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Last of five codefendants pleads no contest in home-invasion robbery case, could receive probation

Curious what the sentences is for all five guys? The three who entered the home with weapons for sure SHOULD get more time then the two who stayed outside.

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Haskell suspends football program, possibly others, to cut costs

Football is expensive, so I hope the savings is put to good use.

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Lawrence budget forum: Street maintenance, public transit top priority list

Lets not have 20 people decide how thousands of tax payer dollars are sent.

Reminds me of the $100M street car approval in KC that got approved with a 318-141 vote.

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One of five defendants in home-invasion robbery case rejects plea offer, will stand trial

So the guy has to convince a jury the other four guys who pled guilty all lied saying he was there?

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Opinion: Conservative victory shocks Britain

Economy is doing pretty well, so why not keep the same leaders. Plus Cameron said he will call on a vote in 2017 to decide if they want to leave the EU.

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Health department studying how tobacco is marketed to Douglas County youth

When the cigarette companies got to advertise on TV again it was like Christmas for them. It's kind of like when they introduced the "safer" filter cigarettes in the 60's.

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House panel mulls sales tax hike to close budget gap

Remember the commercials..."Paul Davis voted for the biggest tax increase (one cent sales tax) in Kansas history"

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Kansas Senate, House override Brownback's veto of rules for firms like Uber

I love issues that bring the far left and right together.

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Gov. Brownback, Kansas legislators give 5 school districts more funding

"denied because those districts had adequate reserves to cover their unexpected costs."

Watch out USD 497. They will cut your budget even more because you have too much in savings.

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County commissioner: Justice Matters event 'inappropriate'

A perfect example is the guy who got arrested a Wal-Mart. A quick search found he had a DUI in 2010. Who knows what he has done since he stole a hat and “displayed a knife in a threatening manner” and told police to shoot him on Sunday Guessing he is mentally ill, and has been in jail before.

Do we try (maybe again) to help him, knowing he's becoming more violent, or do we lock him up so he does not hurt anybody?

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