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Tenants to Homeowners files plans for independent, senior living project in south Lawrence

"upscale empty nesters" can choose from the entire housing stock of Lawrence, as well as those suggested by webmocker and the joint KU/City New Cities Project with Dennis Domer. A true retirement community also needs to meet the needs of older adults who have lived in and contributed to Douglas County for decades.

The neighborhood does have many rentals. Tenants to Homeowners projects raise the standard when they come in. In addition to the easy access to shopping in the area, this location is near the bus route and resources at the United Way building.

Water/flooding problems have been addressed in the site plan and the results should benefit the entire area. Tenants to Homeowners has worked with the community in planning this project. I expect they will address each legitimate concern and Lawrence will benefit from the results.

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Fiddlers, pickers fill South Park for state competition

Thanks! Just one correction-Americana Music is just one of our great sponsors, Fiddling and Picking has been around for 31 years with the support of many. This year Free State Brewery and Blue Highways TV each sponsored a stage. Mandolin Cafe, Slimmer's Automotive and a host of others listed on our website all deserve thanks for their support. Thanks also to the musicians and fans who show up each year.

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