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Letter: History ignored

We would do just fine. Small organic farms can easily feed the planet. So called modern farming is unsustainable and will be phased out as more and more people demand organic and sustainable methods. Most of the food grown in the US is to feed livestock. We are now importing corn from Romania because people that have educated themselves no longer want the gmo corn grown in the US.

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Letter: Waning democracy

Republican or democrat, does anyone think it's a good policy that money is now considered "speech" and whoever has the most of it can purchase candidates whose policies promote their best interest, not the interest of the average citizen?

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Letter: Waning democracy

The only entity that has the power to stand up to big money is the government, the "We the People" government. May I present # 9 on Dr. Lawrence Britt's "Characteristics of Fascism" "Corporate Power is Protected - The industrial and business aristocracy of a fascist nation often are the ones who put the government leaders into power, creating a mutually beneficial business/government relationship and power elite." Citizen United was the second to last piece of the puzzle to morph the U.S. into a fascist state. With the upcoming TPP the puzzle will be complete when local and national laws protecting citizens is abrogated by corporate tribunals that meet in secret and answer only to themselves. Let's hope that a backlash of epic proportions finally breaks the stupid fever we have been under. It's been going on since President Reagan but was put on steroids with the election of President Obama.

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Kansas to join states allowing concealed guns without permit

Follow the rules you cite

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Kansas to join states allowing concealed guns without permit

Brilliant summation!

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Letter: Feel safer?

I'm sure most republicans if the truth be known think this is a very stupid idea. The problem is that republicans have nothing to offer the ordinary citizen in ways to improve their lives; the result is that they have to throw a bone to their most vocal and wacked out supporters. Having been brought up in the 50's and 60's and working in the 70's and 80's this was on no one's radar. There was no clamoring for this type of statue. This is a totally bogus and dangerous maneuver to create a diversion from the fact that Kansan republican are shills for the corporations and have no interest in what is good for everyday Kansans.

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Letter: Christian values

First let me say the health care system in the U.S is a complete sham. A friend received a bill for 96K for four days in the hospital after a hip replacement. This charge does not include any doctor fees. There were no complications and the service was sketchy at best. That being said anyone that has been touched by Christ would be guided by the heart. The heart pours out love and compassion especially for the least among us. Any legislator that has any legitimate spiritual awareness would not let thousand go without the ability to seek help in a time of need.
Government is "We The People", looking out for one another, but unfortunately it's now been co-opted by bought politicians who only answer to their donors.

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Your Turn: Longtime resident concerned for Kansas

What can you point to as a Brownback achievement that has helped those who are not donors? Of course, nothing whatsoever. The republicans are bought and sold. They hate government but they love the power and perks of their government jobs. The corrosive influence of money has defeated democracy. Do you really think Brownback would of been re-elected if it wasn't for the last minute tsunami of money that poured into the state? At some point the pendulum will swing back the other direction when even the most ardent republicans see the 'emperor has no clothes'.

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Kansas Democrats look for new direction after 2014 losses

Not bigger government but "We the people government" not 'we the corporation'. Not anti-business but sensible regulation. A stop to privatizing the profits and socializing the clean up, (earthquake anyone). Higher bet! In the good ole days in the fifties corporation paid .33 for every dollar in federal taxes, now it's .9. Class warfare you say, yes definitely suppressing the vote would qualify and funding your police dept. on giving bogus tickets to you're citizenry would also fit the bill. Flooding the country with millions from two crank billionaires that want to eliminate social security, medicare and unemployment insurance and public education and public roads etc seems like class welfare to me. You see billionaires don't rely on the 'commons', they essentially have a 'break away civilization' or so they think. Both parties unfortunately are bought and sold with a few exceptions. True conservatism is not what the republicans are selling today, they are simply trying to hang on with all their might to the reins of power and wealth for purely self aggrandizing motives.

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