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Lawrence VenturePark proposed as new name for business park on former Farmland site

I think it should have the city's name in it and I think the idea of shoving two words together with second word being capitalized is silly.

For now my three favorites are Lawrence Venture Park, Lawrence Freestate Business Center, and Lawrence Farmland Business Center,

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State preparing for possible federal government shutdown

Regarding Haskell and their email regarding continued operation using certain "unappropriated funds," the following contradicts that statement:

The Antideficiency Act governs agency actions during a funding gap. Under the ADA and ubsequent rulings by the Attorney General, Federal agencies may not spend unappropriated funds unless otherwise authorized by law. Subject to certain exceptions, incurring salary obligations by permitting Federal employees to come to work would violate the ADA.

So I would be curious how exactly that is working...

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Opinion: Perry Ellis will get the hang of banging


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Burglary cases are all over map

The police say there isn't a pattern but that isn't true. There is a pattern on the Google maps data set of clusters by location. The other that data could show but doesn't is whether there is a correlation between days of the week and the burglaries. You would have all the burglaries on Monday be one color, Tuesday a different color and see if there is a pattern. Finally, you would show the burglaries by time of day and use the same color scheme. The pattern is there, they just aren't asking the right questions.

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Inexcusable Customer Service by Haskell Indian Nations University Employees

I noticed you used the phrase, "when we do implement some changes" indicating that you are an employee of Haskell. Why don't you stop being "anon" and put your name out there as you so freely advise others?

I like you you say "I can't wait till Haskell makes some real changes." What are you waiting for? Christmas? Instead of typing on a message board mabye you should be making those changes instead of talking about them.

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Inexcusable Customer Service by Haskell Indian Nations University Employees

That sample size if conducted in a truly random format would give you a 95% confidence level and a confidence interval of 11.5. This is based on a population size of 600. So not horrible, but not great methodology and sampling.

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McDonald's calorie counts: No more avoiding the obvious

The McNuggets have 450, what else are you getting that adds 640 calories? That item(s) would seem to be the problem moreso than the McNuggets.

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Haskell football loses opener to Presentation College

What do you expect? It is a NAIA Division II school. They aren't going to send a reporter out to the game. Why don't you volunteer to do the stories on the team...?

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10th Circuit Court of Appeals upholds state's approved route of South Lawrence Trafficway through the Baker Wetlands

You are an idiot. If you know anything about farming at all you wouldn't say that. River bottoms which lie next to the river are extremely fertile ground.

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Bid approved for cable median barriers along K-10 corridor

It seems the price is inappropriate. I pulled some info from Minnesota and here are their numbers:

Cost (material and installation)
Concrete median barrier - $400,000 to $500,000 per mile
Cable median barrier - $140,000 to $150,000 per mile
There are restrictions in where cable median barrier can be installed.

So it seems like we are overpaying by about $850,000.

Then from Dave Olson, WSDOT Design Policy, Standards & Research Manager:

We have heard that one European country has banned the use of cable barrier, over complaints from motorcycle users. What is not clear to us is whether the ban was implemented as a result of actual crash experience or over fear (perception) of what might happen. A 2006 study in New Zealand published a paper that concluded "...whilst WRSBs [wire rope safety barriers] have the potential to cause serious injury to errant riders, so do all road safety barriers." They went on to say "there is no reliable evident to indicate the WRSBs present a greater risk or less risk than other barrier types, or indeed, no barrier at all." In January 2008, an international meeting of the Transportation Research Board was convened with a focus on motorcycle safety. There were at least 15 presentations on motorcycle safety. Cable barrier was discussed, and this committee concluded that "there is no clear proof that cable barrier systems are cheese cutters."

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