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Budget panel strikes back at KU over bond deal

I am very much surprised KU did not think of the consequences of issuing the bonds without any permission. The taxpayers are for sure on the hook if KU defaults. Sure, it probably will not happen, but what happens if KU enrollment drops 10-20%?

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Minority groups push for same-day voter registration

I think anything that helps more people to vote is a good thing. I wish one thing that someone should bring up is if you will be required to have photo ID to vote, every single Kansas resident should be able to go to the DMV and get in ID for free.

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KU and the problem of the fraternity secrets it keeps

Great article. KU is a business, and they are protecting the bottom line. That is the only reason they redacted that much. I could have lived with taking the names out, but that was ridiculous.

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Sen. Moran to host town hall in Eudora

Don't you love seeing our senators every six years, always the election year. Has Pat Roberts been spotted in Kansas since his reelection?

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Sprint gives layoff notices to 829 Overland Park employees

Sprint "hasn’t turned an annual profit since 2007, and it burned through $2.2 billion in cash in the latest quarter,"

The Wall Street Journal

How do you stay in business losing money for nine years?

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Plans filed for Dollar General store in eastern Lawrence; law office has expansion plans; local author has piece featured in New York Times

"favorite businesses like Playerz Sports Bar" that's funny. I loved someone getting shot in the parking lot 2-3 blocks from my home this weekend.

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Report: Kansas residents buy groceries out of state due to food tax

Missouri is also $1.12 a pack less on cigarettes.

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Efficiency consultants outline $2 billion in savings, efficiencies over five years; recommendations likely to be controversial

The one easy/good fix is adding the revenue officers but I bet the Republicans are not willing to add more employees.

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School board prepares for $47.5 million bond sale

Just saw the movie "The Big Short", now I just laugh when I read the words "bond rating".

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Letter: Rising costs

While I think ACA is good, it does have consequences. Large insurance companies have merged, doctors turning "concierge", and the price will only go higher as the years go on, especially for the over 50.

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