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Fifteen-year-old stabbed near 11th and Delaware

If he would of had a concealed carry permit he would have been able to prevent that stabbing from happening. Well I do realize he is only 15.

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Coping with the recession

It's going to be difficult for any president right now to fix our economy. I think you will see a lot more people inquiring about joining the military. I have served now for over 8 years and love it. It's stable and you earn a pay raise each year. You control your own destiny regarding your rank. If you perform exceptionally then you will be rewarded. We need to be prepared for the next 5-10 years. It's going to be a long road ahead. I'm not a psychic but I think it is evident that the economy is going to get worse before it gets better. I feel for all of those individuals that are struggling to make ends meet and who have a family that they have to support. Best of luck to all of those umemployed folks out there.

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Baldwin City hunter gets big bang out of giant buck

Chad, Congrats on the new piece for your wall. Most people don't understand hunting so I'm sure you are disregarding all the negative crap that you hear. Congrats again and good catch

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Library repairs could cost nearly $1 million

Convert the library into a homeless shelter it's basically serves as one now. The library is a valuable asset and we need a bigger and better one. Yes its going to cost money. Ok it's going to cost a lot of money. It will be a extremely good investment. Johnson County has done it, Why can't we? If we need to create a special downtown tax or city tax to do it so be it. All of a sudden these repairs are deemed as being urgent. I got news for you that's why happens when things get old. The current library is too small to accomodate the Lawrence community. We need a new director that can provide direction.

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Ordinance could silence panhandlers

All the time these panhandlers put in begging for money they could be using their time wisely to look for a job. I can't even take a walk down Mass. street with my wife and kids without someone asking me for a quarter. GET A JOB! I can't even go in the Lawrence Public library without seeing a dozen or so bums hanging out. I saw first hand how much money some of these homeless people have. Dont' let them fool you they have got more money in their pockets than the average person carries. This 19 year old man should be ashamed of himself.

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Tait: Priceless gesture inspiring

What a terrific young man! His parents should proud. My boss is Brett's step-father. Brett is also a wonderful young gentleman who takes makes the best of what he has. And what he has is an outstanding family that supports him.

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At debate, Holland says Pine not 'truthful' about residence

Hate the break the news to you fatty Holland. I live in Leavenworth county and my mail address is in Lawrence, KS. There are residences that are across the Leavenworth County line and are Lawrence addresses. All politicians lie. Not just Republicians. Why are you singling out one particular party?

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