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Grass vs. artificial turf: Despite cost issue, Lawrence school board chooses to go with turf again

Business 101. You get a eight year warranty because that is what the company believes about how long it will last. The "this will last longer" part was a good job by a salesman.

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Board of Immigration Appeals grants new stay of removal for Syed Jamal

Sure he paid plenty of taxes.

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South Middle School launches fundraising campaign for students to attend 'Black Panther' screening

Does anyone remember the "Blade" movies?

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Most GOP candidates for governor shun Kansas Press Association forum, citing pledge

My take is the GOP want to control the questions.

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Judge orders trial, upgrades some charges in downtown Lawrence triple murder case

And some children are failed by society because their parents get gunned down on a public street.

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Report: Kobach is on the board of a veterans group in which hardly any money goes to vets

Charities to Veterans have worst track record for give back to the charity.

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Douglas County Commission to schedule forums on jail and mental health referendum, provide information on what happens if voters reject

Adding 2,500 people a year, the jail is needed. Farming out may not be an option in the future. I see trailers on the property in the future. Everyone just needs to stop complaining about the jail and metal health unit and accept that's on on the ballot together, what's done is done. And vote however you want. Voters should also know what happens if it does not pass.

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Letter to the editor: Whom do we trust?

I hope you read this Bob I said, you believe what you want to believe...

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Letter to the editor: Whom do we trust?

You trust the news you want to. If your to the right, you watch Fox News, if your to the left you watch MSNBC. You know what your getting. You believe what you want to believe.

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