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Letter: Perfect storm

check out the 1980 Libertarian party platform where David Koch was running for VP. It's all in black and white. I'm surprised that their real agenda is a surprise to you!

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Letter: Perfect storm

I think it's fine to defend the Koch brothers and their agenda for the United States. If you are in their camp then you want to eliminate all of the social safety nets including social security,medicare,unemployment insurance. You also want to eliminate the transportation department so you will have to travel on private roads and pay a toll where ever you go. No more public education, pony up or you will be trying to eke out an existence in a country that provides no health care, no welfare of any kind and demonizes you for being poor. Of course no EPA so wholesale poisoning of the environment can go on full tilt boogie. The good news also is that money is now free speech so the Kochs will get to groom and pick candidates nationwide like they just did in a local election in Wisconsin for the school board.. What a country! It really only takes a few minutes to ferret out that the utopia the Kochs are looking for is great when you are a billionaire but no so good for the average joe.

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Opinion: Public education under attack

Welcome to Kansastan!

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Opinion: Big money buying U.S. democracy

Does anyone really think that without the influence of money in politics that are nation would be on the course it is? We have real problems that mostly could be addressed if not for the special interest of the 1%. Look how we have handled the financial meltdown, the large banks are even larger and the dangers even greater. Look at big oil and the skewed energy policy of this country. Look at subsidizing corporation that take jobs overseas. The commodity market is rigged by allowing banks to own the commodities and manipulate their supply. Look at voter suppression that is based on a bogus non-existent made up problem. Look how the media is in the hands of a few corporations that can peddle whatever serves their interest at the expense of the majority of citizens. Money in politics has crippled this nation and we have become a threat to ourselves and the world.

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House, Senate pass school finance bill; awaiting Brownback's signature

This bill should be a rallying cry to all Kansans that their state has been hijacked (yes, I am aware that they were voted in by misleading the low information voters) and now is being run like a corporate plaything. I think the definition of fascism is when the corporation and state are in cahoots and make all the decisions. All Kansans should be ashamed for voting in a governor and legislature whose world view is more closely aligned with the Taliban than American values.

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Saturday Column: Why do Koch contributions trigger such scorn?

Who needs the "commons" when you have your own security detail, private jet and so on. It simply comes down to greed pure and simple. Privatize the profits and socialize the collateral damages that their companies wreak upon us!

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Letter: State tax surprise

That's enough!

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Letter: Lies and deceit

It's amazing that this truth seems to have been magically swept away by those demonizing our President. The GOP is a train wreck, this is true nationally as well as in the states where they have taken control. There is no doubt that both parties are pandering to the elites but at least the Dems are willing to throw a few crumbs our way.

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Letter: Suppressed vote

PLEASE, those whose defend voter suppression are smug puny thinking automatons that only give a hoot that their world view is not shattered by reality. The republicans have rightly seen that their only hope to hold on to power is to cheat, plain and simple. If your not in the 10% of citizens enjoying the "good life" why would you vote to let polluters pollute, give tax breaks to those who don't need it and create bogus "regulations" yes REGULATIONS to a problem that was made up in the "think tanks" of ALEC. It's pitiful that the citizens of Kansas are allowing a
small minority of un-democratic plutocrats to dictate their extreme partisan agenda without so much as a whimper.

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Kansas House gives final approval to bill backing out of Obamacare

Sadly, the actions of the Kansas legislature show us what happens when a vocal minority, fortified with money, and whose mindset is one of complete moral bankruptcy, can accomplish. If the ACA is successful it finishes off the Republican party. This is the reason they have gone full tilt boogie to kill it. Remember the Republicans were against social security, medicare, unemployment insurance to name a few. The Republican in the U.S. house have voted 50+ times to repeal the ACA; if it turns out to be successful they will have a lot of explaining to do!

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