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Kansas lawmaker likens Planned Parenthood to Nazi death camp

I think I love you, Richard.

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Angry over GOP health overhaul, crowd confronts Rep. Jenkins in Lawrence

Bob is a retired old f**k with nothing else to do but troll LJ World all day, every day. Quit giving him your energy. Maybe he'll find something useful to do with his life if people duly ignore his nonsense.

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Kansas lawmaker likens Planned Parenthood to Nazi death camp

Here's hoping Bob has a brother named Cain. Waste of space.

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Since 2015, three former Lawrence police officers accused of behaviors that put certifications at risk

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Report: 2 KU basketball players allegedly involved in car vandalism case

Misogyny looks good on you, Al.

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Civil Air Patrol officer resigns after saying Kansas lawmaker should 'swing from a tree'

Don't let the door hit 'ya in the a** on your way out!

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City claims document request for housing discrimination lawsuit is burdensome, harassing

He can take his service dog just about anywhere according to federal law (ADA). It's akin to a white cane for the blind or a wheelchair for the physically disabled. However, this is a housing matter and likely falls under the Fair Housing Act, which requires very little documentation for an emotional support animal, and not is required of a service dog or miniature horse.

Sounds like you aren't supportive of the Lawrence Human Relations Commission. They exist specifically to fight discrimination in the city (employment, housing, etc.). Most cities of any size have such offices. I support them 100% and I'm sure you would/will too should you ever be discriminated against in such a way.

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Officials at Kansas revenue department step down after leadership change

Wow. You are one sharp cookie. First of all, no one lives "in" KU. They live in Lawrence. Secondly, Lawrence is the largest Democratic outpost in the state of Kansas. The majority of our residents did NOT vote for Brownback. Hence the majority of statements made on this post. But thanks for showing us the incredible intellect Missourians have to offer!

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KU has very few undocumented immigrant students compared with other Kansas schools

Guess you didn't bother the actually read the article or the law (link included in the story) that makes this legal.

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