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Lawrence one of two finalists to host 2017 USA Track & Field Junior Olympics

Just saying we have a state of the art facility but don't have the infrastructure in place yet, and sure it hurts when trying to get such large events. Never seen Lawrence post "occupancy rates" to see if we really need more rooms, plus you can't trust any promises KDOT makes for roads nearby.

I do hope we do get this event, sound great.

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Lawrence one of two finalists to host 2017 USA Track & Field Junior Olympics

"though that amount would be dispersed throughout the broader metro region, including Kansas City and Topeka." means Lawrence does not have enough hotel rooms for an event like this.

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Some tax credits, exemptions may be on chopping block as state seeks revenue boost

I will at least applaud the State for trying to come up solutions now. They know they have to come up more money somehow. And it's not just Kansas. Colorado is $373M short, Louisiana is $1.6B short, Illinois bonds are three steps below junk.

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Mass Street Madness: Did the Royals World Series celebration go too far?

Was the police ready for this?

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Letter: Clinton lie

I was only 12 at the time, did we have hearings like this when 241 Americans died in the Beirut barracks attack in 1983?

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Letter: Will off base

I think I read that it's too late to fix income equality because the money has already been made. Raising minimum wage and taxes will help.

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Lower oil, gas prices hit some Kansas county budgets hard

The gas price issue is interesting to me because looking at the world effects. Saudi Arabia is cashing out bonds like crazy, Brazil has a junk debt rating now, Canada has a new leader. I think the longer gas is low, the more the world becomes unstable.

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Late touchdown keeps Lions unbeaten

These where two top 5 teams in the KC Star Big school rankings, so big win.

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75-pound tortoise missing after attempted burglary; downtown fight mayhem; stolen vehicle at Pinckney Elementary

When and officer says "break it up and leave", it's a free pass. If your stupid enough to continue you deserve to go to jail.

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Trump will be on Kansas Republican caucus in March

I say Trump can't win the nomination, but can't even guess who will. Iowa should go to Trump or Carson, but who cares, look at the 2008 and 2012 winners. Bush and Rubio have to get a win before Super Tuesday, either New Hampshire, South Carolina, or Nevada.

But don't pencil in Clinton yet, no matter who she faces it will be close. She will lose Florida so will have a much tougher road then Obama is in 2012.

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