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In first for Kobach, noncitizen pleads guilty to illegal voting in Kansas

Show us evidence of this myth Bob. I've never heard of it.

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Letter to the editor: Give Trump a chance

I've figured it out.
You're oldish, and don't know how to discern accurate information from wingnut propaganda.
You have a fundamental misunderstanding of the degree to which YOU benefit from socialism.
Here's a good starting point to understand how that works:

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Letter to the editor: Give Trump a chance

Trump has taken his salary as required by law. You repeat nonsense when you claim otherwise.
Obama didn't take as much vacation as George W. Bush.
Trump's on track to golf more than Obama.

Learn to use your innernetz. They can learn ya sumthin.

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Witnesses: Gunman at Olathe bar shouted 'get out of my country'

Umm, he was emboldened by everything he heard from Trump on the campaign trail.
He's had trouble keeping jobs, and instead of understanding the need for self examination to determine the cause, a cause was hammered into his alcohol hazed mind over and over and over. "Foreigners have taken your jobs, both here and abroad. Other people are the cause of your suffering. Brown people..."

Those words didn't need to be spoken for that to be the message he heard.
Trump's repeated references to "the good old days" are the fuel to his fire.
He is a terrorist, as evidenced by the terror instilled by his action in families around the world.

And Trump inspired him.

Saying "evil just exists and fate intervenes" is an indication of a dangerous disconnect from the forces actually at work here.

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Lawsuit filed by wrongfully convicted man details how law enforcement officials allegedly framed him

The phrases "wrongfully convicted" and "wrongfully imprisoned" didn't make that clear to you?
I guess you haven't read any of the earlier stories on this.
Last year, Tom Bledsoe committed suicide and left a note confessing to the murder (to which he'd already confessed three times) and cooperating with his attorney and the law enforcement and justice system to frame his brother Floyd. Floyd did 15 years for it, even though there wasn't a shred of evidence supporting his guilt.
It appears that Tom and Floyd's parents, Tom's attorney, the prosecutor, the sheriff, a KBI agent, and others all knew who the murderer was, yet lied to send Floyd to prison.
This is terrifying in this day and age.

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Brownback delays $92.6 million KPERS payment

No, you listen up name-caller. Troll away, your hatred demonstrates your value. No one is swayed by your damaged intellect and malfunctioning moral compass.

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5 of Lawrence's most elaborate treehouses, plus tips for building your own

ONE real treehouse in the bunch. They're all nice enough I suppose, but there's only one treehouse here.

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Lawrence police arrest one after man shot in leg, flown to trauma center

Ear protection to shoot pellet guns? Probably not.

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Lawrence police arrest one after man shot in leg, flown to trauma center

Mr Thornton's last Facebook update was a profile pic of him and a friend posing with their guns.

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Kansas House passes bill allowing chiropractors to sign off on returns from concussions

Skateboarders are better qualified than chiroquacktors.
The solution to serving communities short of medical doctors ISN'T allowing practitioners of mystical thinking to act as doctors.
Kansas is still struggling to join the developed world.

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