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Promoter not sure now on canceling 1,000-foot water slide event in west Lawrence; city gets report on its financial health

I felt bad for the guy until the “We will politely bow out into the open arms of one (of) the other 225 welcoming cities that we work with on an annual basis.” comment.

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Royals get Johnny Cueto for three prospects

Interesting trade. You don't normally make a trade like that when you almost have a lock on the division. Finnegan is almost a sure thing for a 10+ year career, and the other two lefties are good prospects. Good for the Reds, because they can't get free agent pitchers to play in that stadium.

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Crashed truck removed from between guardrail, wall in North Lawrence

"He could not walk a straight line because his head injury from the accident" "The beer was planted from someone at Johnnys across the street" I should become a public defender.

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Crashed truck removed from between guardrail, wall in North Lawrence

I think the Missouri law (had Missouri plates) is open containers are OK, as long as you have one less open container then people in car.

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Report: More Kansas children in poverty from 2008 to 2013

I was happy to see Kasich run for President. I like him a lot, I'd call him a moderate if he wasn't such a hard core pro lifer.

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City nixes transit hub at 21st and Stewart; contracts for train depot approved

I find it interesting that not many people seems to even notice the sales tax rate until it hits over 10%. I complained about the special tax districts but no one cared until it went over double digits. But it's not just us, Chicago is about to go over 10% citywide and it's national news.

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Opinion: So, Donald Trump is number one?

Trump might have already blown it with his McCain comments. And let's not totally diss the Republicans about Trump. Lyndon LaRouche ran for President as a Dem seven times.

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Arrest Affidavit: Super 8 owner allegedly stabbed wife because she was 'fat'

I don't even know what to say. The guy is at worst living a decent middle class life, not sure owning a Super 8 makes you a millionaire, and you throw that away. I bet the attempted murder charge will get lowered, but still, 5-10 years? Why?

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Jewish Center murder suspect's defense invokes Caitlyn Jenner, Billy Graham, 'All in the Family'

Millers's lawyers who are helping him should get an award for their service. And the judge too for trying his best for a "normal" trial.

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National call center expanding to Lawrence, creating 300-plus jobs

333 jobs are great. no matter where they are. Sure, it's call centers and they do come an go. As far as pay, the economy is doing well enough that if you pay minimum wage, good luck finding people. How many people did Sprout's just hire, and Maynard's has to be hiring soon.

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