus carry about to begin: What you need to know about guns at KU

What's it like to be such a miserable person, Bob? Insulting people get you through the day? Make you feel better? Therapy is more expensive than acting out on a web page, but consider it at least, please, for those of us that get stuck with reading your hateful, immature lunacy.

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City getting vigilant about illegally parked bikes; more bike corrals on the way

Hey LJW,
Would you use the word "colored" to describe a person? No? It's antiquated and offensive to many? Then why use "handicap"? It's an accessible stall. LEARN HERE:

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Pedestrian struck by vehicle, flown to trauma center with serious injuries

Because we think less of people with scars or limps? God forbid we have another disabled person on the planet! They are so yucky....amiright?

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Lawrence police used Tasers 6 times in last 17 months, twice in violation of departmental policy

Not surprising. The most unethical police department I've ever had to interact with...

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‘No questions asked’: KU designates gender-inclusive dorm wing for coming school year

It's not about sex, it's about gender. But you keep that crusty, old, demented brain pumpin' there, Bobby.

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Housing discrimination case involving emotional-support dog set for trial; landlords claim tenant posed a threat

They clearly violated the Fair Housing Act, for anyone who is familiar with it's coverage of emotional support animals. Sorry folks, you don't get to discriminate against people with disabilities. They were either ignorant of the law or deliberately chose to violate it. I'm betting on the latter. I also like how they then drag the guy's name through the mud to make themselves feel righteous. Classy.

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Warmer winters may make armadillos more common in Lawrence area

Saw one squished on the backroads between Baldwin and Lawrence last week. :o(

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Man arrested after 7-year-old found unsupervised outside North Lawrence topless club

No where in this article does it say that the man caring for the boy was his father.

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