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Kris Kobach keeps fighting, sometimes uphill, for stringent immigration laws

Without stringent employer penalties like jail time for the hiring of illegal aliens the problem will not go away. In the 1986 Emigration Act, the rules that were to prosecute employers for hiring of illegals was given no teeth in the final bill because as we all know the business community puts their bottom line before anything else. American businesses advertised in Mexican newspapers trying to lure workers from south of the border. The result was that good paying jobs in the meat packing and roofing and construction industries became much harder to come by. NAFTA also was responsible for the emigration tsunami by dumping cheap corn into Mexico and causing the loss of millions of corn farmers in Mexico to go bust. This is not rocket science, the only thing that prevents us from addressing the situation in an intelligent and rational matter is special interest. These special interest have no intention of giving up their cheap labor. When someone is living in the shadows they're not going to speak up about low wages and bad working conditions.

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Jeremy Farmer pleads guilty to stealing thousands of dollars from nonprofit food pantry

Basically there are two kinds of people, ones that are straightforward and pretty much try to do the right thing and those that are bent. Those who are bent will revert to criminality as their first choice. This man obviously had talents and a lot going for him but he couldn't overcome his bentness. Everything is fluid however and perhaps this is just what Mr. Farmer needed (a 10 year prison sentence) to turn his life around.

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Facing a trademark infringement lawsuit, Sun Cedar files for bankruptcy and closes its doors

I'm sure if he had the resources he would of prevailed in court. The management of Car Freshner corp are certainly a bunch of real pr*cks!

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Tom Keegan: Chancellor timetable benefits Sheahon Zenger and David Beaty

I have zero confidence in both Zenger and Beaty. They remind me of guppies swimming around in a shark pool.

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Voting rights group says 6,570 Kansas registrations purged

Kobach in a Nazi uniform is eerie in the utter knowledge that he would definitely have been a higher up in the third reich.

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Tom Keegan: Football heading south under Kansas athletic director Sheahon Zenger

Bob stoops should be available when the season ends. I always knew that Gary Barnett should of been hired ( he wanted the job ) when Weiss was hired. What kind of doofus makes these mistakes?

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Letter to the editor: Bankrupt GOP

Nothing positive will accomplished to help the citizens of this country while legalized bribery is allowed. It's human nature that when someone gives you a helping hand ( contributions) you're going to repay him in some manner. Special interest now control the national and most state legislatures. Their interest in most cases run counter to making this a fairer more egalitarian society. Their motives are warped by an insatiable hole that they mistakenly think can be filled with power and money. We need a constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United. We also to get rid of the decision that corporations are people. Until we have publicly financed elections we're screwed.

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Douglas County feels earthquake with epicenter in Oklahoma

Thanks for my laugh of the day!

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Sanders, Cruz win Kansas caucuses; Douglas County voters turn out in droves

Finally the chance to support an honest politician that is not beholden to big oil, big pharma, Wall Street, big Ag, big chemical and big media. The system as we all know is rotten to it's core ( Citizens United) and reeks of corruption and cronyism, Bernie feels it's his moral duty to point it out and let all the people know who have been duped by corporate media which never discusses real issues what's really going on. We're all adults hear and we need to face the truth of what a hell hole the US has become for the bottom 50% of Americans. We ship the jobs overseas and then demonize people for being poor. Sheesh! Give me a break.

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Davis rejects GOP call to step aside from voting rights case

Let's do the math. We disenfranchise 30.000 people in order to make it even more unlikely that a democrat should be elected in the state of Kansas. All reasonable people are aware that the "voter fraud" hysterics was made up, and was cleverly marketed by Republicans who are all to aware that their base is shrinking so cheating is necessary. "Papers Please" sounds suspiciously familiar.

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