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Brownback, chairman of Cruz campaign in Kansas knock refusal to back Trump

I did not think it was that big of deal. Trump read the speech before hand. The Republicans overacted. When Bernie endorses Hiliary do you think he will mean it?

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Four injured after Lawrence police chase leads to crash south of turnpike exit

I am glad the 4 door car got hit in the front and not T-boned or looks like it could have been much worse.

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Keeping an eye on the possibility of a new west Lawrence grocery store; building project slated for west Lawrence business park

By the time you get there at 8AM 25% of all the shoppers will be done already.

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Pat Roberts endorses Trump at Republican National Convention

If safe to endorse Trump when your not up for election this year.

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Kansans split over questions about Melania Trump speech

What is the spouse of a Presidential candidate supposed to say? I find it more funny that guys like Scott Baio gets prime time speeches.

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Journal-World staff changes announced with upcoming ownership change

Every Ogden newspaper I looked up was around $10 a month for online content.

to be fair, I would be surprised if the JW turn a profit as of late. That's the business, I was thinking the sale of sunflower cable subsidized the paper for awhile.

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If you were in charge of planning a music festival, who would you invite to be the headline act?

Remember Kanrocksas? Eminem cost them a million and basically ended it.

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Indiana Gov. Mike Pence announced as Donald Trump's VP pick

I remember the story from Susan Estrich, Dukakis campaign manager in 1988. After the famous "Your no Jack Kennedy" VP debate between Llyod Bentson and Dan Quayle she was so excited going to work the next day. She asked her staff how much we are up in the polls today and they said one point. Bush won by 8%.

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Poll: Trump has big lead over Clinton in Kansas; Brownback's approval rating worse than Nixon's

Sure I said this before, but these Plains and Western states could get "weird". Places where Sanders and Cruz won easy. 40% might win a state.

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Indiana Gov. Mike Pence announced as Donald Trump's VP pick

About the best pick Trump could get because the base and the establishment likes him. Best of the B list choices as one website put it. But in the end VP means little or nothing in November. I always hear the word Palin, but it was the economy that doomed McCain. Think about it, what has Joe Biden added to this country in eight years?

To this day, I believe if Christie didn't gut Rubio in New Hampshire, we'd have a Rubio/Hailey Cox ticket that would be looking pretty good about now.

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