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Model train club has show Saturday

Will Sebastian Bach be there?! He loves model trains.

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City wants payment over Varsity House reassembly spat

I hear ya, however; Santa Fe Station, Watson Museum, Turnhalle, Courthouse (etc.) are all current historic preservation projects as well.

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City wants payment over Varsity House reassembly spat

I don't know why so many of you are siding with the guilty party because you are so anti-historic preservation or anti-city government. Are you all scumbag developers?

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Couple create meditative labyrinth on property west of Lawrence

Jeez some of you people are unbelievably petty and hateful. Get over yourselves!

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Kids' turkey tips


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Mock bank robbery coming to Downtown Lawrence

With all the morons packing heat in this town, we'll be lucky not to have any real-life casualties.

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10-year-old twins selling Mother's Day cupcakes online for charity

Danny, come and play with us. heh heh

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27-year-old woman arrested Sunday morning for trying to drive over man in parking lot

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Watch tonight's Zombie Walk live on,

HEY WAIT i like turtles

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