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Kansas Senate committee votes to repeal renewable energy standards

Obviously are legislators are bought and sold by those that wine and dine them. This corruption needs to stop. Doesn't it make you mad that these clowns can pull any inane stunt with impunity? You would think that with the revelations the last few weeks about the coal ash spills and dumping that somewhere a small light might have gone off in their dim noggins! Kansas needs a new progressive agenda not something out of the 1950's!

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Kansas, Arizona prevail in voter citizenship suit

This is just beyond the pale! You have a phony trumped up problem "voter fraud" and you spend taxpayer money to enforce the non existent phony problem. When did we completely loose all common sense and bow down before the new gods of our country, the multinationals, whose only concern is profit and they certainly don't give a rat's ass about the citizens of the US. Jim Crow is back! Never did I think things could go so awry! You wonder what will be next. It could get really scary if people don't wake up to the con that they have been bamboozled with.

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Letter: Heartless stand

The facts are what they are. If we look at where we are as a country since the "Regan revolution" we see that we have morphed into a fascist state. Corporations now own the government and the regulatory instruments that are suppose to protect citizens. We talk about how the government is broke, I wonder why? One only needs to look the defense industry and the defense contractors that are sucking the dollars from the treasury and getting so very fat off the taxpayers. Look at the commodities markets which are now controlled by financial institutions and manipulated to make money for Wall Street while every one else takes it on the chin. The examples are every where but we are distracted by false narratives that we're going broke and need to take a few dollars from starving children, pathetic!

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Letter: Sinful lifestyle

I admit I haven't read the comments so this may be rehashing what's already been said. I believe that almost all gay individuals feel that they were made this way and it was not something that they consciously made a decision for. If this is the case Who made them this way? Well God of course. If God made them this way then who does the onus fall on?

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Kansas insurance boss Praeger speaks in Lawrence on Medicaid expansion

it's pretty simple, if you fell on hard times and didn't have health care but needed it, would you be for Medicaid expansion? Or do you feel that because I have mine and I am pretty great that you can just go and ...........

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Editorial: Strong charges

It's true they provide many good paying jobs so individuals and families can enjoy the many perks of living in this great country of ours. How many of those workers live down wind from one of their chemical plants I wonder?

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Letter: Energy truths

You always have the people who look ahead and those that bury their head in the sand. Those who do not want to address the problem of unsustainable energy production only have to look to 'Easter Island' to see what comes from a lack of vision.

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New wave of oil drilling disrupts rural neighborhoods

Great post...If people had a real sense of who and what their voting for things would turn on a dime!

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Letter: Costly policies

Tinkle down economics has been shown to be a sham. Brownback's policies are designed to bring business' from other more progressive states that care about education and infrastructure. To take jobs from other states and communities with tax giveaways is just corporate welfare pure and simple Also it's just smells bad.. Nationally, Kansas is perceived as a joke of a state with an out of control gov and legislature. The argument that you can't trust government is a tricky one. When government has been captured by the corporate and wealthy class naturally what benefits the rest of us is seldom on the agenda. "WE THE PEOPLE" sound familiar? We need to take back our Government. What has transpired is a coup d'état that has left us a 80/20 nation, basically a third world country.

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Kansas to check for voter birth records

It's a problem that doesn't exist and was manufactured to block a segment of the population that would vote democrat. It's blatant in your face, we can trample over the people without consequence because the brain washing has been so effective that they will vote for us in the next election. This is when republicans railing against big government is exposed for the phony talking point that it is.

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