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Brownback defends handling of programs designed to help poor Kansans

edgla -- I just added some further explanation of that from Angela de Rocha with the Bronwback administration.

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Norquist coming to Kansas to talk about immigration

To disappointed_regressive --
The report simply states that Grover Norquist, at the invitation of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce, is coming to Kansas to talk about immigration issues.

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Huelskamp's uncompromising positions well-known in Kansas

To Mercy, who asked what's my point. It was to report that Rep. Huelskamp's recent actions that have gained attention in D.C. are similar to how he operated while in the Kansas Legislature.

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New congressional redistricting map advances; puts Douglas County entirely in 2nd

just put a pdf up. had technical difficulties earlier. tnx

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Kansas House approves covenant marriage measure

Several folks have asked if a covenant marriage would be optional under Rep. Anthony Brown's amendment. It would. I've added a sentence to reflect that. Thank you.

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Parents of domestic violence victim Jana Mackey testify before Legislature about new legislation

My bad. I removed this story from Statehouse Live and made it a separate story. Then I put the domestic violence story in Statehouse Live. I then e-mailed Jonathan to fix the posts situation because he is all-knowing in these areas. But he just informed me, it can't be done.

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Statehouse Live: Parkinson says no more cuts to education

I did get a few of your questions in regarding education funding and whether he and his staff would take a salary cut. Much of my story from the interview will deal with school funding, taxes and other budget issues.
In response to the salary question, Gov. Parkinson said his office has been able to cut its budget by keeping staff levels low. That will require some research to verify, but I will do that later. Thanks for reading and for your questions.

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Life's routine changes in the slip of a moment when son breaks leg

Forgot to mention in the story that we live in Topeka. That's why we went to Stormont. As far as school, he will have stay out this week and maybe the next, and then there is the two-week winter break. By that time, he may be much better able to maneuver on the crutches.

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