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Letter to the editor: More guns needed

Obviously age and wisdom don't necessarily go together. Basically he wants us to become Somalia, wow, what a vision.

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Editorial: Another chance to keep guns out of hospitals

The Koch's and their fellow billionaires complete coup d'etat of America is almost complete. Allowing guns in hospitals or to be carried in public is a libertarian idea that is suppose to empower the populace to think they have some kind of freedom. Never mind the freedom that the majority of people would rather not be subjected to be surrounded by fragile personalities that feel having a gun makes them in control. The Powell memo of 1971 set up the strategy for the right wing take over of the country and the Koch's and their ilk have carried it out to perfection. Welcome to bizarro world folks.

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Letter to the editor: A new election

Actually three to five million voters were purged from the voter rolls probably more using Kobach's interstate cross check in 34 states. If someone is registered in multiple states and their names sound like african american or hispanic or asian even if their middle initials are different their purged. As it was pointed out recently using Trump's own advisors and his daughter as examples their are many people registered in more than one state. Very few people unregister in one state when moving to another. This does not constitute voter fraud. The republican strategy is so transparent as to be laughable. Undermine confidence in the voting process in order to install more draconian measures to make it harder to vote. Republicans haven't actually won a presidential election legitimately since Ike. Nixon sabotaged the 1968 Vietnam Peace talks and Reagan delayed the Iran hostage release and of course we're all aware of the Supreme Court stealing the 2000 election. It's
really pretty simple. When you're party is just a front group for billionaires and trans-national corporations you have to cheat to win. If it wasn't for wedge issues, abortion, guns and gays and the legalized bribery allowed by the Supreme Court they wouldn't exist.

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Kansas lawmaker pursuing transgender bathroom bill

Great wedge issue to rally the troops. These wedge issues let Republicans hide the fact that they're simply a front group for billionaires and trans-national corporations in today's world. This has not always been the case; Republicans use to have a moral compass.

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Letter to the editor: Trump fraud

Voter fraud. How did this term get into the zeitgeist? Republicans wisely saw that their electorate was shrinking and had to quickly rig the game. Under the guise of "voter Fraud" they pulled of the big hoax that allowed them to introduce voter ID laws etc. Now you say what's wrong with needing a picture ID to vote, you'd have an honest argument there. But, what about the closing of polling place in poor neighborhoods, the limiting of early voting and above all Kobach's interstate cross it. Special interest own and run this country period. Now with Trump's cabinet picks its as plain as the nose on your face.

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Kobach, without evidence, supports Trump's false claim of 'millions' of illegal votes

Of course they know that their assertions of illegal voting is hooey. It's a meme that they spread so they can continue their voter suppression under the guise of protecting the sanctity of the vote. 1984 and banana republic come to mind. Kobach's interstate crosscheck flagged over 7 million voters for possible double voting but only 4 cases have ever been prosecuted. With half the country getting their news entirely from republican sources (hate radio,hate internet and Fox (so called news) this bizarre charade will continue.

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Same ol' story: Jayhawks flattened at No. 14 WVU, 48-21

Obviously Cozart is not a FBS quarterback. I question if he would start for most high school teams.

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Kris Kobach keeps fighting, sometimes uphill, for stringent immigration laws

Without stringent employer penalties like jail time for the hiring of illegal aliens the problem will not go away. In the 1986 Emigration Act, the rules that were to prosecute employers for hiring of illegals was given no teeth in the final bill because as we all know the business community puts their bottom line before anything else. American businesses advertised in Mexican newspapers trying to lure workers from south of the border. The result was that good paying jobs in the meat packing and roofing and construction industries became much harder to come by. NAFTA also was responsible for the emigration tsunami by dumping cheap corn into Mexico and causing the loss of millions of corn farmers in Mexico to go bust. This is not rocket science, the only thing that prevents us from addressing the situation in an intelligent and rational matter is special interest. These special interest have no intention of giving up their cheap labor. When someone is living in the shadows they're not going to speak up about low wages and bad working conditions.

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Jeremy Farmer pleads guilty to stealing thousands of dollars from nonprofit food pantry

Basically there are two kinds of people, ones that are straightforward and pretty much try to do the right thing and those that are bent. Those who are bent will revert to criminality as their first choice. This man obviously had talents and a lot going for him but he couldn't overcome his bentness. Everything is fluid however and perhaps this is just what Mr. Farmer needed (a 10 year prison sentence) to turn his life around.

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