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Cellular biology major will graduate as candidate with distinction nearly two decades after being kicked out of KU

SO excited for what the future holds for this amazing woman!! Congratulations Jenny!!

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Shopping off the clearance rack

I don't remember the last time I bought something for myself or the 4 kids at full price. It's usually at least 50% off if not significantly more! Kohl's and JCPenney's are great at end of season to buy for next year - so many shirts I buy for $1 or just over.

Sears was the best find I've had this fall - I bought my husband 3 pairs of $38 EACH Dockers slacks (khaki, black, and navy even!!) - take a guess??? $4 EACH. My teenage son - $3 Levis jeans. Myself? 2 capris and 2 shorts - $2-3 each.
We're just getting into buying junior (size 7) girls stuff and that seems really hard to find good deals. Any ideas?? Divas just cost more, right ? :-)

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Good with the bad

Way to Go Ladies! There is great hope for the future!! All the best to Coach Hendrickson and the team. We'll be there next year cheering you on!

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'Soldier without Armor': Raintree students produce CD for classmate with cancer

Absolutely beautiful song and AMAZING kids. Where can we buy this or contribute to Annika?
My thoughts and prayers are with Annika, her family and friends.

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For puppy mill owners: an update on your ‘inventory’

I respond with tears in my eyes having seen some of the repercussions of puppy mills just yesterday. I stopped by a Petland in KC just to see what it was really like and acted like a customer. The tiniest of dogs taken from their mothers too soon to be sold for not hundreds, but thousands of dollars! Yes, one pug was selling for $1,500, and a purebred yellow lab $1000. The thing that surprised me was that the place was super-busy and people were paying this!! I wanted to shake each person and drag them to the nearest shelter. I have 2 amazing dogs that were rescued from horrible situations. Please find a way to spay/neuter your pet and help the humane society care for those precious animals that have been less fortunate so they can also find loving forever homes!

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Child control

This is a joke, right? Who died and made her a parenting expert? Quite OBVIOUSLY she does not have children.To all moms out there that have "been there" *hugs* to you!

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Elementary teacher touched many lives

God took another Angel. My son had her for a class in 2nd and 3rd grade. Mrs. Green gave life to an already excellent school at Hillcrest. I am still wrapping my brain around her not being here to guide and love little people. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the staff and students, friends and family that loved and adored her.

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On to the championship! Firebirds take down Blue Valley, 14-7, advance to State title game

Congrats! Time to bring the 6A title back to Lawrence!

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Douglas County tornado damages buildings

The sirens went off in North Lawrence too.

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'Esprit de corps': West band director's lessons resonate with students

It is great to have Lauren's spirit at West. It's a welcome change to continue the success Brookshire had with the program. I have wonderful memories of West band in the late 80's early 90's. I hope my son is able to have a similar experience with her.

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