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Jenkins frustrated with lack of strategy for Ukraine crisis

One issue is harsh sanctions against Russia puts Europe back in recession. I still say Obama can release oil for our reserves and drop oil prices 20-30% overnight, crippling Russia. That has some unintended consequences also, but Russia would back off.

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Polling averages show tight Kansas governor's race

This could be a very high turnout vote this November, Davis will soon have to be everywhere in Kansas and raise lots of money quick. He's got to get the Democratic god/ATM Bill Clinton to Kansas.

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Ottawa shooting victim's aunt said he wanted officers to shoot

So police aren't allowed to fire a gun when someone reports his is armed?

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Democratic congressional candidate endorses Orman

Got to love it. If your a Democrat but don't want to appear as a Democrat you support Orman. Same thing as Republicans who can't stand Roberts but would never vote Democrat.

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Democratic congressional candidate endorses Orman

Let's face it, if you go to Congress with as either a Republican or Democrat you are tied to vote that way. You go out of step on anything, like Thad Cochran from Mississippi, and you have the tea party on you.

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Brownback discusses efforts to fight federal laws

Someday we will stop having wars over oil and begin having them over water. Heck in the county alone we should hit half a billion population by the end on the century.

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Democrat sees path to upset in Kansas Senate race

Roberts wins easy, all the Democratic money will go to Davis. Taylor seems to be a boring lawyer, while Orman seems to have some charisma.

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US settles with Kansas over alleged pension fraud

Brownback was not governor at the time people. KPERS is his only win as governor, in my opinion.

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Analysis: Roberts favored in Senate race

I dislike Roberts as much as anyone, but calling people clueless because they don't vote the way you do is not right.

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Sex assault persists in KU student culture despite organized administrative efforts

"As for remaining cases, she said, insufficient evidence does not mean the claims are false."

That implies your guilty without being charged.

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