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Lawrence City Commission passes HERE parking proposal, expresses disdain for sexually suggestive video

Do you live to be a dick and post ridiculous statements on LJ World every single day? GET. A. LIFE.

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Lawrence police blotter for Oct. 13

I'm sorry you focused so hard on the word "rammed". Would bumped numerous times be better for you? Are you calling me a liar too? There were 10 other cars around me to see it....they're lying too? Are you a cop? F*CK YOU.

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Lawrence police blotter for Oct. 13

That road rage complaint at 7:47? That's me! Some SOB rammed my car on the highway and the Lawrence Police and Douglas County Sheriff's officers LET HIM GO because there was no mark on my bumper. Treated my like a liar, even though there were at least 10 cars around us on the highway that saw him do it. So Lawrencians, just know this, THEY ARE NOT HERE TO PROTECT YOU. Good ole' boys club firmly in place. FTP!

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Rise in mental health emergencies makes local ER workers fear for their safety

This is 150% the fault of the GOP leaders of our state. They have been cutting mental health funding for YEARS and YEARS and YEARS.

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Rise in mental health emergencies makes local ER workers fear for their safety

Nor does she understand the complexities of mental health.

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Stolen banner returned to ECM; Granada Theater posts 'Black Lives Matter' on its marquee

Leave it to a pro-birther to 1) comment off topic and 2) give more of a damn about a bunch of cells in some other woman's uterus than (once) living people that are being systematically murdered by our own law enforcement officials.

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Koch donates $1M for KU business, engineering scholarships

You are seriously deluded.

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Kobach defends voting laws in light of primary results; also defends acting as Trump surrogate

Could this d-bag be any more of an embarrassment for the state of Kansas? I mean, second only to Brownback's d-bagness, of course.

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K-10 Connector to continue service next year, but funding still an issue

JCCC does hold classes here in Lawrence.

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Source provides details on boy's death on waterslide; questions about Velcro straps, safety inspections grow

I don't care if Schlitterbahn loses money. Once these families sue them, they might just need to close down permanently. I won't shed a tear. Their negligence likely killed a child. And you want to leave a monument to that death erected? Classy.

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