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Koch Industries, Kansas Chamber of Commerce trying to knock off moderate Republicans

SageonPage, you are truly a scary person! I am proud to be a liberal, and will fight for equal rights for all, a clean environment, and fair wages and health care for everyone. Unlike you conservatives, who want to allow only Christian while heterosexual males to live in the USA.

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100 years ago: ASME students enjoy year-end banquet

As a veteran of many local engineering conferences, I envy the menu that those folks had in 1911. Definitely more upscale than modern day conference meals. My grandmother used to serve oysters at every Christmas dinner. I have no idea why they were so popular, other than the cold weather of winter time made transporting them from the gulf coast more feasible than other times of the year. Perhaps Christmas was seen as a time to splurge some money on exotic foods.

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100 years ago: 'Useful gifts' recommended for men

Interesting how, in the article recommending "useful" gifts for men, they didn't address gifts for women, too! I'm sure women of that era would have loved to receive a useful new broom, dustpan, or ironing board compared to some frilly "idle useless presents". So did men of that era really like receiving ties or socks, or has it just been within the last 50 years or so that we men would rather receive something a bit more exciting than socks or ties?

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Secretary of State Kris Kobach may be heading west — to Douglas County

I don't know why Kobach is relocating. It's not like he's going to be having his current job for the rest of his life. Hopefully, his commuting inconvenience will be over with in three years and he can find some other cushy job in KC. We have lots of state employees commuting from KC to Topeka that make only a fraction of Kobach's salary and have been doing it for years.

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40 years ago: County unemployment doubles since previous year

I'm not sure how you could cram 13 presumabily adult passengers into a car of the late 60's-early 70's era. Even a station wagon with a third row seat would only hold 9. Wonder if this was some sorority rush event or something?

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State reopens I-70 west of Topeka; driver in custody with minor injuries

CONSUMER1, I for one, do not share your "appreciation" for keeping our people safe. The cops are severely overreacting to these situations and are using their "power" to disrupt hundreds of thousands of lives. The cops are on a power hungry ego trip and must be reined in. The number of people who have missed important appointments, airline connections, gotten home late from work, etc, is staggering. Ever since 9-11, we citizens have signed our rights away for the illusion of safety.

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What kind of device will be your next computer purchase?

I've still got my Commodore VIC-20. The Commodore 64 was too high tech for me.

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Rod's Cards and Gifts stores selling out remaining Hallmark merchandise

My mother is one of those elderly people Hallmark loves. She sends a card for every occasion imaginable. If Hallmark had a card celebrating regular bowel movements, she'd be sending them. Since I'm a guy, nobody expects me to send cards, and I don't. I humor my mother (mostly for my inheritance) and send her the crappy things, but greeting cards are nothing but overpriced cardboard that the card industry guilts us into buying. I find it much more economical to be anti-social.

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Legislating morality

Cheeseburger, what's your definition of "normal" society? One where everyone has equal rights and has the freedom to live their lives as they wish, or one where the ruling party's religious views are forced upon those of us who don't accept those religious values? Last time, I looked, there were a lot more people going to Las Vegas for vacation than coming to Kansas! I, for one, don't want to live in the "normal" world as you envision it. I want to be free to marry and/or have sex with whoever I wish, entertain myself in my own home however I wish, and not have my life governed by believers of fairy tales and superstition.

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KDHE says grassland burns in Flint Hills sent ozone levels above national pollution standards

OLETIMER, Its NOT KDHE who's setting the air standards, its at the federal level through the Environmental Protection Agency. At least get your facts straight before you run off at the mouth.

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