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Letter: Obamacare benefits

How about all the people who work 60 hours that aren't offered insurance at their jobs and can now way afford 25% of there earnings for health care. They're not moochers. People have to fill those positions and deserve to be able to access the medical system through something other than the emergency room.

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Letter: Gun ‘rights’

To those not in favor of background checks on line and at gun shows.
Do you really think its OK for Alqueda, Zokar the terrorist or some crazy directly out of the looney bin at the State pen to be able to buy assault weapons with 100 round clips on line or at a gun show without even showing an ID? Thats just ________!!!!!!!!!

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Abortion coverage

Kansas is being hijacked by the ultra conservative christian minority. Sebilious was our moderator with these folks. Now we have none. To demand that some young girl ruin her future by bearing some sleazy rapists child, her moms lowlife rapist boyfriend, her father's child or a child so disabled that it will never function in society is ludicrous. What about saving the life of the mother? I personally dont believe that a "viable fetus" should be aborted. Give it a cessarian birth and give it up for adoption. But to force youre religeous views on everyone is wrong. The Bible also says women may not talk in church and that those born out of wedlock and their mother shall not enter the church. Adulterers will be stoned to death. If you pick and choose what you believe and don't believe in the Bible don't tell me what I should believe. At least the Muslims, who still stone adulterers adhere 100% to their Korran. Its the children of these religious zealots and politicians that will abort their unborn child in some back alley, with a coat hanger, to keep from being shunned for having a child out of wedlock. That is why they passed that bill back in the 60's

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