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Opinion: Europe gets the joke of Fox News

I've often wondered when the moment would come that we would see that "the emperor has no clothes", meaning all this fake outrage and drummed up scandals ad nauseam that Fox bombards their viewers with would be seen for the "claptrap" it is, as Mr Pitts so eloquently points out. Sadly however, most Fox viewers will circle the wagon and fight tooth and nail for their phony brand of news. Fox news' only function is to operate as a tool for the billionaire class to sway the people who have been hurt the most by republican polices to side with them by making them afraid and angry. That it took the europeans to call Fox out for their blatant lies shows just how far the U.S. has fallen.

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President Obama to visit Lawrence next week

All he needs to do is say "Brownback" and wait

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Gov. Brownback is proposing raising taxes on alcohol and cigarettes to balance the state budget. What do you think?

This also would be a "stimulus" plan for Missouri. With the heavy concentration of residents along the border do you think anyone wouldn't make the drive?

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Gov. Brownback is proposing raising taxes on alcohol and cigarettes to balance the state budget. What do you think?

Of course, let's demonized the least among us by further making there life more miserable. Why do people smoke and drink? It's to relieve stress, yes it's counterintuitive but without someway to deal with frustrations more violent tendencies could be the result. I saw the "Wicker Man" on showtime last nite, couldn't help but think of Brownback in the leading role.

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Letter: Pipeline critic

"The elites have spoken" ha ha. The elites have spoken, passing this nightmare that takes away private property rights to a foreign corporation and tramples on "Native American" lands that were deeded under treaty. If you haven't educated yourself about the pipeline take a few minutes to find out the truth, not just the talking points on Faux News. Of course it's all about the money, the amount lavished on our elected representatives by the fossil fuel sector makes people vote against the interest of the American people. Short sighted doesn't even come close to explain the stupidity of endangering the ogallala aquifer to pull out the dirtiest oil on the planet. With 6 major corporations controlling the airwaves it isn't surprising that the majority of Americans support Keystone.

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Grand jury investigating loans to Brownback's re-election campaign

With 6 media companies owning 90% of the airwaves most Kansans get very little legitimate news. The status quo is the name of the game for those enjoying the perks of power, and anything that would upset the apple cart is going to be ignored or buried.

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Lawmakers allow concealed carry in Statehouse

It's interesting to see how this country has regressed since the "Regan Revolution". There is no longer any kind of community spirit that transcends the stupidity of those that feel they need to wield power over the rest of us. I suspect most politicians suffer from a inferiority complex and have over compensated in an attempt to feel good about themselves. Yes, it's pop psychology but that doesn't mean it's not factual. Anyway, if you stand back and look at the present condition of Kansas and the rest of the country you see that the corporations have taken over every aspect of our lives. They buy federal and state legislatures, school boards, judges and bombard us with the corporate messaging that most people take for news. It's really pretty pathetic. What do you think our chances of winning any football games are this year?

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Republican lawmaker says dispute with Koch lobbyists led to lack of endorsement from Kansas Chamber of Commerce

Thank you Rep.Schwab for bringing to the light of day the way these crooks operate. Obviously most people realize the need for clean energy, real republicans, those that are genuinely conservatives don't need to be afraid of these bullies. Tell the story of what's going on and the people will have your back.

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Opinion: Something’s wrong in Kansas

It's laughable the republicans call themselves "conservatives" they're anything but! Is it conservative to have to pay more to borrow money because of reckless policies that have lowered your bond rating? Is it conservative to put the onus on citizens to provide "papers please" and the infrastructure to enforce such bogus "REGULATIONS" for a non-existent problem? Is it conservative to try to de-incentivize responsible energy policies to combat climate change and not think to the future? Wake up Kansas! They're playing you for suckers all the way to the country club.

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Kansas revenue in April falls sharply below estimates

I believe the citizens of Kansas would do the right thing if they had not been bamboozled with messaging concocted in right wing so called "think tanks" whose job it is to confuse and turn average people against one another. The policies enacted by Brownback have failed on the national level and can be easily debunked by looking historically over the past 30+ years.with stagnant wages and rising inequality..You grow a sustainable economy from the bottom up not the other way around. If you have high taxes on business they will reinvest the profits back in the business to avoid paying taxes at a high rate. This is one of the reason the 1950's were so productive.

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