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KU wins the Academic Performance Tournament national championship

You can thank Scott (Scooter) Ward and his staff.. Great Job..

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Team first: Seabury boys' success hinges on role players

Ivo wears that beret proudly....

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Seabury embraces pressure of state

Maxpreps uses the Franklin rating system(weighting strength of schedule). KSHSAA uses strictly win/loss record.

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Seabury boys persevere, make 1A state field

That little community adopted the Seabury Team like it was their own. Instant lasting friendships were made over the last 3 days. Good Luck Seahawks in Emporia.. Win State..

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Seabury boys win OT thriller

OMG.. What a game. Thank you Seniors..

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Pair of Seabury newcomers shoulders load for Seahawks

and your point is?? This article is about an 1A upstart girls program and it's progress. Nothing at all about comparing 6A Free State to Seabury..

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City basketball roundup: Seabury soph Lane scores 35 points

It was a SHOW...Dunks, Jumpers off dribble drive, Long range 3's.. The rest of the team knew it was his night and kept feeding the BEAST.. This team is finally living up to all the pre-season hype.. Great Day to be a Seahawk..

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Funtarov, Seabury down KC Christian

3rd game as a complete team.. Great job and good luck with WWOL this weekend..

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City budget cuts lead to second layoff

Thanks former city commision for not thinking forward about growth. If the city is not growing it is dying. I do agree that we have way to much city goverment. 120,000 in salaries could fix a lot of potholes.

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