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Hundreds turn out for KU sexual assault forum; student group demands investigation

Why even get KU involved with rape allegations? Can't you go straight to the Douglas County DA?

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Moran: Kansas can't fail GOP in majority bid

If Roberts losses the DNC needs to sent a thank you card to Milton Wolfe.

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Kansas Sen. Roberts shakes up campaign team

Quoting Wikipedia bio, so take it for what it's worth, "LaCivita is often mentioned for his role as media advisor to the Swift Boat Veterans, an independent-expenditure group active in the 2004 presidential election."

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Kobach says Taylor has to stay on the U.S. Senate ballot, Taylor says he'll challenge ruling

We have a precedent for this. In 2004, Robert Conway won the Democratic Primary, only to quit soon after, and the party put the loser of the primary Lee Jones on the ballot. So Kobach might be right on this.

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KU campus rape allegation under review by district attorney

"But how can the University adjudicate impartially when it has such a strong institutional vested interest in exoneration?"

Doonesbury cartoon last month

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Taylor withdraws from U.S. Senate race

I'd say a moderate Democrat.

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Davis pulls first TV ad amid concerns about actor

Paul Davis is in the big leagues now, stupid stuff like this should not happen.

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Taylor withdraws from U.S. Senate race

KC Star mentioned it was the last day to withdraw. I did not think he would do it. But he had no money, and I have to think the DNC made it worth his while. Orman was the only guy who can knock out Roberts.

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Davis vows to restore school funding, but won't say how

"Economic growth can solve the budget shortfall." Has every politician in US history said this?

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Davis taps into doubts about Kansas governor

Not about Davis/Brownback, but did you see "Inside Politics" on CNN about Pat Roberts? The RNC is upset with the Roberts campaign team because the last thing they want is to spend time and money on an election that should of been a slam dunk.

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