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U.S. Dept. of Education names Lawrence's Woodlawn as one of five Blue Ribbon Schools in Kansas

Woodlawn is a great little school, and Mrs. Fridell truly cares about her students. Congratulations!!!

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New Hampshire updates sought for pedestrian safety

Yes, the parking garage is across the street...Thus, there is a lot of pedestrian traffic at the crossing in front of the Arts Center, which is why they are proposing to put a pedestrian traffic signal there. Parents park in the loading zone (15 min parking) because they know there are numerous reckless drivers blowing through the pedestrian crossing. By parking in the loading zone, they eliminate having to cross traffic...reducing the likelihood of a vehicle running a pedestrian over in the crossing.

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New Hampshire updates sought for pedestrian safety

Justfornow: I have been mid-cross with my three children at that pedestrian crossing when a car blew through with complete disregard to PEDESTRIANS crossing at the PEDESTRIAN CROSSING. In fact, it had been at the corner of 10th/New Hampshire when we started crossing. That is the closest call we've had, but many similarly close calls when folks have been on their cell phones, daydreaming, driving 30mph+.And please realize, they operate a preschool at LAC five days a week. This creates a lot of pedestrian traffic when they have a loading zone (15 min parking) for only 4 cars.

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Credit card fees hurting gas stations

Not sure if anyone has commented yet...but pay at the pump is a must for me, as I almost always have my 3 small children with me. Once upon a time, I remember something called customer service (and it was usually really good), where a gas station attendant would fill up the tank, check the oil, and wash the windows. Then, they would take your $$ and return with the change.

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Damage reported from Thursday night storm

We have a weather station mounted on our roof that recorded a 63 knot (73 mph) wind @ 7:37pm. The wind picked up our wooden playset and moved it 20 ft and it landed on it's southern facing side. Yet the wind didn't budge a 1L plastic bottle about 50 ft. From the playset. We live just north of the Lawrence airport.

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Historic home catches fire

Reporters get paid to keep you coming back for more.

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Loss of land

I'm not sure everyone understands how this is going to work if the business park goes through. Firstly, there are people who would like to farm this land. There was an article in the last few months highlighting some guys who wanted to rent more farmland to farm. Next, and most importantly: this project will cost city and county taxpayers a lot of money, and the developer(s) are putting your dollars at risk. They want someone else to pay for the infrastructure (new roads, road improvements, city water/sewage lines, stormwater improvements...) and of course I'm sure that we'll need to throw in some tax abatements somewhere--since that is the city commisions' specialty du jour. How many more fast food joints, banks, tanning salons, dry cleaners can Lawrence need? There are members of the Pine family that are very much opposed to selling off the farmland for this industrial/retail development as well.

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KU defends blocking flight info

The figures quoted in the article for operating the jet seem very reasonable to me. If you were to look at booking commercial flights for all of these people, or driving, when you factor in productivity being lost in travel time, overnights in hotels due to travel fatigue, the purchase and maintenance of more KU vehicles to accomodate everyone who would now be using vehicles concurrently, etc., it would probably be a wash. So what if they don't make flight tracking live available. I agree with KS. This is a non-story.

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Local folly

Well said Elizabeth.

gl0ck0wner: This is not a property rights issue. This is zoned Agricultural land currently. To rezone this to Industrial Light, and then expect taxpayers to drop $50 million to bring the Airport Business Park to fruition goes beyond property rights.

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Crowd hears airport development plan

From what I understand, this project will require something of the order of $42 million for stormwater improvements and $2 million for city sewage lines to be run to the airport, not to mention the road improvements to 24/40/59 to accomodate for the increased traffic flow. These are numbers that have been associated with studies done approx. two years ago, so you know, add on a little for inflation....$54 million in taxes/fees revenue over twenty years....I don't think this is fiscally responsible, because you can bet your boots that Jes is not going to foot the bill for all of the infrastructure improvements that already total more than $44 million. It will cost more to improve the current infrastructure in preparation for the proposed development than the revenue Santaularia predicts will be generated over twenty years. This will be yet another burden placed on the taxpayers of the city of Lawrence and Douglas county. Let's be smart about development people. This is great FARMLAND in a FLOOD PLAIN.

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