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Kansas birdwatchers are keeping an eye out for the Rusty Blackbird

Cornell's Ornithology page is my favorite source for info on birds:

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New sexuality education standards implemented throughout Lawrence public schools this year

It was much better when this subject was taboo and shamefull......

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Old favorites, surprises in store at Douglas County Fair

It states "July 30 for Touch a Truck' in article but in listing of events below it says Tuesday July 29th.
<a href="">DGCO Fair </a>

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City wants feedback on proposed changes to transit system

It’s not about geographical ‘center’ of town, its about what is the main focus of our town and what draws the most traffic. Of course Iowa is a more centralized line for the city it’s self, but other than 9th street, and south 31st street, how often do you visit locations on Iowa?

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City wants feedback on proposed changes to transit system

The issue at hand is that one bus can get you from as far as 6th/Wakarusa or 27th/Haskell - to the downtown area within 15-20 minutes. Moving the hub away from Mass will add both time and a transfer to an additional bus. Cutting off the downtown loop from these edges of town makes a trip to Mass lengthy and unappealing. I understand that I will still be able to go downtown, but as it stands the system is efficient and appealing. Adding time and transfers to an already simplified trip is what is at stake.

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City wants feedback on proposed changes to transit system

I've ridden the T for over three years. If the hub is moved away from its downtown location, there honestly isn't a reason I would continue to support the transit system, and as a result would no longer patron downtown Lawrence shops and restaurants. Downtown Lawrence is the lifeline of this community, and to move the hub away from that is irresponsible and misplaced. It’s time for the city commission and transit leaders to decided the T’s future, and not KU. Every rider and transit driver I've spoken with about this issue is in full agreement.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Putting the T to the test, again

Chad I'd like to point out that all of this works, all of the perks of our transist system, come from having the transfer hub downtown. I know you've been to meetings last two months that discussed moving the downtown hub somewhere else; Iowa especially. Moving the hub will not only degrade the efficiency in our transit system, it will also add at least one additional bus to get from any outside position, such as 19/Haskell, to the downtown shops. Myself, and everyone else I've discussed with this feel if the hub leaves downtown and an additional bus is required to patron our downtown shops and restaurants, then our money is best spent elsewhere. City commission needs to realize that while the hub uses precious downtown space, it also is the main connection to any citizen beyond the downtown area. Severe that connection and lose that business and loyalty.

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Letter: Offensive ad


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