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KU cheerleaders involved in ‘Kkk go trump’ Snapchat post are off the squad

Hi Dustin, the following passage is from the last story I wrote about this, when I asked KU about the deleted tweets. — Sara Shepherd, LJW (Link to story:

...Barcomb-Peterson said this week that those tweets were posted “to send an immediate response.”

“It was getting a lot of attention,” she said. “KU just wanted to be proactive to try get the statements across.”

KU Athletics and KU deleted those tweets the following day, and shared a new tweet stating four “individuals referenced in the recent Snapchat incident are suspended from performing.”

“We have removed our original post regarding the situation because it did not contain the context necessary to appropriately identify the individual who had been suspended from Spirit Squad activities,” KU Athletics said, in a Nov. 22 Facebook post.

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KU notes recent deaths of retired English professors, African studies lecturer

A reader also shared news about KU professor emerita of history Rita Napier, who died Nov. 7 at age 76, after a lengthy illness, according to her Journal-World obituary. Napier started her teaching career in a Tlingit village in Alaska, according to the obituary, and at KU she specialized in Native American history, history of the West and history of Kansas. Here's her obituary:, and a 2003 Journal-World feature story: — Sara Shepherd, LJW

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National free speech group says KU is among schools with codes that ‘violate’ the First Amendment; University Senate free speech committee continues meeting

Yep, the harassment passage cited by FIRE is on page 17 of the handbook. — Sara Shepherd, LJW

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KU seeks to require holsters, other safety measures for guns on campus

Those of you on this thread with knowledge of handgun anatomy might be interested to read the full draft policy. It has a little more detail on holsters, safeties, etc. than I included in my story. Here's the link: — Sara Shepherd, LJW

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'Whites only' no more: KU unveils marker to commemorate Strong Hall sit-in of 1965

If more information is what you're looking for, here are some online resources telling about the sit-in: and — Sara Shepherd, reporter

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'Whites only' no more: KU unveils marker to commemorate Strong Hall sit-in of 1965

Hi Nathan, the marker is the item on the easel in the photo above, between Bill Tuttle and the chancellor. Sorry about the lights glaring off of it in this picture. It has a glossy finish! — Sara Shepherd, reporter

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The beetle hunter: KU entomologist on quest to identify insects of Peru

Hi Lee, it is enabled by NSF (National Science Foundation) grants. — Sara Shepherd, reporter

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Hearing aids and walker belonging to 79-year-old reported stolen from Allen Fieldhouse

Note that the story does say the items were left unattended. And the timeframe during which they went missing comes directly from the KU Office of Public Safety report, which is attributed in the same sentence. The incident was reported to police the following evening, according to the Office of Public Safety. — Sara Shepherd, LJW reporter

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Updates from the DeBruce Center, future home of Naismith’s ‘Rules of Basket Ball’

William, not right now, but I could see that happening now that the audio has been made public. I'll try to remember to ask when I write about DeBruce again. Thanks! — Sara Shepherd, Journal-World reporter

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Student Senate impeachment effort moving forward

Randolf, I just added the bill of impeachment and the action plan to this story as documents. We did a slightly more detailed story about the impeachment process the other week (, but here's a link to Student Senate's complete rules and regulations: Enjoy! — Sara Shepherd, reporter

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