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Longtime Lawrence resident files for City Commission election, wants to see millennials active in politics

He's lived here most of his life, give him a break. Farmer only lived here 3-4 years I think when we elected him.

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Insurer pulls out of Kansas, Missouri health care exchanges

It's all a mess. It for sure had problems before Obama left, but questions about it's future under Trump has sped up it's downfall, and the Republicans have no answer to replace. You can not make health care cheaper and better.

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Trump's $4T budget arrives on Capitol Hill

The national debt is getting out of control and I admire Trump for trying to fix it. But I don't know how to lower the deficit and increase the military at the same time. But if the Republicans pass anything close to this budget and they will get slaughtered in 2018 and they know it.

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Flynn takes 5th Amendment in Russia probe, cites 'public frenzy'

I said it before, Clinton did not lie about her stupidity about the servers and classified e-mails to the FBI and never was charged. Will Trump tell the truth under oath?

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Topeka mayoral race draws first openly gay candidate

That used to the right way...until social media.

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Flynn takes 5th Amendment in Russia probe, cites 'public frenzy'

I think he knows he influenced an election, so he did not want to be responsible for an impeachment too. But he showed the memo to others to cover his you know what. Remember, it may not have been Comey that leaked the memo in the first place.

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KU sees first university-rooted company go public

These phama companies always a gamble. All they do is merge to survive. If not it's eith boom or bust.

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Flynn takes 5th Amendment in Russia probe, cites 'public frenzy'

He was on two countries payrolls and once, what does he have to worry about? Ha Ha! I'd want full immunity to talk too.

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Kobach to announce plans on governor's race within 2 months

I will even take Jenkins over him. Please don't make me change parties again to vote in the primary.

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Sales tax and density fees to be discussed as new funding sources for affordable housing

Lets not forget the possible sales tax increase the State might add on for everyone. Have to come up with a billion somehow.

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