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Your Turn: Longtime resident concerned for Kansas

What can you point to as a Brownback achievement that has helped those who are not donors? Of course, nothing whatsoever. The republicans are bought and sold. They hate government but they love the power and perks of their government jobs. The corrosive influence of money has defeated democracy. Do you really think Brownback would of been re-elected if it wasn't for the last minute tsunami of money that poured into the state? At some point the pendulum will swing back the other direction when even the most ardent republicans see the 'emperor has no clothes'.

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Kansas Democrats look for new direction after 2014 losses

Not bigger government but "We the people government" not 'we the corporation'. Not anti-business but sensible regulation. A stop to privatizing the profits and socializing the clean up, (earthquake anyone). Higher bet! In the good ole days in the fifties corporation paid .33 for every dollar in federal taxes, now it's .9. Class warfare you say, yes definitely suppressing the vote would qualify and funding your police dept. on giving bogus tickets to you're citizenry would also fit the bill. Flooding the country with millions from two crank billionaires that want to eliminate social security, medicare and unemployment insurance and public education and public roads etc seems like class welfare to me. You see billionaires don't rely on the 'commons', they essentially have a 'break away civilization' or so they think. Both parties unfortunately are bought and sold with a few exceptions. True conservatism is not what the republicans are selling today, they are simply trying to hang on with all their might to the reins of power and wealth for purely self aggrandizing motives.

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Kansas Democrats look for new direction after 2014 losses

Bringing affordable health care to millions is not something to run from. Medicare for all would certainly be a more efficient system and not a giveaway to insurance companies but when public policy is not dictated by rational thought then Obama care is the best you get. Democrats first of all make it abundantly clear that you're not going to take away anyone's guns. Secondly figure out a way to make the lives better for rural citizens that have seen their towns turn into "craphole" towns due to disastrous trade polices that benefit multinationals but outsource American jobs. Come up with creative policies to help farmers and not just mega farmers but small farmers who maybe would like to go to the farmers market and sell raw milk which is done in Springfield Mo. Considering how the republicans have made a mess out of everything they touch it shouldn't be difficult to come up with a winning strategy.

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Opinion: Resilient truth must rise again

To pretend that voter ID laws are anything other than a tactic by the GOP to suppress the democratic vote is laughable and disingenuous. Why spend millions of dollars on a make-believe problem that doesn't exist in the real world? Legislation that imposes burdensome nonsensical restrictions on personal liberty is suppose to be something a real conservative would find odious. However, these are not real conservatives, far from it. They're reactionaries that want a permanent working poor that can provide them with a labor pool that has no choice but to be a wage slave with no voice or dignity.

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Koch Industries will donate $2.6 million to Kansas State University

Terrible news. What are the strings attached to this gift? Because Kansas State is a public institution they need to make public if they are required to slant their course material in a certain direction. If donors want to give to a university that's great but not to push a personal agenda. The Koch brothers together pocketed together almost 6 billion alone last year. There influence rivals that of the two major political parties. It won't be long before the United States of America will have to be renamed Kochistan.

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Jayhawks snare share, can win Big 12 outright Tuesday vs. WVU

President Obama was elected in 2008 and was sworn in January 2009.....but I get your point.

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Letter: Kansas dictators?

Of Course it is! Dictatorial in the sense that their policies go against what most reasonable people are in favor of. Somehow the good people of Kansas were bamboozled in electing a cabal of extreme ideologues that want to advance the agenda of lets make sure the wealthy get more wealthy. How to sell this..easy. First of all.... the president is BLACK..that is definitely uno # 1. Scare the bejesus out of them..."the country is falling apart!" Then of course the tried and true wedge issues.."there coming for your guns" and illegals are voting in droves and we need (as men) to tell women where there place is. Most Kansans don't want to see the proliferation of guns, they want their schools to properly funded and they want their roads to be properly maintained. They don't want giveaways to people that don't need them in order to strip away the help to those that need a hand up.

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Letter: All-out effort

ISIS is a U.S. creation. By invading Iraq and then dismantling the entire infrastructure of the country, including the military and civil service workers we destabilized the country and threw it into chaos. The Bush administration wanted to create a blank slate in order to foster a perfect "free market economy". Didn't work out so great, and now we are
witnessing what this destabilization has wrought... this hideous monster ISIS. Saudi Arabia and Turkey have capable militaries but are not engaging ISIS...Why? This is a middle east problem that needs to handled by the countries in the region. If we get involved any further than we we already are we're just going to play whack a mole where we put down one uprising and then face unintended consequences from our actions.

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Kansas Senate advances bill giving Kobach power to prosecute election crimes

Is he going to prosecute himself? His "Interstate Crosscheck" software and his voter ID laws have successfully purged thousands that would be voting democrat. I suppose in certain circles the man is a hero, but for democracy in the U.S. it's a travesty. Using government to manipulate the outcome of elections is not a traditional republican value. Current republicans are reactionaries and those who remain in the party but whose values it no longer represents are cowards.

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Letter: Deficit trends

The federal government is not a household, households do not print their own money. Austerity is a sham, it just furthers the divide between the haves and have nots. That we haven't instituted a massive infrastructure job plan to get the millions back to work is a joke. The joke is on all of us. The U.S. is falling apart and becoming a tourist destination for people of other countries to see how things use to be like before their were bullet trains etc. The reason? The .01 % want to privatize the entire kit and kaboodle!

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