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Updates from the DeBruce Center, future home of Naismith’s ‘Rules of Basket Ball’

William, not right now, but I could see that happening now that the audio has been made public. I'll try to remember to ask when I write about DeBruce again. Thanks! — Sara Shepherd, Journal-World reporter

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Student Senate impeachment effort moving forward

Randolf, I just added the bill of impeachment and the action plan to this story as documents. We did a slightly more detailed story about the impeachment process the other week (, but here's a link to Student Senate's complete rules and regulations: Enjoy! — Sara Shepherd, reporter

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How KU Student Senate execs voted on contentious motion to oust top three officers

Hi Randolf, we have reported more on that in previous stories. I encourage you to read through the links provided above, particularly this one: It's also mentioned in my Heard on the Hill post about the Invisible Hawks "demands." Hope that helps. — Sara Shepherd, reporter

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Police investigating reported altercation involving racial slurs at Halloween house party

Hi Conor, officers were dispatched to the party and also to talk to this man across town after he called, according to police. I'm sorry but I don't know whether his statement about the gun was on the phone or in a following in-person interview. — Sara Shepherd, reporter

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New map pictures where new Burge Union, science building will be constructed within KU's Central District

To clarify, it will be a new building and may have a new name as well. I've been referring to it as the new Burge Union to avoid confusion with the main Kansas Union across campus. — Sara Shepherd, reporter

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KU grad captaining USS Arlington for new Navy ship's maiden deployment

Thanks for reading, Clara! - Sara Shepherd, reporter

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One year after alleged sexual assaults, fraternity is paying, but it’s still unclear whether any individuals are

Hi Nathan, just to clarify: We don't know ANYTHING about the victims in this case — whether they were sorority members, how old they were, whether they were KU students, or even what they (or others) told police and/or KU happened to them at the party.

Even though KU is disciplining the fraternity, KU won't disclose what reportedly happened to the victims and who they think did it. Neither will police.

— Sara Shepherd, reporter

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KU Today: The evolution of KU's one-of-a-kind mascot

Yes, KU adopted the new Trajan logo in 2005. (Though getting every uniform and every logo everywhere updated with the new lettering took longer. The band, for example, is just now getting new uniforms with the updated lettering style on them: — Sara Shepherd, LJW

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KU Today: The evolution of KU's one-of-a-kind mascot

It is the same smiling Jayhawk designed in 1946, though the KU logo on the side did change after 2005. Here's a story we did back when KU changed the font to Trajan. It was hotly debated!
— Sara Shepherd, LJW

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Design fosters togetherness at KU's newly opened Oswald and Self halls

Clara, I believe it closes on Monday, Aug. 24, the day fall classes begin. It's still open to drive-through traffic this week. - Sara Shepherd

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