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Not his true calling: It’s a good thing Turner Gill gave up baseball

are u kidding when u said mangino is a legend give me a break

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Longhorns roll over embattled KU

Tuner Gill is the answer. He is from Fort Worth played at Neb. was the recruting cordinator offensive cordinator He knows the
Big 12. Looks like he could still run the option. He be a perfect fit.

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Longhorns roll over embattled KU

The big guy seemed to be wearing a costume the xxxxlarge lettermans jacket and the ball cap seems to me he didnt want to be there. Especially on national tv. Its time to go. It would be an ideal job for Tuner Gill.

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Taking their work (vehicles) home with them

Does anyone think that some of those people who take the city vehicles home might just take some gas out of that vehicle and put in there own vehicle. I think it happens all the time

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Lawrence bar owners, activists weigh in on state smoking ban

This town is Mother Thersaed to death--The traffic way can't go threw because 1)a tree frog is possibly in the way or 2) there might be a indian burial ground some where in there--can't smoke becuse we dont want you to forget about the tax dollars 3) we got those remarkable roundabouts because some clown went to Europe and thought it was cool. Next it will be the cell phones because people just can't chew gum and talk at the same time. Well i like to smoke I'm for the traffic way an i drive over the roundabouts and I'm stll going to talk on my cell phome

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