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City shuts down MagnaGro

They can paint this picture any color they want to. You can't fight city hall.

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City shuts down MagnaGro

It sure seems to me that we are only getting one side of what is happening here. Funny that the city is shutting the business down for not maintaining the city services that the city pulled from the business in the first place. Why would a company want to spend 10's of thousands of dollars installing a sprinkler system into a building that they didn't own. Besides, it is just a metal skinned building, kind of a big garage for the most part. If the city held everybody else to the same standards, they would run half the businesses out of that town. If only he had foresight to use a Jayhawk in his logo, they probably would have left him alone. Unavailable for comment? Hell yes, nobody wants to hear his side. Come on over to Shawnee County, Ray. We could use the business.

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Fifteen-year-old stabbed near 11th and Delaware

He may have been smoking a cigarette, so in most of Douglas County's eyes, he may have gotten what he deserved. If so, he got off easy and I'm somewhat surprised that he wasn't shot.

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