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KU chancellor tells students: Don't expect canceled classes if Jayhawks win national title

As someone who graduated last year, I would say Englande is right. If there's material that was covered and you missed class they aren't going use class time to go over it again. They may tell you where to look it up in the book. In my four years I think I had maybe three classes that actually took a day out of the schedule to review for a test.

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County prosecutors have yet to file charges after altercation at KU School of Business

I'm assuming the suspicion of battery and the actual injuries from the mace aren't related...?

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Voting rights advocates argue new birth certificate requirement will disenfranchise some voters

I was thinking a cross between the Joker and the Grinch when he smiles.

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Another multistory building proposed for downtown

Why are people complaining about this? This is a great idea! Downtown Lawrence is mostly a commercial district. This will make it a livable area. The people who own businesses in the 800 block should be excited about this. PEOPLE WILL BE LIVING BEHIND YOU. During the construction people yes, you'll have less parking but who really gets good parking spots downtown? Especially in the 800 and 900 block. This is great news!

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Heard on the Hill: Grading journalists in a post-Bubba world; Mizzou, not KU, makes 'Druggiest College' list; reader says Self should Skype with troops

"How can people be ripping on the journalists in this? It is (their) job to report this stuff before it happens if they hear it is going down."

Sure, it's their job to tell you that it's in the works, but not to present it as fact, and word it as if it is a done deal. It was merely speculation.

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Bubba Cunningham staying at Tulsa

Honestly, I wonder how many of you know that neither Tulsa nor KU, not anyone close to the situation has actually confirmed it. The LJW said it was happening where, although only the student newspaper, the Kansan was still saying it was only speculation. ALSO, on the 14th, the day all the speculation started, Bubba was on the radio confirming he was still Tulsa's AD

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Papers shed light on Eisenhower's farewell address

I think Tom's post was to counter your point before you could make it

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One person taken to LMH after emergency crews evacuate Malott Hall on KU campus; chemical odor reported in lab

I got it, all my friends go it, sounds like a personal problem

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