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No repeal for 'Obamacare' — a humiliating defeat for Trump

We Americans just don't know what we want. We want the government to help us and leave us alone at the same time. We want the best schools, health care and infrastructure without paying for it. We add a trillion or so to the debt each year and do nothing about it because no one wants to raise taxes or cut welfare.

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No repeal for 'Obamacare' — a humiliating defeat for Trump

Honestly, between Congress and courts, maybe the only thing Trump will be allowed to do the next four years is deport people.

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No repeal for 'Obamacare' — a humiliating defeat for Trump

Yoder is hoping for divine intervention to avoid voting on this.

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'Obamacare' repeal vote put off in stinging setback for Trump

Four election cycles, the only thing the Republicans ran on was Obamacare. Now that they can eliminate it, they can't, WOW. And Trump looks like he's going to make matters worse for the party by forcing them to vote on it. Funny as heck.

And next up the Republicans have to raise the debt ceiling.

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Trump to GOP: Pass health care bill or seal your fate

Republicans have no idea what to do. They don't know if getting behind Trump is a good thing or not in the upcoming elections. I think the party would love to cut spending, but it will have future consequences.

In 2009 the Democrats did what they thought was right passing the ACA and got penalized for it. Are the Republicans going to do what they think is right and cut the entitlement programs, knowing it will hurt them in 2018 and 2020.

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Letter to the editor: Chance for Trump?

But Libertarians want millions of people to be stripped of insurance. The party hated the ACA.

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Douglas County Fairgrounds predicted to be popular event venue with completion of new facilities

Don't forget the soon to be built hotel being built within walking distance on 23ed.

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Lawrence man faces single charge of buying sexual relations

After two years, weird story.

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Affidavit reveals new details in Josh Jackson car vandalism case

It's a story when it's a Top 5 NBA pick. Just stupidity on Jackson's (and Vick's) part. Jackson will be asked about this a lot before the NBA Draft.

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Kansas lawmakers consider spending cuts, 'flat' income tax

A flat tax on paper sounds good. Then the exemptions will come...

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