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City Commission candidate Leslie Soden answers your questions

Soden is a liberal so she will still spend our money like Farmer. I will not vote for her, but I am sure she will be serving a four year term soon.

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Jurors find McLinn eligible for 'Hard 50' sentencing

I would be surprised if any judge in liberal Lawrence would give any 20 year old women a "Hard 50". I say she will be eligible for parole in 25.

And a shout out to the jury. They had to see and hear some stuff they may never forget, for that we owe you.

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City Commission candidate Leslie Soden answers your questions

Funny she mentioned Marci Francisco, because she reminds me of her. Seems nice, but very liberal

And did anyone catch the insults? . "uninformed" and "plain english"

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County appoints 3 people to public building commission

Correct me if I am wrong, but these three un-elected citizens have the power to cost tax payers over $36M on these projects?

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Suspects in triple shooting apprehended in Las Vegas

District of Nevada U.S. Marshal Christopher Hoye said, “This is yet another example of how our joint agency efforts are apprehending fugitives who think they can hide in the Las Vegas community.”

Interesting to me that the Vegas news is focusing much more on the women. Her picture only, unless you click the "slideshow". An attractive female wanted in a shooting is much more noteworthy I guess.

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Soden, Rasmussen, Boley take top three spots in Lawrence City Commission primary

From what I remember in the past, whom ever wins the primary will get a four year term (first or second in election) and sixth will not get in. The final four fight it out for the final spots.

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Chiefs apply franchise tag to Houston

Who's better, Houston or Suh? Suh is two years older and will get maybe over the $100M J.J. Watt did. Add to that the salary cap jumped $10M this year, and I see why Justin Houston is upset.

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Lawrence police seek two suspects in Feb. 8 triple shooting; family issues statement

She only served 22 months, so it was not that long. Of course she was rich so that makes a difference.

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Lawrence police seek two suspects in Feb. 8 triple shooting; family issues statement

Try not to judge yet. Get them caught and let the DA handle it. No one died, and if she did not have a gun, and she cooperates, she might only get a couple of years.

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Saturday Column: How will Netanyahu’s visit affect U.S.-Israel ties?

Netanyahu is an interesting figure. I guess I trust Iran not to nuke anyone more then he does. I remember when Gaddafi got rid of his weapons because he said it would be suicide to use them. But would he still be alive and in power if he still had them? Kind of like carrying an unloaded gun, nobody will mess around with you even if your afraid to pull it out.

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