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Lawrence schools preparing for next digital revolution

There are so many problems with this. So you are going to have kids reading their science or calculus textbooks on their phone? Do you realize how hard this would be? Or will we end up buying Ipads for every student in the district? No its bring your own device. That probably will work out at West and Southwest Middle school. How will that work at Central and South? You are crazy if you think all those kids at Central already have devices. So back to buying a new Ipad for all the students. 600.00 X how many kids? Someone should stop and take a look at how much is actually spent on Text books every year. Trust me they keep the same books for years. Have you been to a school library? They are full of 20 year old books. How long is that Ipad going to last? How many will be broke or lost in the first 2 years? By year 3 they will be outdated and will HAVE to be replaced. This will not save money. It will be unfair to poor kids, who are already at a disadvantage. I'm sure all those kids on free and reduced lunches are going to stay at school late to do their homework. By the way, how many people are you going to have to hire to supervise this? Its a huge money pit, not a money saver.

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Schools all over Lawrence have "Crazy Hair Day". I think all the schools should be shut down for humiliating all their students in that way. Don't they know that those kids don't want to have crazy hair. They are pressured by the evil school administrations. Its bullying and should not be allowed. Close all Lawrence Schools that sponser Crazy Hair day!!!!

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Parents say LHS disciplinary action a little over the top

All of you are missing the point. Wether it was bullying or not. Wether it was hazing or not. It happend in a private home between family members. How does the School District have any jurisdiction in somebodies home? If it happend at school the administration can do what ever the hell they want. If it happens at home the administration should have nothing to say about it.

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Parents say LHS disciplinary action a little over the top

I totally agree about the pushing people in the pool thing. If you have a pool at your house and some kid gets pushed in the pool, the pusher should get suspended. That kid didn't ask to be pushed in the pool. I am also guessing that his self esteem was damaged by getting pushed in the pool. So the kid that pushed should be suspended for bullying and hazing. No question. What if that kids hair got wet? Maybe the pool owners should be arrested too. Lets put an end to this kind of craziness.

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Home away from home: Familiar Firebird Alex Green 2nd

So he bullied his little brother bballwizard? Trust me "little brother" who plays basketball and soccer at LHS is to big for his brother to hold him down and shave his hair. If they start suspending every older brother who does something to their little brother at home, there won't be to many kids left in school.

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LHS students accused of trespassing in senior prank

It almost seems to me that the LHS administration has changed its policy or practice in regard to senior week, right in the middle of senior week. Earlier in the week somehow kids got into LHS and put string all over the halls and cups and I think a lawn mower or something was in the building. Its senior week. The administration knew damn well that the kids would be doing stuff like this. They could have caught these kids easily, but no one was there to catch them. Because its senior week they let it go on. Now suddenly when kids are going to put up posters for these suspended seniors, the school and police are ready and waiting to nab the culprits. What changed? By the way do you really think those kids broke into the school? They had a key. You know they did.

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Home away from home: Familiar Firebird Alex Green 2nd

Logan Henrichs missed the last two tournaments of his senior year for something he did with his brother at his own house. Not at school. At home. Brother wasn't upset. Parents knew about it. School Suspends Logan. Nice job LHS administration!!

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SM West routs Lawrence High soccer, 7-0

Aldrich is not back. She didn't play. Thats also not Gretchen in the picture above. I don't mean to be a pain. I appreciate the coverage. By the way you can ask any parent at the game for help if you need it.

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