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Sanders, Cruz win Kansas caucuses; Douglas County voters turn out in droves

Finally the chance to support an honest politician that is not beholden to big oil, big pharma, Wall Street, big Ag, big chemical and big media. The system as we all know is rotten to it's core ( Citizens United) and reeks of corruption and cronyism, Bernie feels it's his moral duty to point it out and let all the people know who have been duped by corporate media which never discusses real issues what's really going on. We're all adults hear and we need to face the truth of what a hell hole the US has become for the bottom 50% of Americans. We ship the jobs overseas and then demonize people for being poor. Sheesh! Give me a break.

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Davis rejects GOP call to step aside from voting rights case

Let's do the math. We disenfranchise 30.000 people in order to make it even more unlikely that a democrat should be elected in the state of Kansas. All reasonable people are aware that the "voter fraud" hysterics was made up, and was cleverly marketed by Republicans who are all to aware that their base is shrinking so cheating is necessary. "Papers Please" sounds suspiciously familiar.

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Letter: Climate action

Wrong! Just as with big tobacco there are plenty of scientist on the take from BIG OIL and their allies to deny that human activity has an impact on climate change. Surprisingly some of the culprits are environmental groups wanting to cash in and play both sides of the fence. Look..there is enough hypocrisy to spread around but when 95% of knowledgeable scientist are saying that human activity is at least partly responsible then the conservative response would be to play the odds. The downside is we get a cleaner planet and people can become energy self sufficient.

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Letter: Rising costs

Libertarians= billionaires in control of our lives. I for one would go with what is suppose to be "We the People". government is the only entity that has the power to stand up for ordinary citizens. Sadly with money awash in politics that ideal has for all practical purposes fallen by the wayside. Unless we overturn 'Citizen United" the republic is history.

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If a presidential candidate could come to Lawrence, who would you most like to hear speak?

What's the biggest threat to our democracy? Do you think it's a good thing that two thirds of a legislators day is taken up by fund raising? Is it okay that billionaires can pick the candidates to run for elected office? Bernie Sanders wants to wage a war on billionaires and the inane and insane "Citizens United" ruling that turns our elected officials into stooges for special interest. No other candidate will have the guts to tackle the real issues e.g. outsourcing, stock options for CEO's and top executives and stock buybacks that have propped up the market artificially along with permanent war and the surveillance industry gone mad, also of course the 6 criminal banks and their executives that are to big to jail. Then their is voter suppression and the list goes on and on.

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Letter: State insanity

It's really a shame that "Civics" is no longer taught in the schools. To demonize GOVERNMENT as the problem without pointing out that government has been hijacked by bought politicians, the supreme court and the revolving door is disingenuous. Government is the only entity that has (before Citizens United) the power to reign in the abuses that unfettered power in the hands of a few billionaires can wreak. Unless we have publicly financed elections democracy will continue to circle the drain.

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Opinion: GOP takes anti-government turn

It's really very simple. Billionaires have no real need of government. Republican legislators acting as shills for the billionaires have successfully demonized the role of government while at the same time infiltrating it to make it a mockery. Yes, government is so inept that we must sell off all the public holdings so our cronies can make a buck off it and we'll continue to get our kick backs. Sadly democrats have been holding the hand of republicans in this endeavor for years. There seems to be some rays of sunlight breaking through the clouds of lies and deceptions from the progressive side of the democrat party. "The proof of the pudding is in the eating". Just look at the Kansas experiment and see what all the cherished republican ideals has wrought.

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Lawmakers to hear about privatizing KPERS

How can anyone seriously even consider handing this over to the crooks on Wall Street. With the current system that allows CEO's to receive compensation with stock options along with stock buy backs Wall Street stock prices are skewed to increase share values and are not based on sound fundamentals. I fear a repeat of 2008 will be coming sooner than later. The whole operation to privatize is just to reward their donors so they will keep getting the kick backs to stay in office. It's really pathetic that it's even on the table.

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Letter: History ignored

We would do just fine. Small organic farms can easily feed the planet. So called modern farming is unsustainable and will be phased out as more and more people demand organic and sustainable methods. Most of the food grown in the US is to feed livestock. We are now importing corn from Romania because people that have educated themselves no longer want the gmo corn grown in the US.

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Letter: Waning democracy

Republican or democrat, does anyone think it's a good policy that money is now considered "speech" and whoever has the most of it can purchase candidates whose policies promote their best interest, not the interest of the average citizen?

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