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Letter: Personal interest

This was indeed a great LTE. However, if one of my sons were to inform me that
he was gay, and wanted to marry his partner, I could only say, I love you son and always
will, no matter what. So do what your consicenece dictates you must do.
Your mother and I have been married for 50 years now in what has been historically
recognized as a union between a man and woman. Somehow to use the word
"marriage" in your situation does not fit my image of what marriage means. I would
perfer that you use another word to express your love and commitment to your
partner . Gays have spent many years trying to estabish their own identity and now seem
intent on identifying themselves with what many see as a failed hetersexual institution
called "marriage" ( Well maybe not so much in our case after 50 years)

Guess my thinking is why the OLD die off and let God and tne next generation figure it out for themselves. .

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Not better off

Jafs, the 36% is not entirely correct either, since there are other allowable deductions such as depreciation, contributions, taxes, etc. The investment in capital equipment just allowed
the company to increase those numbers. That is why I cannot give you an exact percentage of the federal tax liability until all those figures are taken into consideration.
I can tell from your posts that we are probably from opposite ends of the political spectrum
but that we could still enter into civil discourse. A rare thing in this forum. When someones MOM calls a poster an "ahole", my post as "binary and worthless", or "making no sense"
I think it is time for me to find a better way to waste my time.

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Not better off

Jafs, this is off the subject here, but I think I left you with the wrong impression after our last conversation. Actual profit for the year was $60K. After all allowable deductions, which
included the deduction for investment in capital equipment, the federal taxable income was
$10k. Just thought I ought to clear that up.

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Sister delivers a powerful message

Those early settlers sure must have been happy to see all those roads and bridges when they arrived. If you want to know what came first, the chicken or the egg, just look at some old photos of downtown Mass st. Educators, coaches and parents gave us the tools to build our lives and we can be thankful for that, but they did not build it. This topic is just another distraction from the real issue. I know what Obama meant so I just ignore all the Republican spin on the comment. The real issue is the 23 million unemployed if you don't have a job, you can't build anything.

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Obama shows hostility to business

Jafs, I don't know what the percentage would be without the deduction, but I do think a 15 to
18% tax rate would be fair. $10k is a small profit given the numbers, but it is just the reality of owning a small business. Sometimes I get a paycheck for the month, and sometimes I do not. Everyone else gets paid before I do. Taxes, interest payments, employees salaries, etc. My income for the year is just enough to claim status as a proud member of the middle class. Its been nice chatting with you.

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Obama shows hostility to business

OK jafs here they are. I have rounded the numbers for ease of calculation.
On income of $315,000.00 (total sales less cost of goods) minus allowable deductions such as wages, rent, contributions, taxes, etc. etc. of $305,000.00 the taxable
income for the company was $10,000.00. I paid $1,500.00 in federal taxes. If my math is
correct that would be 15%. If I had not used the deduction for investments in capital equipment, my tax liability would have been $22,000.00. I will let you be the judge if anything seems to be unethical, illegal, immoral, or un-American. I know one thing,
if I decide to run for President it sure is not going to read well to the American voter.

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Obama shows hostility to business

Jafs I am not sure why the percentage is important to you, but I would be more than happy to provide that if you would like to know. I am at home right now and do not have it at hand, but
I can tell you that the tax return for my small business was 25 pages long and cost $1,000.00 to pay the account to file. Why do we need Romney's tax returns? We all know what they will reveal. That he paid a lower percentage of taxes than the average middle class worker. And why does the oposition want them to know that? Because they believe they will be outraged enough not to vote for him. In my case, shoud I choose to run for president someday, the headline will be, " Mr Goose made $$$$$$$ and did not pay one cent of income tax, with no explanation as to why. It's the tax codes people. Mr Romney didn't write them, I didn't write them we, just followed them. I will check here tomorrow night, if you leave me a post indicating your need to know the number. I will give it to you.

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Obama shows hostility to business

The point I was trying to make was that no matter what Romney's tax returns might reveal I have to think that there was probably nothing illegal to be found. With his kind of BANK, I would belive that he had a whole building filled with accountants and attorneys to make sure that he is in compliance with all US tax laws. In my case it was just me, myself and I who was able to take advantage of this one specific law in the tax code. The point is, you don't want Romney or me to take advantage, then change the friggen tax laws.
As to your question Jafs, I have seen your posts often enough in this forum to know that you can do the math on the difference between the tax liability of a sub-chapter "'S" corporation vs individual income. If not you will most likely look it up. Thanks for the feedback. It was refreshing to see that those of you who responded did not attempt to "KILL" the messenger
but instead addressed my comments directly, unlike many responses I see on this website.

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Obama shows hostility to business

As a business owner, I am perfectly happy to release a summary of my fiscal 2011-2012 tax return. After paying property taxes, personal income taxes, social security taxes, medicare taxes, vehicle taxes, fuel taxes, utility taxes, state and local taxes, the company was fortunately able to show a profit for the year, resulting in a federal tax liability of $22,000.
Since the tax code currently allows for a deduction of up to $65,000 for investment in capital equipment purchased during the fiscal business year, I had a choice to make. Do I send the money to Washington so the the GSA can have another wild multi- million dollar party, or do I invest that money in a new piece of equipment to impove the the productivity and efficiency of my company. What to do, What to do. What would you do? Did I take advantage of a tax loophole? Did I game the system? Was it corporate welfare? Did I steal from the poor? OMG what have I done? Romney"s tax returns may look unfair to the average worker, but I can assure you that anything thay might reveal is well within the Law.
If not, he would be in jail and not running for President of the USA. Believe me the IRS has checked him out.

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Obama shows hostility to business

I could care less about Romney's tax returns, just as I could care less about Obama's
"You didn't build it" comment. I don't know how much he paid, but I am sure it is a safe bet
to say that it was more than everyone put together in this forum will pay in a lifetime.
If we want to reverse the debt clock, we should be spending more time working on getting
the 23 million unemployed Americans off of the unemployment rolls and onto the tax rolls. Rich people aren't the problem, people who want a job and can't get one are the problem.

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