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Appeals panel upholds Lawrence sidewalk ordinance

You're right. We have it corrected now. Thanks.

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Bill sought by opponents of Common Core standards before the Legislature

Optimist: The `some' refers to other legislators, Republican and Democrat, who have been quoted in previous stories as saying there is a link between getting a vote on Common Core and winning votes for a sales tax increase. I should have been more clear.

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Kobach testifies against immigration bill before U.S. Senate committee

Jayhawks64 -- I didn't include it because whenever Kobach testifies at a public meeting, he is the Kansas secretary of state. The same would apply to other elected officials. Since someone asked specifically about it, I thought it would be proper to respond that Kobach said he was testifying based on his former job with the attorney general's office and his current practice working with other states on immigration issues. There is no agenda here on my part. Kobach is the secretary of state and he testifies often on immigration issues in Kansas and elsewhere.

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Kobach testifies against immigration bill before U.S. Senate committee

Texburgh -- I didn't mention it in the post, but Kobach's written testimony opens, "Mr. Chairman and Members of the Committee, although I serve as Kansas Secretary of State, I come before you today chiefly in my capacity as former Counsel to United States Attorney General John Ashcroft, and as an attorney representing cities and states that have successfully reduced illegal immigration within their jurisdictions."

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Capitol Report: Brownback on higher ed, taxes; and KU's well-connected lobbyist

63BC -- I've replied to you about this before. I never reported the governor recommended an 8 percent cut, but that his budget office did. The story was accurate.

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Budget containing 4 percent cut to higher education gains preliminary approval

The story I wrote in December was correct. The Division of Budget had recommend the 8 percent cut.

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Measure banning "wrongful birth" claims approved by Kansas Senate

Alyosha -- Sen. Marci Francisco, D-Lawrence, voted for the bill, and Sen. Tom Holland, D-Baldwin City, voted against it, as did Sen. Anthony Hensley, D-Topeka, whose district includes portions of Douglas County.
Here is the complete vote on this bill:
SB 142, AN ACT concerning abortion; relating to civil actions related to the performance of abortions; amending K.S.A. 60-1901 and repealing the existing section, was considered on final action.
On roll call, the vote was: Yeas 34; Nays 5; Present and Passing 1; Absent or Not Voting 0.
Yeas: Abrams, Apple, Arpke, Bowers, Bruce, Denning, Donovan, Emler, Faust-Goudeau, Fitzgerald, Francisco, Hawk, Holmes, Kerschen, King, Knox, LaTurner, Longbine, Love, Lynn, Masterson, McGinn, Melcher, O'Donnell, Olson, Ostmeyer, Petersen, Pilcher-Cook, Powell, Pyle, V. Schmidt, Smith, Tyson, Wagle.
Nays: Haley, Hensley, Holland, Kelly, Pettey.
Present and Passing: Wolf.
The bill passed.

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Health care providers oppose Republican resolution to not expand Medicaid

Pork Ribs -- The story states what the resolution is about, what the background issue is about and what the opposing sides said it is about it. As far as writing `some groups' -- the story is written in the context of the hearing on the resolution. When Democrats or Republicans propose a bill in the Legislature, I'll write Democrats or Republicans spoke in favor of xyz. That doesn't mean every Democrat or Republican in the country is speaking in favor it.

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Health care providers oppose Republican resolution to not expand Medicaid

The health care groups that testified at the hearing yesterday opposed the resolution. In addition there was written testimony from numerous hospitals, advocacy organizations and others in health care that opposed the resolution. The one person who testified in favor of the resolution was state Rep. David Crum, R-Augusta.

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