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Crediting Trump tax cuts, Lawrence businessman gives bonuses to employees and takes his story national

This is too funny. As soon as Bush was replaced by Obama, Mr. Hill made an announcement to his employees that they would no longer get a bonus due to having a "Democrat in office". I quit working at Lawrence Paper Company years ago because of low wages (office employee), verbal abuse by superiors, and a general poor working environment. Ask Mr. Hill about his maternity leave policy, his views on adding birth control as part of his health insurance policy (not covered), and his views concerning having an employee diagnosed with cancer, missing too many work days (because of chemo), and then fired. Mr. Hill can toot his Republican horn all he wants, he still runs a company that has no concern for his employees. This is nothing but a publicity stunt.

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Penny's puppies up for adoption Tuesday

I adopted a lab puppy from the Humane Society, $70. That seems to be an outright lie about pricing. Charge what you will but be honest about it.

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A prominent goodbye sign from defunct Payless Furniture that labels Lawrence 'Obamaville' and much more

I won't believe Payless is gone until the doors are shut and signs taken down. Haven't we heard this many times before? I tried to by a mattress there years ago for my young son, it was labeled with a reasonable price.. I went to the counter to purchase the mattress only to be told that it was the cash price (I was using a debit card). I despise tactics like that, I went and bought I more expensive mattress elsewhere. Later I learned what a total creep this guy is, glad they made me go elsewhere.

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Pastor has close encounter with gunshot while on Sunday morning bike ride

I would like to see this area patrolled more. I have rode through several times and had to maneuver around drunk men walking around this area. Like the article says, I have seen children playing by the water as well as families walking.

Also the trails along the river leading from Burcham Park to downtown. A few weeks ago I rode my bike through this area and saw several tents back in the woods. While returning home after riding the River Trails I attempted to ride back through as it is a 'safer' alternative to riding on the streets. I was stopped in my tracks by a man who was standing on the small bridge that is a part of the trail. He continuously looked back at the tent area and stood in a way that I could not pass, seeing that I was trying to cross. He also was walking in a way that made me suspect he had been drinking. I was forced to backtrack and take the streets. It is terrible that we must feel unsafe and aren't allowed to use a public space.

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lve2swim3: My boyfriend had been wanting to eat here for over...

I realize this is an old review but this is irritating. If you are a self-proclaimed picky eater why on Earth would you go to a such a unique restaurant? You sound like an imbecile. Clearly you have no place in such an amazing restaurant with such a fantastic, personable Chef. You should probably head to Applebee's next time.

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Police asking for tips in Sunday morning stabbing

Violence in Lawrence last night. My husband an I were leaving downtown around 2 am when we witnessed several guys beating up a guy. When we stopped our car to yell at them to stop, we called the police while they all jumped into their dark colored car and proceeded to pull the bloodied guy into the backseat driving off while he was screaming for help. It was absolutely awful and we felt completely helpless. We hadn't been downtown at that hour in a long time, really an awful experience and I hope the guy is ok. I hope this isn't the direction lawrence is headed.

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Skaters on board with park upgrade

my son has skated since the age of four, he is now 13 and has never smoked pot. As a mother who has sat at that park for hours and hours I can say 95% of those kids are great kids. You have proven your ignorance. With the obesity rate we have in this country, you should be applauding the time spent exercising rather than sitting in front of the tv.

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Douglas County exploring addition of signs at Lone Star Lake to warn swimmers of quick depth increase

Lonestar used to be great. We have left the swimming beach early the last few times we went due to people being obviously over-served and using horrible language in front of kids. Bummer because it is a beautiful lake.

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Crimes against drug dealers increase in Lawrence

Very well said.

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