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Facing angry voters, GOP Senate candidates vow to fix budget mess; repealing tax cuts an option

The tax cuts will never go away under Brownback. He will take every dime from the highway funds, universities, Kpers, you name it before he repeals the cuts. Sure this Legislature coming in will be more hostile toward him, but not enough to veto. I going to say get ready for another sales tax increase. That seems to be the only tax hike he can agree too.

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Kansas tax collections fall $45M short of mark in September

And the 8% interest payments on the $92M "borrowed" from KPERS started Saturday.

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Opinion: Facing a Trump-Brownback ticket

See the movie "Snowden". That movie really called out Obama, and this is from Oliver Stone. I think over the next few years the left will come out against the Obama administration. Take away the affordable care act and he is almost a Republican. Drone strikes, more deportations, not much tax increases, still troops in the Middle East.

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Opinion: Facing a Trump-Brownback ticket

My guess is anyone who votes for Stein and Trump wins will have much regret.

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Opinion: Facing a Trump-Brownback ticket

There is no "loyalty oath" if Trump was down double digits.

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Opinion: Facing a Trump-Brownback ticket

The Cruz endorsement yesterday shows the party is jumping on the bandwagon now that he has a legit shot at winning.

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Brownback: Budget proposals not considered open records

These are just proposals, so not sure how important they are. The city commission disappears for a bit and discuss matters we don't know about.

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Lawrence City Commission keeps three lots at East Hills Business Park for potential sale

I know houses can't be built on Venture Park land due to the toxins in the ground, but can East Hills be rezoned for residential?

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Wyoming Gov. Mead tops 'indifference' rating in new poll; Kansas governor least popular

Funny that Brownback and Gov. Malloy (Conn) are the most disliked because they are different on every issue possible. But as I have said for many years, you can't just cut taxes and jobs appear, but you can't just raise taxes to fix problems either.

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Latest report shows extent of Lawrence job losses over last 12 months

Good points. The loss off money going to KU and USD 497 from the state has many effects on Lawrence.

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