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Housing discrimination case involving emotional-support dog set for trial; landlords claim tenant posed a threat

They clearly violated the Fair Housing Act, for anyone who is familiar with it's coverage of emotional support animals. Sorry folks, you don't get to discriminate against people with disabilities. They were either ignorant of the law or deliberately chose to violate it. I'm betting on the latter. I also like how they then drag the guy's name through the mud to make themselves feel righteous. Classy.

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Warmer winters may make armadillos more common in Lawrence area

Saw one squished on the backroads between Baldwin and Lawrence last week. :o(

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Man arrested after 7-year-old found unsupervised outside North Lawrence topless club

No where in this article does it say that the man caring for the boy was his father.

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Lawrence man accidentally shoots himself while cleaning firearm, police say

Keep up the good work, Darwin.

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Brownback vetoes Kansas Medicaid expansion bill; lawmakers postpone override vote

CMS allows states to "waive" certain requirements if it can be shown that serving someone in their home would be cheaper than serving them in a nursing facility. These waivers allow people with intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, autism, brain injuries and the elderly to hire in-home care with Medicaid funds. It has been determined through case law (Olmsted) that waiting lists for these services are illegal. Yet states like Kansas continue to fail to serve those who qualify.

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Climate survey reveals significant morale problems among KU faculty, staff

Bob is a troll who has nothing to do with his time but post BS on the LJW site. Don't feed him. It only gets him excited. You know, like people actually give a damn what he thinks.

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University employee accused of pulling tail off rabbit at KU day care center

Is he crazy or just an a**hole? You decide.

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Kansas lawmaker likens Planned Parenthood to Nazi death camp

I think I love you, Richard.

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Angry over GOP health overhaul, crowd confronts Rep. Jenkins in Lawrence

Bob is a retired old f**k with nothing else to do but troll LJ World all day, every day. Quit giving him your energy. Maybe he'll find something useful to do with his life if people duly ignore his nonsense.

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