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When Governments Ignore Economics

What is your position on the US raising the debt limit?

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Website picks Lawrence among top 10 college towns in nation

All gnome knows about Berkley is that it is the place where all them damn libruls live...and that's all he needs to know.

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Kansas state officials decline to detail why former KDHE secretary Bremby is still being paid, two months after resigning

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Police have auto theft suspect in custody

That was my first thought too! He's lucky he made it out of the parking lot with it!

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Governor wants to reveal Obama’s birth info

I think this is a cleverly timed political move on the governor's part...someone above asked why you would want to stoke an issue that had all but died down? It made a large portion of Republicans (both elected and voters) look like complete clowns during the 2008 cycle, driving many rational moderates to distance themselves as far from that set as possible.

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Ruling favors power to people

That attitude will serve you well when you are practicing law--and fuels my suspicions about where you go to school. I'd love to be in the courtroom when you tell the judge that you don't need him to tell you what the law is because you can read it yourself.

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Gov.-elect Sam Brownback announces Dennis Taylor as head of new office of the repealer

After all those years, he's probably near retirement...might as well loot the village on his way.

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Homosexuals in Combat - Reality Check

Reason McLacking...

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In Lawrence classrooms, certain student names ring familiar

The fact that you did the research before naming your kid 'Mercedes' makes you the exception. It does not make anyone else a snob.

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In Lawrence classrooms, certain student names ring familiar

When I was a lad there 7 choices for boys names and 9 for girls. Naming a child was a simple affair. When you popped out of the womb and were taken to your old dad, he’d take a deep puff on his cigar, give you a good stare and say “Looks like a Dick to me.”

And, bingo, you had your name. It may not have been “original” but if nothing else you knew that there would be 10 other Dicks just like you on your street.

But today, my God! Everyone names their nasty sprogs after perfumes and automobiles and months of the year. The parks are overflowing with snot-faced urchins running around with droopy diapers and million dollar handles like “December”, “Chanel”, “Mercedes” or worse.

Now it could just be me but it strikes me as cruel to name a kid “Mercedes” when they’re obviously destined for a “Pinto” life. Do the kid a favour and name it “Bus Pass.” At least that way when it gets older it won’t feel badly for not having lived up to the god damned hype of its name. But what the Hell, I suppose it’s better than “Escort.”

And Chanel? Why not just buy the lass a stripper pole now? She’s likely going to end up on one anyway with a name like that.

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