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Speedy neutrino upsets scientific absolutes

Why report a story two weeks old, hammered by other news agencies and media, all the while on the verge of being disproven at other facilities in the first place?

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Search for missing 7-year-old set to resume Sunday morning

Well said. No matter what my day doesnt compare.

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Douglas County emergency dispatchers juggle hundreds of calls every day

Thanks Joe! Great article. It really is the most difficult job imaginable. Too bad I wasn't working when you came and toured dispatch.

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Town Talk: Penny Annie's Sweet Shop to close; sales tax collections up by nearly 4 percent in city; supporter of guns on campus bill thinks 2012 may be the year

My kids just about went into full riot mode when I told them the store closing. Very, very disappointing.

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Police lauded

don't forget dispatch!!! it coincides well with this letter, that it is National Public Safety Communication Officer (dispatcher) Appreciation week. Your calls for help, regardless of the level of severity, wouldn't make it to the street without them!

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Haskell students building trails to connect Haskell, Baker wetlands

Taking the time to read this thread has been one of the greatest wastes of time of my life. However seeing the polarized, unnecessary, unproductive, and completely useless commentary here has made me laugh. Oh the safety and security to post outlandish and defamatory remarks that anonymity provides.;

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The old stone at Stony Point

This was a really interesting article. Appreciate the leg work it took to get this much back story

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Kansas unemployment rate sharply increases to 6.4 percent

Why does it say that Jan09's unemployment rate was 5.8 on the <a href="">Bureau of Labor Statistics</a> website? It also states that Jan of 08 was at 3.9. Whose numbers are accurate?

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One woman killed, three people injured in K-10 accident

Isn't "just west of the U.S. Highway 59 junction" Iowa street?

October 20, 2008 at 12:11 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Olympic dreams: Lawrence resident has hopes for China despite rough childhood there

I have had experiences with Ray during my daughters soccer leagues, and to think that this is how his life started, leaves me even more amazed at how kind and gentle he is.

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