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Hospital infections blamed in thousands of deaths

formerlawres: 1. Do you have a spleen, or do you know that it was removed as planned? 2. Do you know if you were born with two kidneys, or if you had two kidneys prior to your surgery? There are cases where people have genetic anomalies...Like maybe they are born with only one kidney, or they are missing a portion of their brain, or their heart is on the right side rather than the left...People often do not know this unless they had imaging or surgery that would reveal the anomaly. Or...maybe somebody botched your surgery, as you would suggest...Typical of any surgery would be to send the removed tissue/organ to pathology (lab). Seems odd that they would remove the incorrect organ, and then nobody notice for....say 8 years. ODD, though not necessary impossible. If you were truly concerned, you could request your medical records.

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What do you think of all-day kindergarten in Lawrence?

Kindergarten is not mandatory. For the children attending all day K schools, a parent may choose to pick them up at half-day. They will miss out on part of the curriculum and whatever other activities that will occur during that time. I can guarantee that not all of the children attending all day K are children of two-income families, or two working parents...In fact many of the kids will come from homes with "stay-at-home" moms that are mentally intact, positive role-models and perhaps highly educated. Should we find some way to bash the stay-at-home moms (or dads) for allowing their children to attend all day K with the welfare-sucking poor folks who don't want to pay for daycare? Come on people. Get some other hobbies.

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Dispute erupts at Wal-Mart over ear-piercing of young girl

Um....My five year old daughter has been begging me to get her ears pierced for months. However I know that if I took her in, and they did the first ear, and it hurt like hell....We would run the risk of her having a fit, screaming, and crying hysterically in anticipation of the second ear piercing. We don't know the full story. The media reports as much or as little as they want. Makes they news more interesting.

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Wrong location

Is there something that can be done to stop the business development proposed around the airport? I am naive about development, but it seems like this one would be a no brainer...fertile soil, wetlands, drainage issues, airport safety/growth, etc...

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Herbicides in parks still a nettlesome issue

So what is so wrong with dandelion? My kids love to pick them--and actually rank them right up with roses and lilies in flower bouquets , and the leaves are edible, right? And clover provide a great food source for honey bees, which I hear are on the decline. Now chiggers....that's another story. I just happen to be battling a bad case of chigger bites right now.

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Would you vote to approve a 1-cent sales tax increase for additional city funding?

I would vote to increase sales tax contingent upon SLASHING property taxes!

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Hazardous material found at turnpike center

Yeah..Uh, this wouldn't have been a "big deal," except the part about they retrieved 50-100 pounds of it out of the trash can.

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Swine still running wild in rural areas


Domestic hogs evolve very rapidly to a more dangerous, and aggressive boar/hog. In just one to two generations of being in the wild, they begin to grow more coarse hair, become larger in size, and may grow tusks. They are a good example of how much environment impacts the evolution of creatures, because it is such a rapid transition to their "wild" roots.

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New Year's baby, mom hoping to reunite soon

There is a OB/GYN practice located in the medical office building at the hospital. They have four board-certified physicians and one board-eligible physician (yes, 5 OB/GYNs ) and are always accepting new patients. In fact, they are located on the third floor, just one hundred yards (plus or minus) from the labor and delivery unit. Additionally, there is a pediatric office located across the street from LMH with five Pediatricians that attend high-risk deliveries and emergencies. FYI.

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Lawrence doctor on trial for surgery error

Dr Johnson is a fantastic doctor! And just as the article states, these incidents are very much under-reported, so you can bet yourself that she is not the first one in Lawrence to make the mistake.

jranderson: May I ask what you might talk about at work with your co-workers? I'm sure that there is some "smalltalk" throughout the day, as well as relevant-to-work discussion. And I can guarantee (being a nurse) that the physicians, nurses, and ancillary staff that I work with do not "whisper things" to one another in front of patients during a procedure. I am sorry for your friends' situation.

In her defense, Dr Johnson has performed hundreds life-saving procedures successfully, and delivered thousands of babies in her time, many of which were emergent and required great skill and quick thinking.

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