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Kansas Republicans gearing up for Obamacare fight

You are very much correct, and I am hoping in the future presidential debates they ask the candidates if they want Obamacare ended, why do they want to do to insure the millions without insurance.

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Lawrence mayor: 'Hopefully sine die is not a synonym for unfathomable stupidity'

This is all very confusing. I don't want the state to have a say on what Lawrence can or can not do. While I do like the city to have a public vote on some matters, I don't think we need to vote for everything. That's why we have elected officials. We did not like the last city commission and we voted everyone out that we could. The system works!

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City to consider raising guest tax on local hotel rooms

Just and example of what rooms go for, looking up rooms today, king beds... Hampton Inn $159.00,+ 23.37 tax= $182.37, Days Inn $54.99 +$ 8.17 tax = 63.16, Townplace $149.00 +21.90 = 170.90, Motel 6 $49.99 + 7.42 = $57.41

Just saying it's already expensive enough to travel with a family, if you want any kind of decent room with a pool you are spending big bucks. Not saying Motel 6 or Days Inn are bad, but are usually hit-or miss when I travel.

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Death penalty a tricky proposition in Kansas City Jewish center killings

No DA wants to be viewed a weak, so that's why this is going to trial. Reasonable people would understand why he did not get death. Save the death penalty for guys like Kyle Flack.

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Ailing Woodland hospitalized

One caddie said it's a 9 mile walk to play 18 holes at that course, does not help if your ill.

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Lawrence water customers could see significant rate increases

Water goes up, electric goes up, gas goes up. No news here. You just hope some of it goes to infrastructure.

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KU, other state colleges propose tuition increases of 3.6 percent

Thanks goodness Fannie and Freddie will have no problems giving out that extra money.

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Brownback signs budget; claims success in 2015 session

At least when Donald Trump is elected President in 2016 that he will put Brownback in his Cabinet.

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Letter: Not a choice

I complained hard about the special sales tax districts and questioned why the hotel taxes are so high. No one seemed to care. But we raise the state sales tax 3/8th of a cent and the sky is falling. Nobody notices sales tax.

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Take a look at the new 31st Street and rebuilt Haskell Avenue; federal figures give Kansas economy middling rank; BBQ contest this weekend

Can't remember driving any divided two lane roads. Sure it's safer, but more expensive to build.

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